Celebrate Your Uniqueness

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

You are unique. Yes, we have most of the same pieces and parts: a heart that beats, lungs that breathe, eyes that see and a brain that thinks.

While we might be similar in many ways, we are clearly more different than alike, and it is these differences that really matter. We have diverging needs, childhood experiences and ways of thinking, learning and being. These differences give us identity and individuality.

Some of us are more active than others. We may enjoy the outdoors or prefer to curl up indoors with a good book. Some of us have rich social lives full of family, friends, acquaintances and a calendar stocked with events. Others keep things simple, preferring to interact with a very small circle of intimates. Some of us live in the country, soaking up the sunshine, plants and fresh air, while others crave the hustle and flow of city life, reassured by the sounds of traffic.

We humans share many features, but underneath, we all have distinct needs, different dreams and changing situations. This applies to our health, too. Our bodies change constantly. They change with the seasons, the temperature, with where we live, with our age, with our mood. This means that we need different ways to stay healthy depending on all the variables that affect our daily lives. We also live in a world where we make constant choices from an overwhelming stream of information. All this freedom is wonderful, but it often comes with confusion about the “right” path, or the truth, or the best solution to our individual situations.

When thinking about your journey to being healthy and happy, there may be confusion as you struggle to find what works for you. But that journey is where you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, especially if you hit some bumps in the road. Reconnecting with who you are and your uniqueness will help you tap into your intuition, which most of us ignore, especially when listening to the advice of others.

With your intuition, you can make an informed choice and take action, always knowing you can change your path as your needs change, to find what’s right for you. When you try a new way of eating, it’s vital to observe your body’s reactions and calmly assess whether this new path is bringing you back toward balance.

The beauty of following celebrating your Uniqueness is that we all respond to and digest every morsel—be it of food or information—differently.

Your journey to improving any aspect of your life should begin with honest self-evaluation: where are you, right now, today; and how prepared are you to take that very first step to celebrating your uniqueness?

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