An Oncology Nurse’s Discovery: 3 Tips for Intuitive Self-Healing

Recently, Body Ecology had the opportunity to speak with Marie Manuchehri about the publication of her new book, Intuitive Self-Healing.

While working as registered oncology nurse, Marie would never have believed that energy medicine was as practical as her understanding of human physiology. But what she discovered in the hospital surprised her, as well as the patients it transformed.

In her book, she shares with us her own experiences with the chakra system, as well as the Western medical diseases that are associated with each of the seven chakras.

Intuitive self-healing begins by asking yourself fundamental questions to determine your level of personal joy. This will bring awareness for a more accurate perception of self to create a healing relationship with your body.

We get a clear sense of not only how a chakra functions, but also how certain forms of mental or emotional baggage can lead to very specific physical symptoms of disease.

A chakra, as Marie explains, is: “an energy center located in all living things. It’s shaped like a cone or vortex, and spins in a clockwise direction when you look at the face of the cone. It receives and transmits energy.”

While working as a nurse, Marie began to perceive color in different areas of the body, as well as the emotions that patients held in their energetic field. Whether or not we are aware of it, our energetic field is structured according to:

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Beliefs

Marie explains that her own transition from oncology nurse to an intuitive healer had to do with her courage to ask fundamental questions about her level of personal joy. These were questions like, “Am I happy?”

As Marie discovers and shares with the reader, an accurate perception of anything or anyone begins with an accurate perception of self.

For example, many of us hold a job or live our lives according to the needs of our children, spouse, or even according to expectations of parents we no longer live with.

Oftentimes, in an attempt to please others or demonstrate love, we ignore our own needs. A lifetime spent on the needs of others ultimately inhibits our natural ability to tune in with our self, with the body, and to heal.

While Marie hoped to share her experience with the other nurses that she worked with in the hospital, it soon became clear that conventional medicine was still not yet ready to accept a system of medicine based on energetic centers within the body. 

Create a Healing Relationship with Your Body

Both the chakra system, which is based on spiritual texts dating back to 2000 BC, and Chinese acupuncture use energetic centers of light to perceive and to heal the physical body. Science can now prove the existence of such energetic centers, even though we have known about them for several hundred years.

As Marie puts it, “It is perfectly natural to create a healing relationship with your body.”

Nonetheless, few of us ever explore our body or our innate healing ability; often this healing relationship with the body is formed only when we are forced to look deeply into the mind-body connection.

In Intuitive Self-Healing, Marie goes through the meaning of each chakra one chapter at a time. She emphasizes that each individual has his or her own extraordinary sensory ability.

With practical how-to exercises, we begin to get a sense of what it means to feel. And how healing this can be!

The Brain Is an Empty Vessel

Marie tells us that, “A lot of people think that they need to be in their brain to analyze and answer… I actually think that the brain needs to be somewhat empty. It needs to be a vessel. More insight comes from the second chakra…so drop your awareness, your thinking, or your brain into the lower abdomen, which is where passion is felt. This area also governs career, relationships, money, and creativity. The second chakra vibrates to our emotional response center, so when people spend time in the second chakra, they’re dropping into their own personal perspective.”

Marie suggests that we ask, “What am I feeling right now?”

When we do this, we are not distracted with what others are feeling. Checking in with our emotional response center creates an intimate bond with and awareness of our own personal emotions.

3 Tips for Intuitive Self-Healing

1. Ask questions. Be honest. Ask the big questions like: Am I happy? Am I living my dream? Am I doing what I love? Oftentimes, we avoid asking these questions – or hearing the answers – because we want to keep up a certain standard for the people in our lives that we love.

2. Empty the brain. If you are looking for answers, go to the second chakra. The second chakra is located beneath the belly button. It houses our passion, our finances, and our emotions. Getting in touch with how you really feel, rather than what you think you should feel or want to feel, is a big step towards awareness.

3. Live your purpose. Express your truth. Once you figure out what you feel, it is time to put that awareness into motion. You may even find that awareness has a life of its own and that you cannot do anything but be authentic!

Marie Manuchehri, RN, is a nationally known energy intuitive, Reiki master, and teacher. She has her own practice in Seattle, Washington, teaches popular classes and workshops, and hosts a biweekly radio program on KKNW “The Marie Manuchehri Show . . . Where Energy and Medicine Meet.” If you would like to learn more about Marie, visit www.energyintuitive.com.

What to Remember Most About This Article:

Marie Manuchehri, author of Intuitive Self-Healing, discovered the power of energy medicine when working as a registered oncology nurse. According to Marie, we all have an energetic field in our bodies based on our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

This is why it is critical to create a healing relationship with your body using the chakra system of energetic centers that can promote physical healing. To begin, you can explore how you are feeling right now to bring awareness of your personal emotions.

You can use 3 helpful tips for intuitive self-healing today:

  1. Ask yourself questions and give honest answers.
  2. Empty your brain by focusing on the second chakra that holds your passion, finances, and emotions.
  3. Live your purpose and express your truth to always be authentic.
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