Century-Old Phages May Be The Answer to Help Prevent Food Borne Illnesses, like E. coli

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Government officials recently found 62,000 pounds of raw beef, from an Aurora, Illinois company, possibly tainted with E.coli bacteria.  In fact, within the past year, according to the USDA’s current recall list, there have been 60 food recalls due to possible misbranding, mislabeling and contaminations of E.coli, undeclared allergens, foreign matter, Salmonella and Listeria.  The CDC even estimates that 1 in 6 Americans, or 48 million people, get sick from food borne diseases each year.

For those who want to protect their digestive system from food borne bacteria, and even harmful pathogens, century old bacteriophages are now coming to the forefront as a powerful product to help prevent the harmful effects of bacteria overgrowth, like E. coli.

Ecophage:  Help is Here to Create a Hardy Inner Ecosystem and Healthy Immune System

Containing a high quality combination of four of the most well-researched phages, bacteriophages like those in EcoPhage exclusively attack gut pathogens and leave healthy gut flora completely in tact – cleaning up the gut, urinary tract and birth canal to restore order and promote a healthy immune system. In fact, research shows that the genome of the bacteriophage, T4, for example, has the genes to kill pathogenic E. coli.


In light of the recent recall of 62,000 pounds of raw beef (and the many other recalls that we hear about throughout the year), our world renowned team of health experts introduce a bacteriophages product, Ecophage, as a powerful tool to help fight against harmful gut bacteria.

Phages act quickly, and are effective against antibiotic-sensitive and antibiotic-resistant bacteria and disrupt bacterial biofilms that can disable treatment from occurring. Pioneered in Europe before the advent of antibiotics, bacteriophages like EcoPhage selectively target specific, harmful bacteria while leaving beneficial microbes to flourish. This is one of the most relevant tools to treat bad bacteria since the good bacteria in your gut naturally limits the growth of other harmful bacteria.

How Does Ecophage Work?

Unlike other prebiotics, the phages in EcoPhage work quite differently. As the phages kill the bad bacteria, they leave more room for the good bacteria to remain and colonize, and even encourage the growth of the most important bacteria like bifidus, lactobacillus, and the bacillus bacteria. When the bad bacteria explode, the nutrients inside the cell walls become food for the beneficial bacteria.

The phages travel into the small intestine and immediately recognize any pathogenic bacteria living where they’re not supposed to be, and it attacks. Attaching itself to the cell wall of the bad bacteria, it then punches a hole in its outer membrane, and injects its own DNA into the bacteria.

The phage virus comes alive at that point, eats some of the nutrients inside the bad bacteria and starts growing trillions of copies of itself. So many copies are reproduced that the bad bacteria swell up, and explode, spilling trillions of new viruses out into the bloodstream. These viruses then find other bad bacteria to infect, destroying them too. There are also no known side effects or cross reactions with other medications when using phages.

How to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones

When you eat out, you are constantly exposed to pathogens – same goes for certain foods we eat at home.  We may think what we’re eating is good, even if it’s organic, but sometimes that may not be the case.    So one of the best ways to protect ourselves from harmful bacteria and pathogens is to create a hardy inner ecosystem full of beneficial bacteria.   Learn more about how to do just that here.

Phages and  Why They Should Be a Part of a Healthy Lifestyle


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