Autoimmune Condition: 3 Steps to Alleviate Autoimmunity Today

Autoimmune Condition: 3 Steps to Alleviate Autoimmunity Today

Autoimmune Condition: 3 Steps to Alleviate Autoimmunity Today

1. Stick with a routine.

Your body functions on a circadian rhythm and thrives on routine. When you sleep, wake up, and eat at similar times each day, it will bring your body back into balance to make it easier to support day-to-day energy.

Enrich your diet.

Eating a nutrient-rich diet that is high in antioxidants will support your health and wellbeing. It’s best to eat probiotic-rich fermented vegetables and kefir to balance your inner ecosystem and increase the bioavailability of the nutrients that you eat. Win-win!

Get lab work regularly.

You can keep track of your health with regular lab work. This is one effective way to check in on how your body is responding to the changes you are making in your lifestyle and your diet. Even better, working with a functional medicine practitioner will help you to better interpret your lab results to find proactive instead of preventative solutions to your health problems.

One Final Tip: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Many of us think that how we sleep and what we eat doesn’t impact the health of our immune system. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Since all of the systems in the body communicate with one another, getting enough rest and feeding your body the nutrients it craves can make a dramatic difference in boosting immune health. Not caring for your body properly can leave you susceptible to chronic stress. At a physiological level, stress will weaken immune function. Once your immune system becomes weak, immune cells will function less efficiently and work in fewer numbers.

To fight the good fight and get your health on the right track, you must strengthen your body’s ability to protect itself. Supporting digestive health with good bacteria to create a hearty inner ecosystem is one surefire way to strengthen your immune health.

The reason? Beneficial microorganisms in your digestive tract will communicate with your immune system and your nervous system. Not only will friendly bacteria help you to better digest your food, but they’ll also help to reduce stress levels!

Constant, day-to-day stress will leave you open to inflammation and infection. And if you already suffer from an autoimmune disorder, these effects can be devastating.
Prevention is key to support your immune health. Make today the day that you will boost your immunity and regulate stress levels by focusing on your inner ecology first of all.


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