The Best Cold Weather Metabolism Booster

Rebounding looks like fun because it is! In fact, rebounders are one of the easiest ways to boost your metabolism, aid your digestion and detoxify your body. But how do you choose the highest quality rebounder for your needs? Find out here…

Let’s face it, with the colder weather, many of us feel like it’s hard to get outside and exercise. But don’t let inclement weather turn you into a couch potato this fall and winter!

Instead, you can do an easy, fun, effective workout with the Rebounder!

Rebounder is a mini-trampoline that can fit in small spaces, but delivers big benefits.

Rebounding is a beneficial exercise for people of all ages and all levels of fitness (yes, even those with chronic fatigue!) because it helps:

And even better, rebounding is fun! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing like a child as you bounce on your rebounder…who said exercise had to be boring?

To learn more about the benefits of rebounding, read: How to Rebound Your Way to Health, Fitness AND Detoxification (and What to Beware Of).

So are you ready to get started, but not sure how to choose the best Rebounder?

How to Choose A High Quality Rebounder

Contrary to what you may believe, it is NOT the softness of the mat support that determines the quality of a Rebounder.  In fact, you would choose a softer or firmer Rebounder according to your preferences and needs.

If you have back problems, for instances, you’ll need a soft Rebounder with bungee bands, such as the Bellicon bungee band Rebounder. But if you have a strong back and good joints, and you use your Rebounder primarily for quick jogging, then you would probably want a quality spring-based Rebounder.

So How Do You Know if a Rebounder Is High Quality?

The determining factor is actually something called the “bouncing amplitude.”

Bouncing Amplitude

Take a look at the picture above. As you can see, there are four different colored lines, all arching above and below a horizontal line. The arches demonstrate the movement of various Rebounder mats during bouncing, while the horizontal line itself represents the Rebounder mat when it is still.

If you look carefully, you see that almost all of the lines have the exact same upper and lower amplitude (or arch). But when you look at the red line, you’ll notice that, while the upward motion moves in an arch, the downward motion ends in a “bump.” This means that if you bounce on this kind of Rebounder, you will move up during the up movement, but during the down movement the mat won’t give. Instead, the mat stops the movement quite suddenly, and you receive a jolt in your back. The mat has no give because it’s made of poor quality materials, and the springs are cheap—this is a bad Rebounder.

Only use a Rebounder where the upper and lower bouncing amplitudes are identical in size and shape. This assures that the mat cushions you as you approach the deepest point of your bounce, protecting your back from any jolting or jarring.

On the design above, which line represents which Rebounder?

The red line is a cheap Rebounder from a sporting goods store. Unfortunately, Rebounders of such low quality are the most commonly used Rebounders here in the US, but they actually do more harm than good.

The blue line is a Bellicon Dynamic, a top-quality spring-based Rebounder. You see that it is not as “bouncy” as the yellow or green line, but it is a great Rebounder that gives you an excellent workout without the threat of injury.

The yellow line is a Bellicon bungee band Rebounder with strong bungee bands, and the super soft green line represents a Bellicon bungee band Rebounder with softer bungee bands.

All these high quality Rebounders (blue, yellow and green line) absorb 85% of the impact and leave you with only 15%. This is the feature that allows almost everybody to exercise on Rebounders safely—at any intensity.

Donna Gates has always recommended rebounding as a great way to make exercise fun for any age group. And in fact, the Bellicon Rebounder is the one she chooses to use in her own home.

So there’s no need to let cold weather keep you indoors. Try rebounding today and see how much fun fitness can be – in any weather!

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