Another Reason to Avoid Plastic Surgery…How Your Face (and Wrinkles!) Help You Succeed in Life

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In a recent interview with Jean Haner, author of The Wisdom of Your Face: Change Your Life With Chinese Face Reading! . I discovered some incredible information that will change the way you think about aging …AND how to understand yourself and others.

Jean Haner is a master in the art of Chinese face reading and feng shui. While many of you may be familiar with feng shui, the 3,000-year old Chinese art and science of placing objects in a space for optimal energy and health, Chinese face reading may be new to you.

To understand Chinese face reading, it’s important to know that it’s part of traditional Chinese medicine, a thousands-of-year-old, integrated system, dealing with human physiology and pathology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.1

Chinese medicine has contributed a wealth of knowledge about health, wellness and healing. In fact, it is key to many of the principles in the Body Ecology program.

I first met Jean Haner at a Hay House I Can Do It conference in Las Vegas, where she was a speaker. Jean also had a booth at the event and she was giving free face readings.

I have to say, that this experience changed the way I think about aging.

As Jean read my face, she pointed out (very accurately, I might add) the roadmap of my life from my twenties to today. She said I was a writer …and then she told me something I never thought I’d hear: “I want you to develop wrinkles (the ones around your mouth),” she said. “Those are your purpose lines,” she continued, “and they develop when you are in your forties.” As she asked me how old I was, I admitted that my fortieth birthday was just around the corner.

“Do not get filler injections to make them go away,” Jean told me, “they are about your purpose in life and they are important.”

In that moment and ever since that time, I have looked at my face in the mirror differently. I have viewed aging and wrinkles differently. I began to see that everything (yes, even wrinkles!) has a purpose.

And now I am looking at my fortieth birthday with relish, already dreaming of what’s to come…not about the aging process, because Body Ecology has kept me youthful and vibrant…not about my face, because it’s part of who I am…and no longer about wrinkles, because I am truly ready to live into my purpose.

In the interview that follows, you’ll learn more about Jean Haner’s amazing work.

Q. How did you learn about Chinese face reading?

A. I married into a Chinese family and learned about Chinese face reading from my mother-in-law. In fact, my mother-in-law didn’t think I had a “lucky” face….luck meaning money.

If you look only at classical Chinese face reading, it can be a judgmental, rather negative thing – all about good luck (money) or bad luck (no money). Most people who experienced traditional Chinese face reading actually left the session feeling bad.

As I studied Chinese face reading, I realized there was an incredible depth of information that teaches us how to honor ourselves, change our lives and get along with others. This is my focus when I work with my clients and when I teach my students the art of Chinese face reading. It’s very empowering information.

Q. How does Chinese face reading help people in their work and personal lives?

A. As a branch of Chinese medicine, face reading can help your personal life come back into balance. You can do subtle things to realign your life and where you need to go.

Instead of doing double-blind studies, the Chinese observe patterns. You learn to identify your own patterns.

For example, I did a corporate training, ostensibly for team building. In reality, I was brought in because a really valuable person in their company was making things difficult for his colleagues. The “difficult” man was trying to run the show, even in teams with his peers.

There’s one mark on his face that told me much of what I needed to know – a large nose (indicates someone who wants to be in control) and a bump on the bridge of his nose. I recommended they hire him an assistant…this channeled his need to “boss someone around” and was the key to shifting this pattern. As a bonus, his team members got to understand why he was doing what he was doing — and even value him more.

The Wisdom of Your Face

Jean Haner will be teaching one of the classes in our upcoming Beauty Insiders Club training & support program. Learn more and register for this life-changing training program!

What becomes important here is the exchange between people…and what they can do to be comfortable and grounded in themselves.

Q. How does face reading help understand personality?

A. Your face is where you show your emotions. Since emotions mark your face, you can read personality. Face reading allows you to see who someone is, what they need in order to be happy in life, even jobs and romantic partners that are right for them.

Q. What does Chinese face reading tell us about wrinkles and aging?

A. I think it’s time to take our conversation about beauty in our culture to the next level. It’s interesting how women, in just one generation, have really transformed our ability to accomplish in the world and in the home…but we are still held back by this odd consensus that we shouldn’t have wrinkles.

Wrinkles have amazing information for you…about who you are. Your unique inner design. Wrinkles tell us who we are destined to be.

Very early on in life most of us lose touch with our inner design. We get so much information and rules about who we should be. Most of us are trying to alter, change or deny who we really are. This is why we get out of balance and go off course.

When you figure out who you are, you can live a happier and healthier life.

Jean Haner also had a special message for Baby Boomers, who are confronting their feelings about aging.

But before I share that special message, I have to tell you a secret…When Jean did a reading for Donna Gates, one of the first things she said was, “You are doing something really BIG, it’s giving me chills…what is it?” She also said she could tell from Donna’s eyes that, “there are many people who have good feelings about you and appreciate you.” I stepped in at that point and introduced Donna to Jean.

In addition to having created the Body Ecology program and writing The Body Ecology Diet, Donna is also coming out with a new book especially for Baby Boomers about managing the aging process with youthful vitality.

I was impressed, not only at Jean’s accuracy, but also with how well her message fits with Donna’s. And Jean’s message is this:

“Baby Boomers are the ones who changed the world and the ones to make this next step into embracing aging as well. Accomplished and powerful, we no longer need to feel so dis-empowered when we look in the mirror…so worried what people will think about as we age. It helps when you see that these are signs that you’ve grown and accomplished wisdom. You don’t want lose “your purpose lines”…or any of the other lines that make you, YOU.”

To learn more about Jean Haner, including her amazing classes and certification in Chinese face reading (I’m signing up!), go to:www.WisdomofYourFace.com


[1] Traditional Chinese Medicine. http://www.chinainstitute.com/tcmhistory.asp

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