Universal Principles and Gaps Diet: Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Universal Principles and Gaps Diet: Gut and Psychology Syndrome


Why Following the Universal Principles Makes a Difference

The BED honors the Principle of Uniqueness, and foods are recommended based on the person’s current physical condition. For example, someone with cancer or a viral infection (some cancers are caused by viruses) would not eat animal protein and would do better on a diet of 80% raw vegetables / 20% cooked vegetables and also fermented foods and liquids that help create a hardy immune system. Proteins are obtained from vegetarian sources. If gut inflammation were an issue for that person with cancer (and it may or may not be), the Body Ecology Diet protocol recommends that raw foods be puréed to make them easily digestible.

Building the immune system, which involves restoring the inner ecosystem in the gut, is a fundamental first step. Not everyone has cancer, so The Body Ecology Diet changes somewhat from person to person. I encourage you to learn what your own unique body requires to be healthy and to know, too, that those needs will constantly change. The other six principles help you know what your body needs.

The Principle of Step by Step tells us where to begin and asks us to look at what must come first. Because health begins in the gut, I have been teaching gut health for decades.

When starting stage one of the Body Ecology Diet, certain harmful foods will be avoided, while foods that are strengthening, yet do not feed the yeast, are included. Two universal laws, the Principle of Balance and the Principle of Acid/Alkaline, will guide you to which foods to choose.

Note: Please know that it isn’t necessary to know these principles to begin experiencing positive results on the Body Ecology Diet. If you are not interested in learning the 7 Universal Principles, you can just read The Body Ecology Diet, which clearly spells out what to eat and what foods to avoid.

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