20 Kid-Friendly Nutritious Recipes

We may be buying in bulk to be prepared to endure the COVID-19 outbreak, but that doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice eating meals that provide the proper nutrition for our families, and especially our CHILDREN.

If you have a child with neurodevelopmental concerns, then proper and guided bioindividual nutrition is a must… no matter what!

Most children with ADHD, autism, anxiety, and related neurodevelopmental disorders suffer physical health issues, as well as neurological symptoms, (learning and behavior) related to what they eat.

And there’s no one I know that knows this subject better than my friend and colleague, Julie Matthews.

She is a certified nutrition consultant specializing in bioindividual nutrition for autism for the last 18 years, a published researcher and a World leading expert on nutrition for ADHD, autism, and related childhood conditions. Because she is a published researcher, she makes sure everything she shares with parents and health professionals is based on the latest research and best clinical practices.

And right now Julie has a great free gift for you that can help during these trying times. It’s a cookbook of nutritious, easy-to-make recipes! This cookbook is full of great ideas for meals that you can enjoy making with your kids.

>> Click Here to Access Julie’s Nutritious Guide <<

If you are a parent of a child suffering with ADHD, anxiety and/or autism, or know someone facing the adversity of these neurodevelopmental disorders, I urge you to learn more about bioindividual nutritional approaches that are healing ADHD, Anxiety and Autism in children.

But up until now getting this information has been difficult, if not nearly impossible. Thankfully, Julie has made acquiring this information easy by gathering 35 leading nutrition and pediatric experts to share the science, clinical results, and affordable steps parents can take to help their children with autism, ADHD and anxiety.

I’ll be there on Day 5 too!

This is the only online discussion that has a specific focus on personalized (bioindividual) nutrition to improve children’s health, learning, and behavior. 

She wants to give you access to all of the discussions she had with these experts and give you actionable takeaways to try yourself, research further, or ask your physician about. The strategies you will learn are science-based approaches that are effective at improving common childhood disorders… and chronic disorders for adults too.

>> Click Here to get access and download Julie’s Free Cookbook <<

Along the way you will:

– Learn nutrition related strategies proven to improve health, learning, and behavior.

– Discover how bioindividual nutrition is the future of nutrition in health care.

– Listen to experts talk on therapeutic diets and the importance of bio-individualizing, including the following: Low Oxalate, Low Phenol, Low FODMAPs, Ketogenic, Paleo, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Body Ecology Diet, the Wahls Protocol, and more.

Join me to nourish your family during these challenging times… and nourish hope!

>> Click Here to get access and download Julie’s Free Cookbook <<

In good health,




PS:  Don’t forget to register today!

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