Donna Interviews Dr. Susanne Bennett on Myths Surrounding Fermented Foods

Written by Body Ecology on August 23rd, 2020

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Learn more on which fermented foods are best to eat and why.

Tune in to this eye opening podcast where Donna interviews Dr. Susanne Bennett on the truth behind some myths about fermented foods.  BE educated!  Here’s what they’ll discuss…

  1. How all fermented foods are NOT the same (they touch on SIBO here too)
  2. Bacteria from fermented foods DO get down into the gut
  3. Pregnant women CAN eat fermented foods
  4. Histamine intolerance-not all fermented foods are the same (plantarum degrades histamine)

And don’t miss out on how to make kimchi and brine.   We’re giving you the tools you need to build a robust inner ecology.  Listen today!


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