Celebrate Wholeness!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

When we seek out the help of a miracle worker, a shaman or some other alternative form of healing, what we are really looking for is a way out.

We are looking for someone to see something other than disease or illness. We are looking for someone to see wellness.

Dis-ease is that state of being in which we are not in balance.

In fact, some healthcare practitioners will tell you that all disease comes from a state of separation. Depending on your belief system, this could be separation from the Uni-verse or even from the Self.

Is this far from the truth?

There are many ways to approach health.
One of the most used tools in my toolkit is the good bacteria that we find in fermented foods. If someone has not already reintroduced these foods back into their diet, I always recommend that they do on some level.

Why? It is essential to support the whole body and not just attack dis-ease.

Probiotics, or good bacteria, have taught us a lot recently about the connection between body, mind and emotions.

When we begin to unravel all the many ways that our inner ecosystem benefits the body, it becomes clear that no one system in the body is isolated from the rest. For example, bacteria not only transmit neurochemicals that control our mood and behavior, they also make them.

In fact, because our gut bacteria have evolved with us, researchers consider this ecosystem to be an organ in and of itself!

Changing the paradigm –
The conventional model of medicine has told us to attack disease and to kill infection. This model is based on fear, on the illusion of Us versus Them. This is the same illusion that sustains things like war, crime and greed consciousness.

It’s all too common that for the sake of convenience, people consume foods that are processed to have a long shelf life and that are full of synthetic toxins.

It’s all too common that people wipe out their inner ecology with antibiotics. Currently, antibiotics are under dire threat because we overuse them. We have created superbugs that are resistant to drug therapy. This means that when you really need an antibiotic for a life-threatening infection, it may not work.

Reclaim your balance step-by-step.
We can choose to step out of disease consciousness. We can choose to see wholeness, rather than separation.

Step one to creating balance, incorporate probiotic rich foods that are good to rebuild and nourish your inner ecosystem!

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