29 Most Important Things You Can Do to Improve Your Health in 2009

Are you ready to once and for all, feel your best? Start today by picking just one of the 29 most important things you can do for your health, and see how great you look and feel!

Good health is priceless. When you feel your best, your moods are better and you just seem to enjoy life more.

There’s a reason for that! A healthy body supports a healthy, happy mind. And while you may not have known it, the health of your digestive tract is directly related to your overall health AND your moods.

Make 2009 the year to feel your best by committing to a healthy Body Ecology diet. Following Body Ecology makes it easy to look andfeel healthy, youthful and fit. Why not experience the benefits yourself?

Here are the top 29 most important things you can do to improve your health (and the good news is you cover all of them simply by following Body Ecology program!):

  1. Reduce (or better yet, eliminate!) sugar and artificial sweeteners.
  2. Add minerals to your diet.
  3. Switch from typical grains to weight optimizing grain-like seeds.
  4. Correct your digestion with fermented foods, The Principle of Food Combining and digestive enzymes.
  5. Include probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks in your diet daily.
  6. Choose organic, locally grown vegetables.
  7. Engage in regular exercise that protects your joints.
  8. Breathe deeply to relieve stress, improve your mood and stimulate your lymphatic system.
  9. Commit to better sleep and improve sleep problems by restoring your adrenals and thyroid.
  10. It’s easy to eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners with zero-calorie, zero-glycemic index, all-natural Lakanto! Used for years in Japan for weight loss and diabetes, this delicious sugar substitute is now available for use in all your favorite recipes. Whether for holiday favorites, special occasions or for your commitment to finally erase sugar cravings from your life,try Lakanto today to satisfy your sweet tooth safely and naturally!

  11. Spend about 20 minutes preferable in the morningsunshine to naturally boost your vitamin D and your mood.
  12. Nourish your adrenals and balance your hormones.
  13. Conquer infection naturally, including candidabacterialand viral infections.
  14. Include more fiber in your diet.
  15. Pay attention to your thyroid health.
  16. Eliminate coffee and caffeine, including harmful energy drinks.
  17. Add sea vegetables to your diet.
  18. Protect your body from stress naturally with adaptogens.
  19. Reduce stress – take things OFF your to do list.
  20. Hydrate with the right kind of water.
  21. Detoxify and cleanse, including reducing toxic overloadand colon cleansing.
  22. Replace toxic table salt with medicinal sea salt.
  23. Start your day with nutritious, energizing, easy-to-digestsmoothies.
  24. Take 3 months to eliminate sweet fruits and heal candida.
  25. Eliminate processed foods.
  26. Consume a range of unrefined, organic fats and oils.
  27. Realize true happiness by improving your emotional health.
  28. Laugh to improve your mood AND your heart health.
  29. Add a probiotic-vitamin-mineral rich green drink to your morning routine.
  30. Commit to the 7 healthy eating principles for your health and youthful vitality.

Lists like these can often feel overwhelming, so remember the Body Ecology principle of step-by-step: pick one thing from the list, master it and move on from there.

You may notice that with each small step you take, you feel better and brighter as you go about your day. Good health is easy with Body Ecology, so start today and see how great you look and feel!
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