Can I make kefir with packaged coconut water?

The kefir cultures in our Kefir Starter mainly rely on the sugars in the coconut water for fermentation, and these will be present in packaged, pasteurized coconut water as well as raw coconut water straight from young green coconuts. The main benefit of using raw coconut water is that it will retain many of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes that are lost in the pasteurization process, and it also may ferment more effectively. However, either one will culture just fine, as long as you ensure that the packaged coconut water is 100% coconut water with no preservatives or additives, as these may inhibit the fermentation process. It is also best to avoid packaged coconut water with unnecessary added sugars. If you are looking for a good packaged alternative, you might consider coconut water from Their coconut water is raw and unpasteurized unlike most store-bought brands. It is the closest you will get to young Thai coconut water straight from the coconuts. It would also be best to purchase any brand of packaged coconut water that is labeled raw and unpasteurized if possible.