Introduction to Body Ecology

Introduction to Body Ecology

Introduction to Body Ecology

18 things that make Body Ecology’s diet the best diet out there.

  1. We Follow the Principle of Uniqueness so we know that there is no “one size fits all diet”… you eat the foods that are right for your body.
  2. Body Ecology is a flexible diet. The foods you eat will change from time to time. Certain physical conditions or diseases, certain seasons of the year, your age, even your sex can play a part in determining what foods you need to be eating.
  3. Body Ecology is an antifungal diet and helps overcome yeast or fungal infections.
  4. Body Ecology can easily be adapted to become an anti-viral diet and can be used for all viral conditions like herpes, shingles, AIDS or the flu.
  5. Body Ecology can be eaten vegetarian but it is NOT a vegetarian diet. If you are a vegetarian we have lots of excellent easily digested vegetarian choices. IN other words, we do vegetarian better.
  6. While not a vegetarian diet it is, however, largely a “plant-based” diet. We suggest that 80% of your meal be in plant foods…..cooked and raw.
  7. We know how to prepare food in ways to make them easy to digest.
  8. WE have a wide variety of organic unrefined or virgin fats and oils…so all the needed fatty acids are provided.  We do not heat the oils so they are healthier and retain their medicinal value.
  9. We promote the use of super potent fermented foods that are loaded with beneficial microflora…and we really understand their importance.
  10. Body Ecology can be a gluten free diet
  11. Body Ecology can easily be a casein free diet. If someone does chose to eat dairy foods we strongly suggest they be fermented.
  12. Body Ecology is a sugar Free Diet. Yet we offer safe alternative choices to sugars because we know that the enjoying the sweet taste is a natural human experience.
  13. Body Ecology’s diet is mineral-rich. The dark green leafy vegetables and ocean vegetables are just two food groups that supply minerals.
  14. We are the ultimate calorie restriction with optimal nutrition diet. The fermented foods allow you to eat much less but obtain much more nutrition. The Principle of Food Combining ensures simple meals that digest easily and you do not use up your metabolic enzymes so quickly. This means you’ll age more slowly.
  15. The Diet helps the acid/alkaline balance of your blood.
  16. The Diet is a cleansing diet.
  17. A Nutrient-Dense Diet – No nutrients are missing from the Body Ecology Diet if it is done correctly.
  18. The Diet stops your cravings for sugars and alcohol…so it is easy to maintain an idea weight.

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