Could Your Food Improve Your Love Life?

Low libido and low energy go hand in hand. Here’s how to improve your energy and your love life (at any age), with some simple changes in the food you eat!

A close, loving sexual relationship certainly helps keep the connection between a couple much stronger! So what do you do if you are experiencing low libido?

Well, first of all, you are not alone. An estimated 40 million Americans have what the experts call a sexless marriage (having sex less than 10 times a year).1

But did you know that the root cause of low libido is adrenal fatigue? Yes, as soon as your adrenals begin to weaken so do your sexual desires. In fact, sexual energy is simply the extra energy that is left over after your body uses the available energy for more vital functions like breathing, blood circulation, thinking, and immunity.

In today’s fast-paced world adrenal fatigue is caused mainly by stress and our poor diet. An imbalanced inner ecosystem plays a role in poor digestion as well so creating a hale and hardy inner ecosystem will help solve the problem of adrenal burn-out…as you can learn as you read further.

In today’s overly materialistic society, many of us are trapped in a pattern of doing more, faster, better. Do you often feel like you have no time to stop and take a breath? In many young families both parents are working full time and giving all their “nurturing energy” to their children. There is no time left to nurture themselves or their relationship.

If this sounds familiar, it’s no surprise that your libido is low. Sadly, when libido drops you can feel like you’ve lost your sexual attraction to your mate and the relationship no longer seems to have that magic it once had. But it’s not the other person, or your relationship…it’s you and your adrenal fatigue. Fix the adrenal problem and magically the sexual attraction reappears.

Most of us live an “adrenaline lifestyle,” which puts your body is in a chronic state of “fight or flight” (stress). The buildup of the two stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol eventually break down the health of your adrenals and your entire body…causing early aging, a big concern to today’s baby boomers.

Your adrenals are the walnut-shaped glands above your kidneys that secrete vital hormones and directly influence your energy, metabolism, sleep AND sexual organs. To learn the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, read: Adrenal Fatigue: Symptoms and Solutions for this Under-Reported Condition Even Your Doctor Doesn’t Know

So what’s a busy person to do to if they long for a fulfilling love life in these stressful times?

Here are 6 tips for increased libido, energy and health:

InnergyBiotic is an amazing probiotic liquid, bursting with beneficial microflora and B vitamins to help you overcome the demands of work, exercise or illness. It helps nourish your adrenals, boost energy and increase libido. Spice up your love life with InnergyBiotic today!!

  1. Get your B vitamins – B vitamins are vital to create calm moods (much needed if you want to get in “the mood” for love) and to boost serotonin, the happiness brain chemical that is deficient in many of us today! There are many ways you can get your B vitamins in on the Body Ecology Diet. Eat a daily serving of our Body Ecology grain-like seeds and drink several glasses of young coconut Kefir which is naturally rich in the B Vitamins). All the fermented foods and drinks we recommend on The Diet will quickly raise your B vitamin levels since they contain the beneficial microflora that make them right down inside you.
  2. Eat Ocean vegetables to increase your body’s mineral supply – Because of their high mineral content, ocean vegetables are truly a must for nourishing your adrenals and helping your handle stress more effectively. They contain all the 52 minerals that your body needs to function. Within two to three weeks of eating ocean vegetables every day, you will notice calmness in both mind and body, just what you need for boosting you libido! Experiment with adding ocean vegetables like nori, kelp, hijiki and wakame to your diet. OR try body ecology’s own Ocean Plant Extract, for extra adrenal (and thyroid) support. (The thyroid and adrenals work intimately together as a “loving pair,” so nourish them both with minerals, ocean veggies and/ or Ocean Plant Extract.)
  3. Boost your magnesium intake – Magnesium is a mineral and as you now know, your adrenals need lots of minerals! In addition, magnesium is important for cellular energy production. It is known as a calming mineral, and helps convert blood sugar into energy. At Body Ecology we recommend implementing magnesium rich foods such as buckwheat and Quinoainto your diet.

    Dark green leafy vegetables, like kale and spinach are good sources of magnesium because the center of the chlorophyll molecule (which gives green vegetables their color) contain magnesium. Halibut, the Body Ecology Grain-like seeds, nuts and seeds (pumpkin and squash especially) and some beans like black beans are very good sources of magnesium.

    Body Ecology’s Vitality SuperGreen with its wonderful array of fermented greens (kale, parsley, spinach) its high chlorophyll content, and it’s amazing proprietary fermented algae blend is an excellent daily source of magnesium. We highly recommend a glass each morning.

  4. Eat grass-fed beef, fish or chicken– These types of food are excellent sources of protein. The amino acids in protein strengthen your adrenals. This may surprise you but it is important for your adrenals to have collagen found in beef, fish or chicken…a great complete source of amino acids2. Collagen is not just for your joints and your skin. Make sure you buy grass fed meat from a reputable source. You could also consider a good hydrolyzed collagen supplement.
  5. Incorporate fermented foods and drinks – Fermented foods and drinks are teeming with probiotics that help boost your energy and vitality, thus your libido. Consuming fermented foods and drinks along with your meals helps with digestion and assimilation of the nutrients in that meal including protein, fats, vitamins and minerals…all so important for your sexy adrenals. Imagine a world where all the men who use a dangerous drug like Viagra found that fermented foods and a great diet…daily exercise to help relieve stress and boost energy…was a much better option.
  6. Herbs for boosting your sexual energy – The Creator of our bodies must have been well aware that we humans would burn out our adrenal because there is an amazing arrary of adrenal-boosting herbs and plants. You will find them by used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Dong Quai (LINK TO DONG QUAI) is one of the best but there are many others, like He Shou Wu as well. Energy Boost and Sexual performance herbs also come from the Peruvian Rain Forest and the Andes. Visit www.wholeworldbotanical.com to purchase an excellent Royal Maca that Donna Gates highly recommends. (There is a different formula for men and women) You can call them at 877 885-5517.

So next time you feel you could use a little extra energy, consider spicing up your love life by crossing some of those “to do’s” off your list and spend your time, money and energy to nourish your adrenals instead. Your body AND your relationship will reap the rewards!


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