The Body Ecology Diet Contest FAQ

The Body Ecology Diet Contest FAQ

Donna Gates

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I purchase the book and still qualify for the gifts?
You can purchase the book online at any bookseller of your choice or from your local bookseller.
If you purchase from a bookseller other than Amazon, please input the name of the bookseller in the
“Order Number” field of the form, along with your Order Number (if you were provided with one).
How do I find my Order Number?
If you ordered the book online, you can usually find your Order Number on the Order Confirmation page after you have completed your purchase.
You should also be able to find it in the Order Confirmation e-mail sent to you by the bookseller after you placed your order.

Registration Form

How do I complete the form?
Please enter the requested information into all fields and click on the “Submit” button.

  1. FIRST NAME: Enter your First Name.
  2. LAST NAME: Enter your Last Name.
  3. E-MAIL: Enter your E-mail Address.
  4. ORDER NUMBER: Enter your Order Number. If you purchased from a local bookseller, please type in the name of the bookseller.
  5. OPT-IN: Select whether you would like to receive informational e-mails from Body Ecology in the future. These primarily include our newsletter and special announcements. Body Ecology does not sell your E-mail Address to any lists, nor do we provide this information to any third parties. Please view Body Ecology’s
    Privacy Policy.
Do I have to complete the form?
You need to fill in the form completely in order to receive access to the Bonus Gifts being offered by Body Ecology.
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