Body Ecology & Weight Loss

Body Ecology & Weight Loss

Body Ecology & Weight Loss

Making a few lifestyle and dietary adjustments may significantly change how your body metabolizes fat.

Eating less and exercising more are common weight loss suggestions.  And while these guidelines follow general principles for managing weight and maintaining a strong body, they do not address food quality or deeper biochemical signals that may prompt the body to store fat.

The tendency to carry excess weight has been linked to a number of factors, including toxins in the body.

Some factors that increase fat storage, like environmental toxins, are difficult to avoid. A study led by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York found an average of 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals in a randomized volunteer group. A total of 167 chemicals were identified, 76 of which have been found to be carcinogenic, 94 toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 79 that cause birth defects or abnormal development. (1)

Other toxins, such as dietary toxins, are far easier to reduce or completely eliminate.These toxins are foods that cause oxidative stress on the body and promote an inflammatory response.  Several studies tie both to promoting weight gain. (2)(3)

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a chore! By eliminating foods that trigger weight gain from your diet and eating foods full of good bacteria to boost gut health, you can lose weight naturally.

Foods especially toxic to the body:

1. Excess dietary sugar. Watch out for fructose, which goes directly to the liver for processing, where it is converted into fat. Excess dietary fructose has been linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Fructose is not only found in fruit; the largest quantities are found in table sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

2. Refined, processed oils. These oils, mostly seed oils like corn, soy, sunflower, and safflower oil, are widely used in processed and packaged foods. Even some organic and raw food companies will include these oils in their packaged food products, so be careful and read labels completely. Why are these oils used excessively? Because they are inexpensive.

Processed and refined seed oils are overburdening our systems with too much omega 6 fatty acids. They are rancid and cause oxidative stress and inflammation. A diet high in refined omega 6 oils has also been linked to insulin resistance. This predisposes the body to obesity and diabetes. One study even found that a diet with a high omega 6 to omega 3 ratio, such as found in the Standard American Diet, caused obesity that progressively increased over four generations of mice. (4)

Just one of several studies that implies your kids, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will be predisposed to obesity and diabetes if you eat a diet heavy in refined omega 6 oils, as most Americans do.

3. Wheat and many cereal grains. The body simply has not adapted to eating large quantities of wheat. Cereal grains like wheat damage the lining of the gut and produce toxins that bind to essential minerals and nutrients. This is why it is essential to properly soak, sprout, and – if possible – ferment grains before preparing them.

The protein found in gluten is one of the most toxic compounds found in wheat. It is estimated that over 80% of the population develops an inflammatory response in the gut after eating gluten. Even more remarkable? Often times, this inflammation will manifest symptoms in places other than the gut.

This means that it may not matter how few calories you eat and how many laps you run.

You still may find it hard to shake those extra pounds if you’re eating a diet of excess dietary sugar, refined oils, and wheat and other cereal grains. Walk through a grocery store, and it becomes quickly evident why numbers of obesity, diabetes, and other inflammatory-related conditions, such as cancer, neurological degeneration, and childhood developmental disorders are rising each year. Diet plays a significant role. Following the Body Ecology Diet is an easy way to lose weight and never gain it back.

Gut Bacteria

The amount of research recently done on the microbes populating our intestinal tract is overwhelming. However, when you realize that for every one human cell in the body, there are 100 bacteria, it becomes quickly evident how much an impact they make.

Several studies have shown that different microbes in the gut will actually help weight loss.

Gut flora will change metabolism and can determine how many nutrients are pulled from food, as well as the transit time of food through the intestinal tract. (5) All of these factors affect weight.

Unfortunately, antibiotics are a popular therapy used to control even low-grade infections. Not only have several antibiotic-resistant superbugs evolved from the overuse of antibiotics, but also many of us have a dwindling populating of good bacteria in our intestinal tracts. Processed foods and excessive stress further affect the inner ecology of our gut. And dysbiosis in the gut leads to weight gain.

Lose Weight with the Body Ecology Core Program

Body Ecology has put together three Core Program packages, which provide all the necessary tools to help cool inflammatory stress, repopulate the gut with friendly microbes, clean up internal toxins, and help alleviate sugar cravings.

  • Vitality SuperGreen and Super Spirulina Plus: Contain ingredients that provide antioxidants, which alleviate oxidative stress and help to neutralize toxins. They also contain healthy omega 3 oils that are found abundantly in microalgae, such Spirulina and chlorella. Additionally, both Vitality SuperGreen and Super Spirulina Plus are fermented, which means they are easily digestible and supply your body with healthy gut bacteria.
  • Assist Full Spectrum, SI, and Dairy & Protein: All three of Body Ecology Assist enzyme blends help your body to break down large food molecules, waste products, and even cellular debris when taken at the right time. Enzyme deficiency can also contribute to an overgrowth of pathogenic microorganisms because food is more likely to sit in the digestive tract and ferment, leading to an inflammatory response and bloating.
  • InnergyBiotic: A probiotic beverage that contributes to the healthy microbe population in your gut! Fermented foods and beverages greatly reduce sugar cravings. Drinking 4 ounces (½ cup) before bed can significantly impact what kind of bacteria your intestinal tract harbors.
  • Stevia Liquid Concentrate: Have a craving for something sweet? Stevia is a natural sweetener that does not prompt your body to store fat, like fructose does. It also does not contribute to insulin resistance or promote pathogenic bacteria and fungal overgrowth. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way.
  • LivAmend: Removing toxic foods from the diet is one part of weight loss, while enabling the body to get rid of old toxins is another important aspect. If you are new to the Body Ecology program or have not taken steps to cleanse your body and open up your bile ducts, it important to consider making this your next step. LivAmend is specially formulated with protective herbs and bile stimulants that support liver detoxification.

These factors are at the root of weight loss.

Study after study point to the necessity of balancing the internal environment in order to achieve any significant and lasting changes in weight. This is great! It means that following the Body Ecology Diet and maintaining a truly healthy internal environment is the best way to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


What To Remember Most About This Article:

Weight loss isn’t just about eating fewer calories and exercising. Other outside factors, like environmental toxins, can increase fat storage and make it difficult to lose weight. You can make a difference in maintaining a healthy weight by eliminating dietary toxins that stress the body and cause an inflammatory response, which is directly linked to weight gain.

Foods that are toxic to the body include excess dietary sugar, refined, processed oils, and wheat and many cereal grains. By promoting healthy gut bacteria with the Body Ecology Core Program packages, you can boost your gut health with friendly bacteria, flush out internal toxins, and finally achieve a healthy weight!

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