Change Your Set Point And Give Yourself A New Level Of Health!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Human nature is highly adaptable. Most of us are gifted with so much flexibility that we are able to weather whatever emotional, mental or physical storm that comes our way.

While there is great strength in flexibility, this can be bad news for those times when we realize that change is necessary.

In the early 1970’s two researchers followed a group of people that had won the lottery. They wondered if winning millions made people any happier in the long term. As it turns out, a year after winning the lottery, people were no happier than those that did not win the lottery.

The researchers coined the term hedonic treadmill. What it means is that most of us have a happiness set point. In other words, we are hardwired to live at a certain level of happiness.

Since the 1970’s, several other studies have looked at this happiness set point and they have all determined the same thing: Massive shifts that are caused by either an achievement or a failure are generally short-lived.

This set point is also found in the body.
Extreme dieting or weight loss programs will often cause us to yo-yo back and forth between our goal and our set point.

For most of us, this is a frustrating game of calorie counting.

However the truth is that your weight and your physical health involve more factors than you.

This is because the body has multiple systems that all function and move together in unison, like your hormonal system or the trillions of bacteria living in your digestive tract. Add to this outside influences, such as environmental stress and toxicity overload, and it quickly becomes clear that there is more to weight loss than counting calories.

Real change comes down to how we think and what we feel.
Many of us have trouble stopping our thoughts even when we focus on doing so. As unsurprising as this is, consider the fact that we do not need to always think in order function.

For example, you touch something hot and you pull your hand away before you think to pull your hand away. Or, consider a conversation. We tend to hear more of a conversation when we are not thinking our own thoughts.

When we are truly present and in the now, we have the greatest potential for change.
The joy found in an idea has more power for change than the words that name the idea. Instead of saying an affirmation, it is important to feel the affirmation. When we feel the change that we seek, this brings the belief of the feeling into our own real life experience.

When it comes to weight loss and health, allow yourself to let go of micromanaging the details.
Creating a new set point for your weight or your health is possible, but it takes a shift in our digestive tract and thus the neurotransmitters that are produced there that influence our mental states to help us feel better about the journey and the changes we make in life. The right probiotic foods and probiotic beverages will assist you in changing that conversation.

Open yourself up to total body health. This act of surrender will lead you to the answers and the foods that are most essential in creating the body that you envision!

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