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Educational Materials

Educational Materials


Many people want to share the BED message with their friends and family. Due to popular demand we have put a series of compact discs that will deepen your understanding of BED, and why a healthy inner eco-system heals and nourishes the body.

Audio Series from Donna Gates

Donna’s first CD is “Adrenal Fatigue”. Adrenal exhaustion is an underlying factor in all illnesses. However, most health care professionals are not aware of the diet’s vital role in damaging, as well as healing the adrenals. Donna explains the function of the adrenals, why they are in jeopardy, and how food and lifestyle choices strengthen and nourish the adrenals. This is a powerful tape! You will find yourself listening to it over and over again!

Next is “Understanding the Leaky Gut”. Many people appear to have a leaky gut today, but they do not have many solutions. On this CD, we offer unique insights and solutions that you will not find anywhere else.

Find out how an inner ecosystem should be established at birth so that we can exist in a world of potential parasites and pathogens.

The third in the series is “Establishing a Foundation for Wellness”. There are many steps along the road to wellness. Each step must be taken sequentially, and this order cannot be violated without impeding the progress toward rebuilding one’s health. Donna carefully explains the steps in an easily accessible format. This CD is a must for anyone pursuing health and well being.

Next in the series is “The Principle of Cleansing”. This CD offers insights into the importance of cleansing, what things are making us most toxic, and foods, supplements, and techniques that help rid us of our deadly toxins.

In her latest Audio CD, “The Benefits of a Probiotic Diet”, Donna explains how foods rich with Microflora are an essential part of good digestion and balance in the body.
These are now available for $14.95 each, or Save when you purchase the set of 5 from our online store, or by calling 800-511-2660.

What a wonderful way to learn from Donna Gates, inform yourself, your friends and family!!!

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