Balancing blood sugar (with or without diabetes)

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on April 29th, 2021

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I was shocked to recently find out that only 12% of the US population is metabolically healthy.  Some people are walking around, unbeknownst to them, with a cluster of conditions (ex.  high blood sugar + blood pressure) that increase their risk of disease (ex. diabetes, heart disease).

The American Heart Association recommends no more than 25 g of sugar per day, and the average American consumes around 71 g of sugar per day.  So you can clearly see our love affair with all things sugar.

I get how challenging it can be to change diet and lifestyle  – I went through decades of trying to do just that.

Here’s something that may bring a different perspective to your life, to give you exactly what you need to make these challenges much easier.

Whether you have diabetes or not, I hope you can join Dr. Brian Mowll’s Diabetes Essentials Masterclass Series.

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Body Ecology Sugar Buster Kit

2 ways to curb sugar cravings.  Our Sugar Buster Kit is designed to support your body where it needs it the most as you reduce your sugar intake.  The Lakanto replaces sugar and is zero glycemic, so there are no ups and downs with blood sugar.  Then, the Cocobiotic goes in to not only reduce sugar cravings but also reduce the bad bacteria caused by sugar intake and create more beneficial bacteria that your inner microbiome needs to thrive.   

Here’s the latest information on blood sugar

Dr. Mowll spent 6 months working on this Diabetes Essentials Masterclass Series that contains over 40 hours of education designed to have a major impact on your relationship with sugar.  He even gathered 60 of the leading health experts to help anyone, no matter where they’re at, optimize blood sugar and beat diabetes.

Each module is jam-packed with core content as well as high-quality in-person interviews with the world’s leading experts in diabetes and metabolic health.

I was so honored to be amongst such a talented group.  I’ll be speaking on DAY 3, May 12 about the gut microbiome and diabetes/metabolic health.

Here are samplings of the topics that will be discussed:

  • Controlling blood sugar through nutrition and lifestyle modification. (without feeling starving or deprived!)
  • How to use special diets like low carb, ketogenic, plant-based, and fasting strategies.
  • Fool-proof strategies for when you’re on the go, traveling, holidays, on vacation, and eating out at restaurants.
  • How to fit in physical activity for long-term health and blood sugar control.
  • Blood glucose self-monitoring, the most important labs, and other important tests.
  • The connection between diabetes, anxiety, depression, and food addiction.
  • Insider information about diabetes medications and which supplements work and which don’t.
When you register for the Masterclass, you’ll get some great resources instantly that you can download and start using right away to help your blood sugar.  I hear it has filled up fast, so grab a seat today!

Believe me, your body will thank you for taking this step.

PS:  Regardless of the stage you’re at when it comes to managing your blood sugar,  the Diabetes Essentials Masterclass Series will meet you where you’re at.  As always, please share with family and friends since this topic applies to just about everyone!  Thank you.

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