Being Ultra Healthy Is Easier Than You Think

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Imagine a world where people aged slowly, had strong immune systems and digested all the healthy foods they ate. Sounds too good to be true but it’s very possible. Today one of the fastest growing areas of research is in the field of microbiology. The study of beneficial microbiota – or friendly bacteria and yeast – is proving to be a missing link for well-being.

This may surprise you but you are covered with so many tiny, invisible microorganisms and you are really more bacteria than human.

So why have we missed such an important piece of information?

Maybe because they are invisible and we can’t see them with our naked eye. This is good…very good. If we had eyes that saw bacteria we wouldn’t see colors, or any of the wonderful details that make us so uniquely different from every other human being. In fact, we’d only see shapes.

Another reason we don’t know much about these mysterious beings that we share our planet with — and who arrived billions of years before us – is because Louis Pasteur looked under his microscope at spoiled wine and declared that the little “bugs” he saw were harmful. He was absolutely right, they were; but he didn’t mention that the delicious French wines his countrymen enjoyed with their meals were loaded with “good guys” — beneficial bacteria and yeast. In fact, they were the reason the wine fermented instead of spoiled.

What ensued was a world where science began to fight the bad guys and eventually created a wonder drug called antibiotics. These did kill the bad guys, and this was very, very good, but they also killed the good guys, too. But remember they weren’t important – not yet anyway.

Body Ecology is helping change that. For over a decade now we have been teaching about the benefits of delicious, sour tasting probiotic foods that are loaded with beneficial microbiota to create “the inner ecosystem” — a whole world of bacteria that live inside your digestive tract and do many important things, like slowing down the signs of aging, strengthening your immune system and digesting your foods.

In my next post I’d like to tell you more about the amazing things these tiny, unseen creatures are doing to keep you healthy AND happy!

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