After 10+ Years with Ulcerative Colitis, What Transformed this Woman’s Health?

Jacy Barber suffered from ulcerative colitis and chronic yeast infections for over 10 years until she found the Body Ecology system for health and healing. Using Body Ecology principles and brand new Lakanto, she now enjoys a symptom free life!

Jacy Barber’s recent e-mail to Body Ecology says it all:

“Let me thank the Body Ecology Diet for helping me take charge of my health and healing my 10+ year battle with ulcerative colitis. Thank you, Lakanto! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Why such a passionate e-mail for Body Ecology and our all-natural sugar substitute, Lakanto?

Jacy had been suffering from ulcerative colitis for over 10 years.

She regularly experienced all the painful symptoms of ulcerative colitis, including bleeding, gas, diarrhea, and debilitating abdominal pain.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jacy also suffered from:

  • Hypoglycemia
  • Severe fatigue
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Chronic yeast infections
  • Foggy thinking
  • Joint pain that limited her exercise

Jacy had tried various treatments including: antibiotics, antifungalsanti-inflammatories (like Ibuprofen), cutting out wheat and dairy, as well as a host of herbs and vitamins. Still, nothing could heal this young woman’s symptoms.

Here, in Jacy’s own words, is the story of her journey back to health….

Q. How did you first hear about the Body Ecology system for health and healing?

A. The year I graduated from college, I started to see a homeopath for natural health solutions. After describing my symptoms of joint pain, hypoglycemia, constant yeast infections, fatigue and episodes of debilitating ulcerative colitis, he gave me the Body Ecology Diet book, (link to https://bodyecology.com/the-body-ecology-diet-book.html).

That very evening, I read the Body Ecology Diet from cover to cover, recognizing that it had the answers for my situation..

Q. How did you begin to incorporate Body Ecology principles into your life?

A. I decided to go cold turkey and give up my old ways of eating.

At the time I was living in New York City, where there was a was a Whole Foods health food store a few blocks from where I worked.

Having access to the healing foods on stage 1 of the Body Ecology program helped me to stick with it strictly for about 3 months.

And let me tell you, I was shocked at how much better I felt!
Q. So that was back in 2002. What has been your experience with maintaining your commitment to your health and to the Body Ecology lifestyle since?

A. Since that time I struggled a bit with staying on the diet. I would swing back and forth between following it to the letter and slacking off a bit.

What really motivated me to renew my commitment was when my gastroenterologist wanted me to take steroids and mesalamine for the ulcerative colitis.

I refused. I wanted to heal naturally, so I kicked up my efforts to stay on the Body Ecology system, and as time went by things got much better.

At this point I am symptom free!
Q. That’s amazing, congratulations! Now that you feel healthy, do you find that you are tempted to stray from the Body Ecology principles?

A. “Normal food” was what would get me off track when I initially started the Body Ecology system.

I missed bread, baked goods and ice cream, especially on holidays.

When I first started, I would overindulge and “fall off” the diet wagon. It took a long time for me to really adjust to not being able to eat whatever I wanted.

I had to get it though my head that even though I couldn’t see the results of the cake in the mirror or on the scale, my body was struggling with it internally 24/7.

Q. Any tips for people who are on the Body Ecology program or thinking about starting?

A. If I’m going to have something that is not on the Body Ecology program, I make sure it is super high quality and I don’t go overboard.

My palette has also become more sensitive. I can really appreciate when food is well prepared and high quality. And I get much more enjoyment from it.

Q. You really sing Lakanto’s praises. How has this all-natural sugar substitute helped your healing?

A. I have been experimenting with Lakanto since Body Ecology introduced this amazing sweetener. I have been able to make some really wonderful treats with it that even my super picky husband enjoys.

When I eat it regularly I have no sweet cravings in the evening.

Q. So what are your favorite uses for Lakanto?

A. The very fist thing I made was “candied” walnuts. I also used the Lakanto on my hot quinoa flakes. Then I became more adventurous and made a tiramisu type dessert, (that fits Body Ecology principles, of course!), and finally muffins.

Lakanto is the all-natural sugar substitute that Jacy uses to satisfy her sweet tooth without compromising her health… She even sprinkles it on her morning quinoa flakes! Lakanto is safe for diabetics, people with hypoglycemia and those with yeast infections. With zero calories, Lakanto lets you indulge in the sweet taste with none of the side effects. Try Lakanto in your favorite recipes today!

Q. Sounds like Body Ecology has become a lifestyle. Has your diet affected other parts of your life besides the physical?

A. The way the diet helped me “clear my head” was a life changing experience.

I really credit the Body Ecology program with helping me gain the clarity to see that my chosen profession and lifestyle (costume design and theater) were toxic to my body and mind. Once I had cleared away that fog I realized that I wanted to go back to school and work with kids, which as you know is what I do now.

My friends and family even noticed and commented on how much more organized and calm I’ve seemed since.

Additionally, the fact that I have been able to eliminate ulcerative colitis symptoms with diet alone is huge. I have spoken with other sufferers who have gone the traditional route using steroids and found very little relief, if any.

I am optimistic that I will be able to stay symptom free and avoid medical crisis and surgery in the future, and I’m so thankful that the Body Ecology program has put that power in my hands.

Ready to start your own journey to health? Read the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates to learn more and to experience delicious recipes made Body Ecology style.
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