B Vitamin Deficiency: Why Men (& the Women Who Love them) Need to Beware

Healthy dads make healthy kids. It used to be that moms were the only ones who had to worry about nutrition, but a new study shows that men who get more folic acid have healthier sperm that are less likely to produce children with Down’s Syndrome.

(NOTE: Be sure to watch for the other part of this 2-part piece on the importance of B vitamins in an upcoming Body Ecology newsletter: Vitamin B: Why Your Body May Be Deficient Even If You Think You Are Getting Enough!)

You’ve probably seen a slew of prenatal vitamins aimed towards women and thought men were off the hook…that a father’s nutrition just doesn’t matter as much as a mother’s.

But new research suggests that men who get a lot of folate (through diet and supplements) have a better chance of creating healthy babies.  So if you are a man – or if you are a woman who has boys or men in her life who she cares about – please read these important insights and pass this on to every man you know:

Vitamin B and Babies: Why Dads Do Matter

Doctors have long advised women to get enough folate. After all, this essential B vitamin (also known as folic acid) is essential to the proper neural development of our next generation.

Folate also plays a role in the development of healthy sperm, and therefore healthy babies.

Generally, between 1 and 4 percent of a man’s sperm have aneuploidy, a change in the number of chromosomes that doctors associate with the inability to conceive, miscarriage, Down’s Syndrome and Klinefelter’s Syndrome.

But one study found that men with a high intake of folate had lower sperm aneuploidy than those men who did not get as much folate.

Their study is sparking more inquiry into the issue of paternal nutrition because reducing the frequency of aneuploidy could mean healthier pregnancies and healthier babies.

Folic Acid For You And Your Family

Want an easy way to prepare for the health of your future children? Probotic-rich InnergyBiotic is full of microflora and one of their jobs is to make B vitamins, including folate, so critical for women and men planning to have children. Drink to the health of your future children with InnergyBiotic!

If you ever want to have a child, then paternal nutrition does matter.

Many men (and women and kids too) are not getting enough folic acid or the other B vitamins they need to pass on a legacy of health to the next generation.

To improve the health and feasibility of sperm, folic acid is essential.

Fortunately, the Body Ecology system for health and healing is a comprehensive approach to nutrition that emphasizes vitamin-rich green leafy vegetables and B vitamin- rich grain-like seeds that are natural sources of folic acid and a host of other nutrients.

And while a balanced diet goes a long way towards providing your folic acid and other B vitamins, the other key to getting the folic acid you need is for the microflora in your body to make it.

That’s right!

Microflora can actually make the B vitamins you need to boost your own health and even the health of future children. But your intestines need to have the proper kind of microflora.

Body Ecology’s fermented foods and drinks are one of the easiest and most effective ways to obtain B vitamin-making microflora.

Packed with probiotics, fermented foods and drinks like cultured vegetablesand Young Coconut Kefir help you digest foods, assimilate vitamins, boost the vitamin value of your foods AND produce B vitamins! These superfoods are a delicious way to give a legacy of health to your future children..

With a balanced Body Ecology diet and a vibrant inner ecosystem full of vitamin B-producing microflora, you can get the folic acid you need for healthier sperm and healthier babies.


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