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General Questions

How do I get more information on consultations with Donna Gates?
Please see this page for more information on scheduling a consultation with Donn... more
Can Candida be transmitted sexually?
Yes, although not systemically (throughout the entire body). Sperm is alkaline a... more
When and how often should I do colonics and enemas?
You should only do colonics and enemas when your body truly needs them. If you a... more
I just found out I'm pregnant. Can I stay on the diet? What foods do I need to emphasize or add?
You can absolutely stay on the Body Ecology Diet during pregnancy. Pregnancy inc... more
Coconut Oil causes high cholesterol. Why is it included on the Body Ecology Diet?
Coconut oil does not cause a problem with high cholesterol as we have been misle... more
Can I ever really become well and repair the damage done to my liver with drugs and bad oils?
There are many things you can do to heal the liver and we cover this subject tho... more
I have a weak liver. Can I take the flax seed oil medicinally?
Yes, you absolutely can. Due to conventional eating habits in this country weak... more
After going on the diet, my husband and I have both experienced itchy skin. Why? Can it be relieved?
In Chinese medicine the liver controls the skin, eyes and joints. Since the Body... more
How can I keep weight on or gain weight on the Body Ecology Diet?
Although initial weight loss on the diet is not unusual, the body will generally... more
Can I drink wheatgrass juice on your diet?
We have stated that wheatgrass may be best to avoid as tray-grown wheatgrass can... more
Can I purchase your products at a store in my area?
Our products are carried in some stores across the US. Please contact our Custom... more
Do you offer wholesale/practitioner accounts?
Yes, we do. Please contact our Wholesale Department here: http://bodyecology.com... more
Can I incorporate sweet fruits into my diet, and if so, when?
Although sweet fruits are not included on stage 1 of the Body Ecology Diet, some... more
Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally, but please see our international ... more
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we do. You can sign up for our affiliate program atwww.bodyecologyaffiliate... more
Does Body Ecology recommend kombucha?
We do not recommend kombucha, as it may contain non-beneficial yeasts and bacter... more
Can I be a vegetarian and practice the Body Ecology Diet?
Although the Body Ecology Diet does not prohibit the consumption of animal prote... more
Do you sell fermented Spirulina?
We do not sell fermented Spirulina as a stand-alone product, however, ourSuper S... more
Why am I experiencing intestinal discomfort after consuming probiotic supplements and/or fermented foods/drinks?
Consuming probiotics can cause temporary intestinal distress and/or digestive is... more
Are your products okay for pregnant and/or nursing women?
None of our products are contraindicated for pregnant and nursing women, with the exception of our Dong Quai due to its hormonal effects. Although not expressly contraindicated, one should consult with a doctor before taking our LivAmend, our Ancient Earth Minerals, our Ocean Plant Extract, our Digestive Care Multi, or our Fermented Herbal Blends while pregnant or nursing due to their detoxifying effects. We would also suggest consulting with a physician before taking any dietary supplement while pregnant or nursing.