How to Get the Popular Asian Herb Known for Balancing Female Hormones & Helping Men Protect their Prostate

Finally, it’s here:

The Failsafe Way to Ensure You Get Your Daily Dose of Probiotics – With NO Effort!

Now with the Body Balancing (and Female Hormonal Balancing) Herb Dong Quai

I’ll never give up my fermented foods – never!

If you’re familiar with the Body Ecology Diet, you know why:

What makes Body Ecology a unique system of health and healing – a system that people routinely say has helped improve their health far more than any other — is our focus on creating and maintaining our inner ecology…

And it is fermented foods that promote the growth of probiotic or “friendly” gastrointestinal bacteria – and restrict the growth of unfriendly bacteria and yeasts – which is the key to your inner ecology health.

So I would never want to see you give up fermented foods either.

Yet I know how difficult it is for you to carve out the time to ferment organic vegetables, make kefir, and even seek out the right ingredients in stores in the first place.

Life is hectic for all of us – so even with the best intentions, finding enough time just never seems to happen.

In fact, lack of time is the only negative we ever hear about the Body Ecology System of Health and Healing…

“But Donna, I’m too busy to ferment vegetables, coconut water and milk all the time…”

That’s why I knew I needed to come up with a simple solution for those frequent “too busy to ferment” circumstances.

Finally, I’ve got exciting news!

Working with some trusted experts in the field, I’ve created a brand new exclusive line of liquid probiotics for Body Ecology that are:

  • Ready to go – no preparation required
  • Perfect support for your inner ecosystem
  • Great for traveling, busy days, or anytime
  • Unique as you are

In fact, I’d like to tell you what’s so unique about one of them right now…

“This Ancient Chinese Soup Ingredient Helped Me Make Peace with My Body”

A thousand years ago, traditional Chinese healers didn’t hand out prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy.

The New Body Ecology Probiotic Liquid Line

Dong Quai – available now! Contains the herb dong quai and four (4) top beneficial bacteria! Get yours NOW at the special limited time introductory price below!

Coco-Biotic – this new combo of probiotics and fermented young coconut water is on order and you will hear more about it soon!

Delivered in a delicious ready-made format, naturally-fermented Body Ecology liquid probiotics nourish and support your inner ecosystem, quickly and efficiently delivering vital intestinal microflora to your hard-working digestive system.\

  • Refreshing and naturally carbonated
  • Convenient and ready to go – NO preparation required
  • Easy for the body to digest
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Promote optimal energy, mood and balance
  • Low-glycemic

They had no pills for menstrual cramps, hot flashes or infertility.

But they did have something so powerful that healers – both Eastern and Western – still use it today, ten centuries later.

That “something” is an aromatic herb that goes by the name of dong quai.

Perhaps you’ve heard of dong quai. As one of the best-known herbs in China and other Asian nations, it also goes by the name “women’s ginseng”.

(BUT MEN before you stop reading, realize it is also EXCEPTIONAL for you… find out more further below, gentlemen!)

Dong quai promotes proper balance of the female hormones and the female reproductive cycle


That’s not all it does, however.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses dong quai in numerous ways – in fact, it’s one of the key ingredients in “Four Things Soup”, a widely used women’s tonic.

Clinical studies haven’t conclusively nailed down the reasons why dong quai seems to work so well, but some theories have emerged:

  • Ongoing research on dong quai points to the possibility that some of the herb’s effects are due to phytoestrogens, estrogen-like plant compounds. These phytoestrogens may help to supply an additional mild source of estrogen to balance out levels in the body.
  • Additionally, dong quai contains compounds called coumarins, which act to dilate or open up blood vessels and help control spasms in muscles. Experts surmise that these compounds may act to increase the blood supply to various organs including the uterus, thus promoting the regulation of menstruation.

Before I give you the wrong impression, though, let me clear up one point…

Dong Quai is NOT Just for Women

Although dong quai offers many advantages specific to women, men also benefit.

The dong quai herb supports men’s fertility and prostate health.

Plus, both sexes respond to the herb’s balancing qualities. The name dong quai actually translates as “return to order” because of the herb’s ability to promote overall body balancing and restoration.

Dong Quai: The Delicious Herbal Probiotic Balancing Tonic for Women & Men Order NOW!

Chinese medicine uses dong quai to:

  • Promote nourishing and cleansing of the blood
  • Fight the signs of aging
  • Elevate mood
  • Increase energy
  • Maintain proper digestion and immune function
  • Support optimal joint and bone health
  • Promote proper functioning of the heart, spleen, liver and kidneys

But that’s STILL not all…

Dong quai provides a source of vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, niacin, folate, and iron.

And some of the components in dong quai exert free radical-fighting antioxidant qualities.

With all this, you can see why I chose to ferment dong quai into a delicious probiotic liquid when I wanted to create balance in our internal organ systems and hormones.

