Clean This Out Of Your Body: Important Steps To A Beautiful Inside And Out!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Did you know that over time, a slimy black sludge builds up on the walls of the intestine?

It turns out that most intestinal bugs-good and bad bacteria, parasites, and yeast-can hideout in this cakey sludge that coats the intestines.

The health of this area of your body is directly tied to how radiant your skin looks, how much energy you have, and your overall health and outlook on the world.

Is this layer of mucoid plaque normal? The answer is that diet creates environment, and unfortunately, most Americans are not eating in a balanced fashion.

When we consume heavily processed foods that are genetically modified and pumped full of hormones, we are essentially building a wasteland in our interior. This wasteland is toxic and very little can survive there, except a few bugs that are just as toxic as the environment that they live in.

In order to feel youthful and energized, or to simply “keep up”, many people then have to choose soda, coffee, nicotine and sugar.

Even though the colon holds and carries waste, it has the potential to be a vast wonderland of health-promoting bacteria. The beneficial bacteria in our colon do things like:

  • Produce vitamins that the body can use
  • Detoxify heavy metals from the body
  • Generate neurotransmitters (that’s right, good bacteria can lift our mood!)
  • Help heal any low-grade inflammatory response in the body

To get our cells to light up and for every system in the body to benefit from a renewed sense of energy, we need to release the toxic material that has built up over the years.

However, the key is to take your time and be present in the journey. Most people are conditioned to rush to quick, fad cleanses that actually do more harm than good.

The right foods will begin the cleansing process. Take your time. Like an onion, the detoxification process is in layers. Start with adding more greens to your diet, or a greens powder in water first thing in the morning, and some fermented vegetables and probiotic beverages.

Simple first steps can go a long way. So many people do a quick, aggressive cleanse, and then immediately are back to eating their normal diet. Sadly, those basic week long cleanses or maple syrup cayenne fasts will not make an impact on the sludge deep in your intestines.

If there are changes to make, allow yourself the opportunity to release toxic habits, toxic relationships and toxic foods that are clogging your colon and your mental well-being.

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