Fizzy Green Drink Recipe

Fizzy Green Drink Recipe

Fizzy Green Drink Recipe

by Gina LaVerde

Super Spirulina Plus

Super Spirulina Plus offer an easy and delicious way to incorporate fermented greens and grains into your child’s and your diet.

If you are looking for another tasty and clever way to get your children to drink their greens, you will love this fizzy green drink. Fermented spirulina and other super proteins help make this a highly nutritious and delicious probiotic drink.


  1. Pour a glass of cold sparkling mineral water.
  2. Add lime juice, stevia and Super Spirulina Plus.
  3. Stir and enjoy.

    Children often love drinking this over ice with a straw.

    Adding probiotic beverages like Coco Biotic and Innergy Biotic will increase the value of the probiotics in the Super Spirulina Plus.

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