So, when I was designing my new line of liquid probiotics, I decided to create one with the best of both worlds

A Probiotic Superfood that also Contains the Herb Dong Quai

Probiotics: What They Are…and Why You Need Them

Good health begins in your gut… with a constant balancing act between the “friendly” organisms that keep you free of disease… and the “unfriendly” bacteria, yeast and other pathogens that threaten to overwhelm your inner ecosystem.

The friendly bacteria and yeasts, known as probiotics (meaning “for life”), are the microflora that defend you from disease. Your gut is a vital part of your immune system, with antibodies that act as your first line of defense against infection.

While the Body Ecology Diet, with its stress on fermented foods, is itself probiotic-enhancing, many factors today threaten the delicate balance in your GI tract, including poor diets, stress, chemicals and environmental toxins, even medicines (particularly antibiotics).

That’s why probiotics are crucial to:

  • Promoting a healthy immune system
  • Balancing and supporting your digestive system
  • Regulating proper bowel elimination
  • Producing natural antibodies
  • Manufacturing vital nutrients
  • Promoting optimal liver function

Although everyone needs probiotic supplements, they’re especially important for those with:

  • Candida or yeast infections
  • Digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation, gas or leaky gut
  • Bowel disorders such as IBS or colitis
  • Immune dysfunction
  • And those taking antibiotics

This super probiotic liquid, Dong Quai is finally available.

We chose to call it simply “Dong Quai” so, first of all, you could tell it apart from the other probiotic liquids coming in our new line, and second, so you’d remember it by one of its stand-out healthy ingredients.

But what the name doesn’t tell you is that this naturally fermented beverage contains a synergistic blend of four beneficial bacteria and yeasts:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus delbreukii
  • Saccharomyces boulardii
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Plus, these gut-friendly bacteria and yeasts come entirely from nature – from organically-certified plant sources. (Unlike numerous probiotics on the market cooked up in some laboratory…)

When I saw the need for a line of liquid probiotics I immediately turned to my friends who are experts at formulating all-natural liquid supplements like this at Grainfields in Australia. They have developed a unique, proprietary and completely natural fermentation process they call FermFlora.

Grainfield’s fermented our unique new line meeting my rigid specifications using a mixture of organic whole grains to provide a natural food source for the probiotic bacteria. These grains include buckwheat, millet, oats, maize, alfalfa seed, barley, flax seed, and others.

With both fermented grains and the enzyme-producing yeasts in Dong Quai, the friendly probiotic bacteria carry around their own food supply.


Everything You Ever Wanted From Your Probiotic…
and More!

Although many different brands of probiotics vie for your attention in the health food store, their effectiveness can vary greatly.

Many probiotics boast about how many different strains of beneficial bacteria they include, or the number of colony-forming units or CFU’s they contain.

Unfortunately, these numbers may be more misleading than helpful.

The bacteria in some probiotic brands may not be natural to the human GI tract…

or even be compatible with other bacteria contained in the same formula.

Instead of looking for the most strains or the most CFU’s, look instead for how viable and activethe cultures are – and how well they will work in your gut.

That’s exactly what I had in mind during the formulation of Dong Quai.

The other key factor making Dong Quai such a super-probiotic is its bio-availability as a fermented liquid food, rather than an ordinary capsule supplement.

In liquid form, the beneficial microflora in Dong Quai’s unique formula can better withstand harsh stomach acids to reach the walls of your intestines – and thus recolonize them more effectively than capsule probiotic supplements.

The Next Best Thing to Fermenting Your Own

So now there’s no need to let your busy schedule interfere with your ability to remain on the Body Ecology Diet.

Dong Quai and the other freshly-produced probiotic beverages in our new line will nourish your inner ecosystem:

  • Easily
  • Conveniently
  • With no hassles

One 1.25 quart bottle of Dong Quai provides 22 refreshing servings.

You can consume it as is, dilute it with flat or sparkling mineral water, or add it to other foods or Body Ecology recommended juices and smoothies.

Dong Quai is your perfect probiotic solution:

  • Naturally carbonated with a refreshing taste
  • Contains no artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives
  • Promotes normal blood sugar levels
  • Provides a wonderful daily balancing tonic
  • Perfect for both sexes (should not be used during pregnancy)
  • Packaged for optimum freshness and potency
  • Helps increase energy, improve mood and a sense of well-being

  • At only $23.98 per bottle regular price, that’s only slightly more than a dollar per serving – less than many capsule probiotic supplements that have none of Dong Quai’s benefits (nor its great taste). Plus, you don’t have to remember to take it 3 times a day either (like you do with most probiotics).

    Remember, just a 2-ounce “shot” of Dong Quai once or twice a day provides you not only with a smart daily dose of probiotics…

    But also gives you the unique health-promoting and balancing herb dong quai – something you won’tfind in other probiotic products.

    Plus, if you order 7 bottles of Dong Quai, you’ll also receive FREE shipping


    Contains 22 servings – just $23.98 per bottle
    FREE shipping with 7 or more bottles

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