Conscious Health – Look And Feel Your Best!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

When we talk about health, we often talk about diet.

Health is not just about food. Complete health also has to do with movement. It has to do with mind. It has to do with awareness.

Complete and total health sometimes means forgetting about the goal and focusing instead on each and every moment.

For example: Many of us put aside time to exercise, when in reality we are constantly moving throughout the day.

What sets exercise apart from everyday movement? Consciousness!

When we apply conscious awareness to our movements, suddenly the most mundane actions have focus. With focus, these movements can actually strengthen muscle. Any small gesture, when done consciously, can exercise balance or generate spatial awareness.

While you wash the dishes or when you walk up a flight of stairs, you have the opportunity to be aware of the all muscles in your body as they contract and release. You open a door. You close a cupboard. You pick something up off the floor. You move around one obstacle or another. In these and a million other ways, you can experience a shift in balance and even strengthen core muscles!

This awareness can transform any moment—you are not just getting the job done or going somewhere. When you actively engage your muscles and your balance, you can physically strengthen the body with simple, everyday tasks.

We can apply this mindset to our dietary goals.

Certain foods, as many of us know, promote health. While other foods can actually challenge our health. Often, it is not until we feel this challenge that we decide to do something about it.

Maybe you can’t sleep at night. Or you have acne. Or you have trouble losing weight. There are many other reasons why people decide to change their diet. But, always, a change in diet means a change in how we feel.

We change our diet because we want to feel better. Yet, strangely enough when we choose to achieve a goal, our focus is often more on the goal rather than on how we feel. When this happens, any accomplishment is generally short-lived. Ever heard of Yo-Yo Dieting? Guess what? Yo-Yo Dieting is a product of being totally focused on the goal and losing awareness of self.

How we feel in each and every moment is one of the most valuable tools that we have access to.

Whether our feelings are wonderful or uncomfortable, they are cluing us into a deeper truth within ourselves.

When we are tapped into to this deep truth, suddenly even setting a goal becomes unnecessary.

Because we get it: we understand what our body needs and wants in order to feel great! Just like moving consciously can develop muscular tone and balance, eating consciously makes you feel and look your best.

When we tune into our feelings and when we eat consciously, every choice in diet becomes conscious, purposeful and before we know it we feel incredible!

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