Clarity Is Power! Steps To Claim It Now!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

The mind is one of the most powerful tools that we have available to us.

Whatever we focus on and think about, we directly experience.

When we are conscious of the potential that thought and attention radiate, we are able to precisely construct:

  • What we perceive
  • What we experience
  • Our response to life

Clarity is power.

Whether you are dreaming up your life 10 years from now or setting an intention for the day, it’s the details that really make a difference. It is how our brains are wired.

The mind is extraordinarily adept at picking up detail, forming a plan, and holding a vision. The more clear you are, the more your brain knows exactly how to get you to where you would like to be.

When you decide what is most important to you, your brain naturally goes after it.

When the body is overwhelmed with toxicity, it can be tough to achieve clarity.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine energy precedes health.

This means that something first exists energetically before it fully manifests into symptoms in the physical body.

The eyes relate to the liver in Chinese medicine. Because the liver has a relationship to the eyes, it is understood that it is responsible for guiding both external vision and inner vision, or insight.

In Western medicine, an important function of the liver is to detoxify our system. A congested liver in both Western and Chinese medicine is an indication that toxins are not moving efficiently out of the body. Toxicity in the body can translate into a wide range of health disorders.

Periodically cleansing the liver can help to support whole body health. It can also help to refine our inner vision and our clarity.

Signs that the liver may benefit from a gentle cleanse:

  1. Feelings of frustration, irritableness, or loss of control.
  2. The need to cry often.
  3. Digestive issues such as heartburn or constipation.
  4. Eat a plenty of greens and a diet that is free of processed sugars and refined oils in order to support the liver. Good bacteria work in conjunction with the liver by metabolizing toxic heavy metals.

    When it comes to mental clarity, the body must first circulate clear energy.

    Ask yourself right now: Do I know the results that I would like to see in my personal life, my body, my relationships, my finances, and in my spiritual life? If not, this is the perfect opportunity to generate clarity!

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