5 Tips to Go Green This Holiday Season

Start your own family tradition this holiday season by giving back to the planet! It’s easy and fun with our 5 go green holiday tips.

Ahh, the holidays…a time of giving and receiving and a time of great celebration. It is a time of year when the weather gets cold and we all huddle inside. Many of us decorate our homes, light fires and count our blessings for the past year. And still more of us set our intentions for the year to come.

We check our holiday gift lists and check them twice, remembering those we love.

But what if we all added one more name to our holiday gift list this year? What if we all gave a gift to the earth in gratitude for our life on this planet? What if we decided to go green this holiday season?

The thing is, it wouldn’t need to cost money…in fact, it could SAVE money. And really, it could be fun!

Here are 5 fun tips to give back to our beautiful planet – by going green this holiday season:

Greener air – Ditch the toxic holiday air fresheners and make a quick, easy and delightful holiday mister with essential oils and water. In a glass fine mist sprayer, add water almost to the top. Then add between 10 – 20 drops of your favorite essential oil and you have a safe, affordable and aromatic air freshener!

Some great aroma ideas for the holidays are: In a fine mist sprayer, put 10 drops of orange essential oil and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil in 12 ounces of water. This blend is uplifting and brings a feeling of happiness and energy, while freshening the air. In the warmer months, ants and flies will stay away from this heavenly scent. Other great essential oil scents of the season are cinnamonclovebud and frankincense. The good news is, your essential oils will last a long time and you can make many batches of air freshener, house cleaner, skin lotion or other treats with them – which makes them a great creative green holiday gift idea!

    1. Green gift wrap – There are all kinds of ways to wrap holiday gifts without using up and throwing out new wrapping paper each year. One family we know saves up all wrapping paper and bows in a box and reuses them each year. Another idea is to reuse fabric, newspaper or paper shopping bags. Better yet, put your gifts in reusable shopping bags your family can use at the grocery store or farmer’s market. Still another family uses pinecones to decorate gifts. Dip them in wax, gold or silver and you can customize them to your heart’s content.
    2. Making creative gift wrap can be fun for the whole family because it makes you think outside the box…and perhaps, you’ll create your own fun family traditions!
    3. Kinder Christmas trees – Instead of cutting down a new tree each year, how about getting a reusable Christmas tree? So-called fake Christmas trees have become all the rage because they are so life-like and easy to assemble. Some even come with the lights already on, which has been a relief to more than a few harassed parents struggling to get them on the tree just right.
    4. Green gifts  – One family shared that as their children grew up, they started to exchange charitable donations instead of gifts. For this family, the holiday season took on a whole new meaning and even better, they avoided the hectic shopping rush. Perhaps you’ll choose to donate to your favorite environmental cause. Or give the gift of your time and volunteer instead.
Vitality SuperGreenNot ready to give up processed foods? Start slowly, by adding Vitality SuperGreen to your morning routine. As your body feels more hydrated and energized, you may find your taste buds begin to acclimate to the healthy, delicious taste of greens. You may even start reaching for vegetables at every meal! Give your energy and vitality a boost with Vitality SuperGreen today.

  1. Green food – The more whole foods you choose to add to your diet, the less packaging you’ll use up. Packaging from processed foods is one of the biggest contributors to the landfills. If your taste buds are not quite ready for the switch to whole foods, consider starting simple with a green drink, like Vitality SuperGreen each morning. It may take some getting used to if you are not accustomed to eating vegetables, but over a few weeks, your taste buds will start to change. And better yet, you may notice a lift in energy and mood that will have you skipping your morning coffee and donuts.Switching to a green drink each morning is often the first step to starting to make other important changes in your diet. It sets the stage for a healthy routine, a healthier gut and a more hydrated, alkaline body.

    Pretty soon, you may start to crave more greens. We heard from one family who started to add more and more vegetables to their diet because they began to crave them.

So how about starting your own new holiday traditions this year by going green in the way that suits you best?

We’d love to hear from you about what works for your family. Join us on Facebook to share your green holiday ideas!

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