Reward Points Policy

Reward Points Policy

Reward Points Policy

{{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockRewardpointTemplate” template=”rewardpoints/policy/earn.phtml” }}

{{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} EXCHANGE RATES

The value of {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} is determined by an exchange rate of both currency spent on products to {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}}, and an exchange rate of {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} earned to currency for spending on future purchases.

REDEEM {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}}

You can redeem your {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} at checkout. If you have accumulated enough {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} to redeem them you will have the option of using {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} as one of the payment methods. The option to use {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}}, as well as your balance and the monetary equivalent this balance, will be shown to you in the Payment Method area of the checkout. Redeemable {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards, gift cards and more.

{{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} MINIMUMS AND MAXIMUMS

{{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} may be capped at a minimum value required for redemption. If this option is selected you will not be able to use your {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} until you accrue a minimum number of {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}}, at which {{config path=”rewardpoints/general/point_name”}} they will become available for redemption.

{{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} may also be capped at the maximum value of {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} which can be accrued. If this option is selected you will need to redeem your accrued {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} before you are able to earn more {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}}.

MANAGE YOUR {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}}

You have the ability to view and manage your {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} through your Customer Account. From your account you will be able to view your total {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} (and currency equivalent), minimum needed to redeem, whether you have reached the maximum {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} limit and a cumulative history of {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} acquired, redeemed and lost. The history record will retain and display historical rates and currency for informational purposes. The history will also show you comprehensive informational messages regarding {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}}, including expiration notifications.

{{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} EXPIRATION

{{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} can be set to expire. Points will expire in the order form which they were first earned.


  • Points can be used as store credit in our system only. Redeeming to cash is not allowed.
  • You can sign up to receive email notifications each time your balance changes when you either earn, redeem or lose {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}}, as well as point expiration notifications. This option is found in the {{block class=”MagestoreRewardpointsBlockWelcomeName”}} section of the My Account area.
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