Before you give up sugar…

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on September 29th, 2021

When it comes to food, I think the toughest thing for people to do is balance what they eat, and to have control or even eat in moderation.  After all, food is comfort.  Food is joy.  Food is memories.   And since many of us are so busy these days, food can be convenient.  Many of us throw caution to the wind and say, “I’ll be fine!  I don’t do this that often.”  When in actuality, many of us are eating way beyond what we should be in grams of sugar each day, and we don’t even know it.

And after some time, issues can start to occur.  And many of the effects of insulin resistance can create a variety of health issues (even unbeknownst to you).

Need help getting your sugar intake under control?  Join me at the Kick Sugar Summit!

Why it’s so important to regulate your blood sugar

As I always say, ‘What you eat today alters your gut microbiome tomorrow.’  We are seeing the effects of this all over the world.  Non-communicable diseases are skyrocketing.  From diabetes to depression, from cancer to cataracts, from high blood pressure to heart disease, from obesity to osteoporosis, the rise in rates is unrelenting.  

At the root, is a common denominator: Our runaway consumption of refined carbohydrates. If we can successfully reduce or eliminate our consumption, we can curb these lifestyle diseases that are causing so much pain, suffering, and financial stress. 

Please keep in mind too:  Viruses thrive on sugar.  So if there’s anything you take from this, it’s the importance of keeping your blood sugar regulated.

Enter the Kick Sugar Summit – home of the blood sugar experts!

At the Summit, you will learn the science of sugar.   Yet, this isn’t just about sweet sugar, per se.  This is about anything and everything that can contribute to high blood sugar.   If you’re thinking that simply cutting sugar out of your diet will help,  think again!

The speakers will arm you with insights and strategies that you’ve probably never heard of before (ideas that can totally transform your relationship with food).

The lineup of speakers is stellar. I am so excited to be among them.  I’ll be speaking on the topic of sugar, candida, and your health. 

Sign up today to learn how to change your relationship with food, and keep your blood sugar where it should be!

PS:  Sugar and insulin resistance are sometimes the last things people look at as a possible culprit.   And I wouldn’t want anything to sneak up on you or your loved ones, so I really hope you can share and sign up for this free summit.


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