Daily Health Protocol

Daily Health Protocol

Daily Health Protocol

Step 1. Add at least 1 heaping tablespoon per meal of fermented foods to your diet. These can include:

Step 2. Take a daily whole-body detoxification food to aid cleansing and strengthen the body’s primary detox organs.

I recommend fermented spirulina as a great start to your detox regimen. You want to take 1 teaspoon per day.

Make sure you verify the source of your spirulina to ensure its purity as this superfood will soak up any heavy metals and toxins around where it was sourced.

I also recommend you get fermented spirulina to maximize its bioavailability and boost this detoxifier with a host of other benefits. This eases the strain on your digestive system while it heals, yet amplifies the cleansing of toxins from your body.

Step 3. Eat foods and supplements that heal leaky gut.

Primary Foods:

Proteins – You need at least 30 grams of usable body protein every day in order to build or repair muscles, bones, tissues, hair, organs, etc.  An excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. Body Ecology Super Spirulina Plus provides all of the 8 essential amino acids and is 50% fermented Spirulina! The fact that it is fermented means that it is easier to digest and gives a boost of beneficial microflora.

Healthy Fats – supports cognitive function, helps create hormones in the body, maintains the structure of cell walls, helps with energy production and neurodegeneration.  Protects against inflammation and oxidative stress.  Essential fatty acids contribute significantly to adrenal recovery

Fermented Foods – Improve your immune system, stops cravings for sugar and carbohydrates in processed foods, improve digestion, lowers cholesterol, increase ability to absorb nutrients in your foods by up to 100 times, rich in probiotics that are much more potent than probiotic supplements and help build the inner ecosystem.

Leafy Greens – Rich in phytochemicals and carotenoids that have cancer protective properties, high in vitamin and minerals including potassium, vit C, vit K, iron, calcium and magnesium

Broccoli – contains sulforaphane which can improve vitamin D absorption to aid in immunity, fighting inflammation and cancer, increasing bone mass.  Contains glucosinolates-sulfur containing compounds

Mineral-rich Foods:

Bone broths – made of collagen which has shown benefit to gastric ulcers, improving digestion, contains glutamine and important metabolic fuel for cells in the small intestine, full of minerals, strengthens the immune system

Sea vegetables – lower cholesterol, detox the body from heavy metals and environmental pollutants, helps control the growth of pathogenic viruses, bacteria and candida, help to balance thyroid function, fights constipation, prevents aging and chronic disease.

Sea salt – Sea water contains minerals such as ionized sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and selenium, plus many trace elements such as copper, iron, zinc, manganese, and chromium. The human body uses the minerals & trace elements in sea salt to create electrolytes, maintaining the “internal ocean” which is vital to the proper functioning of every system in the body.

Supplements, Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms

Herbs – many herbs, such as rosemary cleanse the blood and help control pathogenic bacteria

Reishi Mushroom – promotes longevity and cardiovascular health, boosts immune system, regulates blood sugar, antiviral.

Cordyceps – effective at fighting influenza A, restores fundamental energy

Dong Quai – helps balance estrogen levels, cleanse the blood, treats iron deficiency, enhances female fertility, increases circulation, improves complexion

Microalgae – nutrient and protein dense, reduce inflammation, enhance endurance and performance, repairs the liver and protects the kidneys (Potent Proteins)

Enzymes – aids with abdominal bloating and discomfort after meals, indigestion, gas, candida overgrowth

Mineral Supplement – helps to nourish thyroid and adrenals, detoxify, reduce signs of aging, build immunity, chelate heavy metals  (Ancient Earth Minerals/Ocean Plant Extract)

Probiotics – cleanse your liver, treat acne and help with complexion, make hair and fingernails stronger, give you energy, keeps you slim, keeps your inner world clean, increases longevity

Recommended Products For a Simple, Easy & Effective Protocol

Fermenting your own foods, researching and purchasing several different supplements and remembering to take them daily can be time consuming and difficult.

To help you maintain a daily protocol that is effective while still easy to follow and stick to, we’ve put together a special product bundle that includes all the foods, supplements and nutrition you need to heal what holds your body back.

This product bundle simultaneously supports detoxification, heals leaky gut and fortifies the body for total healing and repair. It even features our brand new, unique and industry leading fermented protein shake!

All you have to do is enjoy one or two smoothies or shakes each day with these three products included and you will provide your body with everything it needs for deep healing.

This special product bundle will last you roughly 21 to 30 days of daily use, and we are confident you’ll notice results in your first month of use. Continue to use these products for 3 to 6 months to see a huge improvement to persistent infections, chronic fatigue, leaky gut, weight gain, and other physical complaints.

Best of all, just adding in these three products to your daily diet, you could do nothing else and start to see health transformation. As your body steadily heals, you’ll find that you can more easily stick to the Body Ecology Diet or any other healthy lifestyle because your cravings naturally subside and your energy will increase.

Start to permanently reclaim your health today:

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