Detox + reversing autoimmune disease

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Written by Body Ecology on April 7th, 2021

Toxic burden is one of the cornerstone pieces to the autoimmune puzzle.

Accumulated toxins can cause a cascade of health issues, and is often an overlooked part of autoimmunity.

That’s why, in her 4th Reverse Autoimmune Disease Summit, Dr. Keesha Ewers is putting the spotlight on detoxing.

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The latest on autoimmunity + detox:  reverse autoimmune disease

I’m excited to speak at the Reverse Autoimmune Disease Summit about the connection between candida and autoimmunity.  There is new information that I can’t wait to share with you.


Reducing your toxic burden can be a game-changer for autoimmunity – it can make all the difference in your immune health (namely, in reversing autoimmunity) to support your detox pathways and prevent or even minimize the toxins you’re exposed to daily.

I’m truly honored to join some of the world leaders on detox and autoimmunity who will cover topics like:

• Reversing the symptoms and pain of autoimmunity

• Getting enough (restful) sleep to have consistent energy throughout the day

• Boosting libido and zest for life – even if it’s been buried for years

• Addressing past trauma to find peace and healing

• Clearing brain fog to boost creativity, productivity, and focus

• Reducing and managing stress – from the big, unavoidable stressors of life to all the little things that pop up throughout the day

• Looking and feeling younger, healthier, and most importantly – much, much happier

Detoxing can be tricky depending on your symptoms, and how your genetics tie in.  Find answers and more.  Claim your free ticket to the summit here!

To collect all this information on your own would take years or even decades.

Not to mention, the focus at the Reverse Autoimmune Disease Summit is placed on providing you with all the pieces of the puzzle.  So you are given the information you need and none of what you don’t.

Reversing autoimmunity.  Imagine that.

I hope to see you!




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