Be Persistent and Repeat: It’s Your Time to Shine!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

If you want to get somewhere in life or if you would like a certain outcome or goal, the way to get what you desire is through persistent repetition.

Persistence means that you stay on course, even in the face of obstacles and hardships.

Repetition means that you do this over, and over, and over again.

The funny thing is that most of us, without ever knowing it, practice persistent repetition. This is possible through the millions of thoughts that continually go through our minds each and every day.

Most thought is patterned. And most responses are habitual.

And instead of getting what we desire, we end up building and attracting all the things that we fear, dislike and worry about.

What is really interesting is just how much our thought patterns and habitual responses can influence the physical body and our physical health.

The fields of acupuncture and applied kinesiology are two fields in medicine that acknowledge the roles that thought and emotion play in our well-being.

Our thoughts and our emotions can create health or disease.

For example, your thought patterns can shape how you walk down the street. Your habitual emotions influence how you hold your body.

We know that frustration causes us to pull our shoulders up to our ears. And often, those who feel they need to protect their heart sit slumped, with their chest drawn inwards and their shoulders rolled forward.

These examples say to yourself and to the world, “I need to protect myself.”

“I feel uncertain.”

Or, “I don’t like this.”

Over time, these postures create tight muscles and “knots,” contribute to back pain, and can generate an inflammation.

An acupuncturist or a kinesiologist will tell you that all thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are connected with lines of energy that relate to specific muscles in the body. These lines of energy, or meridians, also connect to the body’s organs. The organs themselves store these emotions.

For example, the lungs store sadness. The liver stores anger. And the gallbladder stores uncertainty.

Through patterned thought and habitual response, we can think ourselves into ill health. And fortunately, if we can think ourselves into a diseased state, we can also think ourselves out of it.

We can actively pattern our thoughts. We can build new habits that reinforce our ability to be healthy. We can consciously choose to feel peace, joy, and love.

Radiate your joy.

Think about peace.

Feel love.

Affirm your vision.

Walk with courage.

Be persistent. And repeat.

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