Caring for your lymphatic system

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Written by Body Ecology on April 7th, 2021

Known as the gateway to the immune system, the lymphatic system plays a major role in immune system health.  It’s often overlooked or misunderstood as a vital system that needs attention.  So I’m so glad my friend and colleague, Shivan Sarna has created The Lymphatic Rescue Summit.

You’ll learn about what affects lymphatic system function and how it influences your overall health. Grab your seat here.

A deep dive:  The Lymphatic Rescue Summit

Because it lacks its own “pump,” the lymphatic system depends 100% on you to take care of it.

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Get your lymph health right – it can make all the difference in your immune health.  The liver produces a large amount of lymph fluid, and when your liver is overburdened (which happens to many), your lymph system is congested.  One of the best ways to help detox the lymphatic system naturally is to help cleanse the liver.

Made up of over 500 individual lymph nodes, which are connected by a complex web of channels,  dysfunction or stagnation of this system can have devastating results, including poor immunity, autoimmune disease, cancer, migraines, fatigue and more.

The critical role and function of your lymphatic system for health

At the event, we’ll dive deep into the following:

  • Connections between your gut, brain and lymphatic system
  • How to get your lymph moving and create healthy immunity
  • Ways to address chronic pain through the lymph system
  • How to do your own lymphatic drainage for instant relief
  • Simple approaches to transform your lymphatic health
  • How toxic beauty impacts your lymphatic system
  • The reasons why your lymph gets stagnant
Gain simple, powerful tips and techniques to cleanse and boost the health of your lymphatic system.  Register for free!

Lymphatic Rescue Summit

Colonics:  The Secret to Healthy Lymph

I’ve been teaching about the power of colonics for a while, and because of its tie in to the lymph system, I’ll be talking at the event about:

  • Why improving elimination is critical for vitality, anti-aging and lymphatic health
  • At-home enemas vs. professional colon hydrotherapy
  • Evaluating if colonics are right for you

I really hope you’ll be able to attend to see for yourself why this often ignored system is so critical, how to care for it and what can go wrong when it isn’t functioning well.

As always, please share with your friends and family – you never know how this can change the course of their health journey too!




PS:  Grab your free seat to the Lymphatic Rescue Summit today.  This may just be the missing piece to your healthcare puzzle!


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