Secrets of Why, How, and When to Use CBD

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on August 11th, 2020

For a while now, I’ve been so intrigued at how CBD oil has grown so much in popularity to the point where it’s sold everywhere – even at gas stations!

CBD is just complicated to me.  I would see it work for some and not for others –– then they would try different brands, and again, some had success and some didn’t.  I needed answers as to why.  

My friend and colleague, Dr. Hyla Cass (an expert in integrative medicine and psychiatry) is one of the foremost experts on CBD, so I was excited when she texted me to say that she wanted to go over all I needed to know on the full story behind CBD –  this is the info that you don’t hear about!

You know how sometimes the universe sets you up to receive a gift at the right time?  Well, this is that gift.  This information comes along at a great time when many of us are dealing with additional stress, worry, and mood issues.

It’s a deep dive into the latest information on the topic.

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