The easy, sure-fire way to make fermented rice

The easy, sure-fire way to make fermented rice

While carbs have gotten a bad rap lately, this is very unfortunate. But what those naysayers don’t know is that how you cook them is critical. It’s all about balance and making them easy to digest.

Body Ecology InnergyBiotic

Why use our best-selling InnergyBiotic in this recipe? InnergyBiotic contains an amazing diversity of beneficial bacteria that start to work at fermenting the rice so that it’s easier for your body to assimilate.

Traditionally, people put grains into a big pot with lots of other ingredients and create a porridge or gruel. Try this fermented rice recipe for your evening meal, and notice how much better you sleep. This is especially true for those of us who are blood type A and AB.


  • Quart-sized Ball jar
  • 2-4 cups rice of your choice
  • Filtered water (enough to cover the rice)
  • 3-4 tbsp. InnergyBiotic


  1. Wash the rice and put it in a Ball jar (quart-size).
  2. Add enough filtered, clean water to cover the rice, and stir in 3 to 4 tablespoons of InnergyBiotic.
  3. Wrap the jar in a kitchen towel, and leave it out at room temperature — or in a warmer place if your kitchen is cold during the winter months or because of air conditioning. As it sits, the water with InnergyBiotic will begin to break down the phytic acid — an anti-nutrient — found in all grains that depletes your body of minerals.
  4. Leave the jar out for at least 24 hours, though it can actually ferment for several days. (No, it won’t spoil. If it spoils, you’ll know it, as it smells awful.)
  5. Then drain the rice, rinse lightly, and cook until tender.

Grains are acidic, so create balance by cooking them with plenty of alkaline vegetables (onion, carrots, daikon, or any other root vegetables). Toss in some herbs and at least one chopped cruciferous vegetable (kale, cabbage, and even broccoli stems). Simmer until tender, and add sea salt or a dash of low-sodium Tamari to taste. (We cook with sea salt from Selina Naturally because we trust their quality.)

Try making a delicious, hardy grain porridge using fermented rice this week, and see if the quality of your sleep improves. Animal proteins don’t really combine with grains, and if your digestion is weak, food combining is important. Animal protein gives us energy and is better eaten mid-day, but grains with amino acids that are high in GABA help us to relax and stay calm. If you have an Instant Pot or a slow cooker, you couldn’t find an easier way to make your dinner.

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