Autoship Programs FAQ

Autoship Programs FAQ


Autoship offers you the convenience of receiving your immune support products just when you need them.

In conjunction with the Body Ecology’s Immunity Training Event: Powerful Natural Secrets to Boost Your Immunity and Avoid the Flu, we are pleased to present our first ever Autoship program, designed to help support your immunity this flu season and every season thereafter. These specifically designed packages are the most convenient and economical way to receive Body Ecology products specifically targeted to support your immunity from any virus, like the flu.

With two immune support packages to choose from, you can build your health while saving time AND money! Autoship offers you the convenience of receiving your immune support products just when you need them — without having to remember to reorder…without having to let precious time go by while waiting for your products to show up.

1) What is an autoship package?
Body Ecology’s immune support autoship packages provide the opportunity to boost you and your family’s immunity and save on some of our best selling products while simplifying your busy life. Just sign up for automatic, monthly shipments of one of our great packages, and every 30 days you will be shipped out a new supply of one of our carefully selected groups of products at a special rate. You will have the option to choose the length for which you would prefer to receive one of these essential packages.
2) Will you offer multiple options for the length at which I receive the autoship package?
Yes, the autoship packages will come with a few choices to choose from ranging from 3-6 months, with the option to renew the package after the six month mark.
3) Are there added benefits for those who sign up for the 6 month plan?
Absolutely! Those who wish to secure the 6 month autoship package will receive a free bottle of Stevia, along with future, special offerings made only available to you.
4) Is it possible to substitute different products in the autoship packages?
We carefully designed both immune support autoship packages based on the principles taught by Donna Gates and Dr. Leonard Smith in Body Ecology’s Training Event: Powerful Natural Secrets to Boost Your Immunity and Avoid the Flu. In order for us to offer these special packages to you at a discount, we are unable to make product substitutions for these packages.
5) Will I be able to cancel my autoship in the event I no longer wish to receive the package for the duration of the offer?
Yes , you will have the option to cancel your autoship package at any point for orders that have not already shipped out to you. To cancel an order that has already shipped, please refer to our return policies here:

6) Will I be charged for shipping on the autoship program?

Standard shipping rates will apply for the immune support autoship packages. Here is a list of our current shipping rates:

  • All Orders Under $40 ? Just $5.95
  • All Orders $40 – $70 ? Just $6.95!
  • All Orders $70 – $120 ? Just $7.95!
  • All Orders $120? FREE!!

7) What if my items are on backorder?We will notify you via email on any backordered items. All backordered items will be shipped separately to you as soon as they arrive back in stock at no additional charge to you.8) What if there is a problem with my payment information?We will notify you either by phone or email in the event that a payment issue arises with your order.9) If I have any questions regarding the autoship packages, how do I contact you?For any questions, you may either call customer service at {{config path=”general/store_information/phone”}}, or email us at: {{config path=”trans_email/ident_general/email”}}. We are always happy to assist you!10) Where can I sign up to receive one of the immunity boosting autoship packages?To begin receiving one of our exciting autoship packages, please choose the offer you wish to purchase here.

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