5 Natural Health Tips for Diabetics

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Written by Body Ecology on May 9th, 2023

5 natural health tips for diabetics

Processed foods are pervasive in our diets today, and by now everyone knows to avoid them. If you are struggling with diabetes you simply must make a decision to eat foods made by Nature, not by man. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is a fundamental requirement of a healthy life, and your body’s failure to do so, as is the case in diabetes and insulin resistance, can lead to severe complications, and early death.

If you do have blood sugar problems—or want to prevent them and age well—here are five “back to basics” principles for you and  anyone you love.

diabetes statistics in the USIf you have diabetes, or high blood sugar, you can reverse the damage to your body by incorporating some of the forgotten natural principles of eating that were practiced by our ancestors.

The 5 Natural Health Tips for Diabetics

Avoid Processed Foods – Even the So-Called “Healthy” Ones

This is a fundamental rule I cannot stress enough, and it goes for everyone. The processed foods industry has over six thousand chemicals at its disposal to preserve, texturize, emulsify, soften, flavor or stabilize foods that come in a box, or can be popped into a microwave.

All of those unnecessary additives are there in an effort to make food look and taste like the real deal, when it isn’t.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should avoid all processed foods:

1. They rob you of the important minerals and vitamins in you body needs. Diabetics are especially prone to being too acidic, which causes serious mineral deficiencies. Getting plenty of vitamins and minerals is critical in the fight against diabetes.

2. Your liver breaks down and filter any food you take in your body. Eating processed foods increases the load of toxins your liver must deal with. It makes your liver even more vulnerable to congestion, exhaustion, and eventual failure. This hardworking organ is essential in all digestive functions, and in the control of blood sugar levels. Since diabetics are especially prone to liver disease, it makes sense to safeguard your liver by avoiding processed foods, especially the refined, bleached, and deodorized fats and oils.

3. They destroy your inner ecosystem. Maintaining a healthy inner ecosystem made up of friendly microflora (good bacteria and yeast) is essential for strong immunity. It can help keep your blood sugar levels in the healthy normal range and help your liver, so it does not have to work so hard to detoxify your body. A vibrant inner ecosystem is important to everyone but is certainly critical for anyone fighting to reverse diabetes. Body Ecology has many excellent probiotics. The super potent probiotic liquids provides the diversity you won’t get anywhere else except in fermented vegetables.

4. If you have diabetes, you can be certain you have candida, a pathogenic yeast infection that thrives on the sugars in processed foods and the sugars in your bloodstream. Candida contributes to weight gain, acidic blood, mineral deficiencies, digestive issues, and weakened immunity. All of these increase the risk of diabetes related symptoms and complications, including death.

5. Whenever you are struggling with a viral infection like the winter flu, elevated blood sugar will keep the virus thriving. Diabetics are at a greater risk for runaway inflammation and can even die from the virus. We have resident viruses living in “sanctuaries”—mostly in nerve tissues– and they will re-emerge again when your blood sugar is high.

Make Sure to be Not Fooled by “Whole Grains”

One of the best pieces of advice for diabetics is to consume fiber because of its ability to slow the entrance of sugar into your blood, and prevent high blood sugar levels. Sadly, many of the whole grains and “complex carbohydrates” that you’ve been told are the best sources of fiber also feed candida, weaken your digestion, and actually contribute to obesity and diabetes.

For more important information read
: The Risks of Consuming Typical Grains and the Healthy Grains to Choose Instead

Use natural sweetener for prevent diabetes
Safe, sweet, smooth, all-natural sugar alternative with no aftertaste. A zero-calorie one-to-one sugar swap that’s Diabetic-safe, gluten-free, plant-based.

Toss Those “Diabetic-Safe” Artificial Sweeteners!

BE Sweet is a safe, sweet, smooth, all-natural sugar alternative with no aftertaste. It is a special combination of allulose + monk fruit + stevia. It has zero calories, won’t raise your blood sugar, and can be used in a one to one ratio in any recipe calling for sugar.

It has none of the health hazards associated with artificial sweeteners, and in fact, has health benefits. Unlike what you’ve been told, artificial sweeteners are NOT, and never were a healthy alternative to sugar!

Artificial sweeteners have too many risks associated with them. If you are diabetic, you should know that they are weakening your immune system, making your blood too acidic, contribute to weight gain and bloating and will prevent you from obtaining balanced blood sugar levels.

Definitely, there is a way to enjoy the sweet taste without all the health hazards! BE Sweet  natural sweeteners can satisfy your sweet tooth, without raising your blood sugar, or feeding the candida. 

Consume Healthy Fats

Consuming healthy (organic and unrefined) fats and oils is critical to maintaining stable blood sugar levels. It makes you feel satisfied after you eat. Most importantly, you obtain important vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that our bodies cannot make, or get anywhere else. For more information on sources of healthy fats read: A Key Health Secret That Everyone Should Know: Eat A Range of Good Oils.

If you want to make a special salad dressing, choose a healthy unrefined oil. Then, combine it with apple cider vinegar for even more benefits. Apple cider vinegar is an amazing remedy that’s been shown to be just as effective as drugs in treating diabetes.

Discover Fermented Foods and Drinks

Fermented foods and drinks were consumed regularly by our ancestors who used fermentation to preserve foods, or to pre-digest foods that are difficult to digest (like grains). If you have diabetes, your body can benefit from fermented foods and drinks. They can improve your digestion, balance your inner ecosystem, control cravings, aid weight loss and boost your immunity.

Body Ecology Principles – A Natural Solution for Diabetes

It’s not too late to reverse the toll that high blood sugar can take on your health. Aside from following these natural health tips for diabetics, talk to your doctor about incorporating the Body Ecology program into your life. Or, better yet, share your copy of The Body Ecology Diet with your doctor so you can discuss some natural ways to boost your health.

Many physicians approve and recommend The Body Ecology Way themselves. Many understand the benefits of  fermented foods, and fortunately for us, there is a great deal of research these days that supports a probiotic, anti-fungal, gluten-free, sugar-free way of life. 

Please give us a try. You won’t be sorry.


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