How to make home-fermented vegetables — 2 easy ways

How to make home-fermented vegetables — 2 easy ways

There are lots of reasons why people come to Body Ecology.

Candidiasis, digestive problems, an autoimmune condition, needing help maintaining a healthy weight, and wanting to have a healthy baby are just a few.

While your health is uniquely yours — meaning, only you know which foods work best with your unique body — there are simple ways to get started. Nurturing your inner ecology by inoculating your gut with the friendly bacteria found in home-fermented vegetables lays the foundation. It’s where we all should begin.

Whether you’re new to making fermented foods at home or have been doing it for years, you’ve come to the right place. Try one of these simplified methods listed above, and you’ll have cultured veggies (CVs) ready to snack on and enjoy at each meal within a week. We suggest using our Lactobacillus-rich Veggie Culture Starter and potent prebiotic EcoBloom for an optimal outcome.

You could radiate good health – and feel much better.

It’s amazing how something as small as making fermented foods at home can have a great impact on your long-term health — and your day-to-day living.

Here’s what our Body Ecology community has to say about their CVs:

“It helps me make fermented foods without concern, very beneficial. I’ve used it for years, it’s trustworthy.” – Angie P.

“I am so grateful for this product. I suffered from celiac disease for years. After learning about cultured veggies and this product to make them, I found my health return. I’ve given this as a snack food to all of my children, and it is not only the healthiest cultured food you can find but also the best tasting.” – Priscilla S.

“The most wonderful culture starter with the most advanced health benefits from the probiotics in the culture. Culturing can be a breeze with this awesome culture starter!” – Dipti R.

“Simply the best. Donna taught me about probiotic foods and fermenting. It has enriched my diet and lifestyle for the past 14 years.” – Michael S.

Happy fermenting. We’re always here to offer support and answer any questions.

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