Cleansing for Weight Loss: Purge Toxins and Regulate Hormones

Most of us know that too much fat anywhere in the body increases our risk for a number of diseases. This includes heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Fat cells store poisonous chemicals from our environment.

But fat cells themselves do not just sit idly by, storing excess energy.

At one time, scientists believed that fat was no more than a storage system. Fat cells would accumulate and release energy as needed. But as researchers have now discovered, every single one of your fat cells interacts with your immune system and your hormonal system.

This means that when it comes to America’s most deadly diseases, we are no longer talking about risk — we are talking about direct cause.

Scientists now tell us that too many overfed fat cells may not just increase your risk for disease. These fat cells may also play a role in the direct cause of disease, like some forms of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. As Anne McTiernan, MD, PhD, Director of the Prevention Center at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, explains in her interview with AICR eNews, too many fat cells produce too many inflammatory proteins that trigger the liver to release C-reactive protein (CRP) as an inflammatory marker of conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.1 The American Heart Association calls obesity the major cause of gallstones, osteoarthritis, and respiratory problems, while UC Davis researchers say that once an obese person develops metabolic syndrome, regular fat cells become “disease-causing.”2,3


If you’re finding it impossible to lose weight, your gut health could be to blame. The Body Ecology Be Clean Kit can help jumpstart your weight loss with powerful tools to support healthy digestion, detoxification, and immunity.

Watch Out! Overfed Fat Cells Trigger the Immune System

When you get sick, your immune system attacks the invading germ. The offending bacteria, virus, or yeast signals the immune system to attack and destroy. This results in inflammation. The symptoms of illness such as fever, body aches, and a stuffy nose are all signs of combat.

But what happens when your own fat cells trigger this same kind of response from the immune system?

A 2013 study published in Cell Metabolism explores the immune response to fat cells. It turns out that if you are overweight, fat cells act like they are infected. This again leads to inflammation.4 Researchers at the Methodist Hospital report that fat cells release false distress signals, even though they are not under attack.

Dr. Willa Hsueh, lead investigator and Director of the Methodist Diabetes & Metabolism Institute, explains, “We did not know fat cells could instigate the inflammatory response. That’s because for a very long time we thought these cells did little else besides store and release energy. But what we have learned is that adipocytes don’t just rely on local resident immune cells for protection — they play a very active role in their own defense. And that’s not always a good thing.”

Ongoing inflammation can be a very bad thing. Imagine an alarm ringing through the body 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This alarm is meant as a distress signal. When the body cannot turn off the alarm, serious disease results. As Dr. John Mandrola, a practicing cardiac electrophysiologist, explains, fat cells are especially dangerous as “inflammatory factories” that lie at the core of human disease.5 A 2015 study published in Biological Psychiatry confirmed this very thing — an inflammatory high-fat diet can change behavior and inflame the brain.6 Based on these findings, researchers believe that targeting inflammation by strengthening the gut microbiome could help to alleviate neuropsychiatric disorders.

Cleansing for Weight Loss: The Fat Loss-Detox Connection

The truth is that fat cells do a lot more than store and release energy. They are also a reservoir for hormones — high-fat diets are known to increase estrogens, which can fuel breast cancer tumor growth. Conversely, Journal of Clinical Oncology researchers discovered that these breast-cancer inducing hormone levels dropped when an overweight or obese woman lost weight.7 Even obese men may have higher estrogen levels that can increase breast cancer risk.8,9 When fat cells grow and expand, they give the immune system a signal that they are infected. Fat cells also store poisonous chemicals from our environment.10

In other words, the more fat cells you have (and the more they grow), the more:

  • Estrogen is produced.
  • Inflammatory signals are released.
  • Poisonous chemicals from the environment are retained.

Slimming down cleanses the body of excess hormones and outside toxins. It drastically cuts down on inflammation and reduces the risk of disease. But losing weight (and shrinking fat cells) is not just a matter of calories in and calories out.

Did you know that an impaired inner ecology can lead to obesity?11 And a diet high in unhealthy fats can alter gut microbes and produce obesity-related inflammation?12

That’s right. What kind of bacteria and yeast you harbor in your gastrointestinal tract can mean the difference between slim and obese. When we use fermented foods and probiotic liquids, we reset the inner ecology of the gut.

A healthy inner ecosystem has other advantages. Good bacteria can actually help to metabolize heavy metals. And they naturally work to reduce inflammation — all of which can help you to reach your optimum level of health.

The Cleanse That Works As Hard As You Do

How well your body is able to detoxify is the difference between weight loss failure and weight loss success. Only Body Ecology gives you everything that you need to fully kick toxins out of the body.

Our Be Clean Kit contains targeted support for the:

  • Digestive system
  • Liver
  • Immune system

As you release poisons that have accumulated in the body over time, you naturally control inflammation, balance hormones, and shed excess weight:

  • Vitality SuperGreen is a great way to start the day and makes a delicious afternoon snack — it’s far more nourishing and energizing than that cup of coffee you rely on to pull you through the day! More importantly, Vitality SuperGreen contains nutrients like GlutImmune that feed the cells in your small intestine. Our covalently-bonded, supercharged glutamine is the best there is. And researchers across the board agree: Glutamine is essential to repair the gut and restore good digestion.
  • LivAmend gives your body key nutrients that you can’t always get in modern food. These nutrients reinforce the detoxification process, supplying antioxidants and equipping your body with the tools it needs for genetic and cellular repair. LivAmend’s liver support can be invaluable during a cleanse — when it comes to cleansing the body and shrinking fat cells, the number one organ that you rely on is the liver. As you cleanse and shrink fat cells, you expose yourself to an enormous amount of toxins. You can protect yourself while you cleanse with LivAmend.
  • Ancient Earth Minerals provides the full spectrum of major and trace minerals that your body needs. These minerals are at the core of every enzymatic reaction in the body. They fuel your energy and bind to toxins, helping to safely escort them out of the body.
  • CocoBiotic is made with coconut water, a naturally rich source of potassium. Potassium helps the kidneys to release waste through the urine. When the kidneys are sick or congested, toxins recirculate throughout the body — defeating the purpose of a cleanse. CocoBiotic also contains friendly bacteria and yeast that support the health of the large intestine, helping to metabolize toxins and reset your inner ecology.

What To Remember Most About This Article:

Today, scientists have discovered that body fat is much more than a storage system. Overfed fat cells can directly increase your risk for diseases like cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes; fat cells can also trigger an immune response to lead to systemic inflammation in the body.

When ongoing inflammation isn’t treated, it can cause serious side effects and even chronic disease.

As fat cells grow in the body, they will produce more estrogen, release more inflammatory signals, and retain more poisonous environmental chemicals. Yet many people fail to consider that a damaged inner ecology can directly lead to obesity. Supporting healthy gut bacteria with fermented foods and probiotic liquids can restore your inner ecosystem to fight the battle of the bulge.

Your body’s ability to detoxify can make or break your weight loss success. That’s exactly why Body Ecology has created a Be Clean Kit to support digestive, liver, and immune health. The Be Clean Kit can help your body to release deeply embedded toxins that have been stored over the years, allowing you to naturally control inflammation and lose weight at the same time.

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