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Bacteriophages in Ecophage will help clean up your digestion while you fuel your body with bioavailable nutrition in Super Spirulina Plus, and two power players in our Probiotic Protein Shake; superprobiotics, bacillus bacteria and high quality fermented vegan protein.

Perform at your best!

Maximizing your athletic performance starts with a healthy body. While the phages in EcoPhage attack the bad bacteria and what’s slowing you down, you’ll boost your immunity as you build healthy muscle and bone and support faster muscle recovery. The Probioitic Protein Shake and Super Spirulina Plus are both fermented offering you a complete amino acid profile in a high quality vegan protein source and bioavailable nutrition!

EcoPhage: The bacteriophages in Body Ecology’s EcoPhage wipe out pathogens and clean up your gut to restore order and promote a healthy immune system. AND, it hugely supports SIBO, IBS, and UTI recovery, heart and colon health and even lowers cholesterol! When you’re feeling good, you perform your best!

Probiotic Protein Shake: Experience the quality different - It’s fermented. And it’s is in a class all its own. Our shake contains a vegan source of Branch Chain Amino Acids. The fermented pea and rice protein form a complete animo acid profile, which is necessary for healthy muscles, bone, and muscle recovery after a workout.

Most shakes on the market do not take the extra care, time, and cost to ferment their protein and make it easier to digest and the nutrition, bioavailable. On top of that, the ingredients in this shake were created to be perfectly balanced.

Super Spirulina Plus: Power up your endurance with even more nutrition and critical B vitamins found in alkalizing Spirulina. What’s more? It’s fermented. Studies reveal that Spirulina increases muscle endurance and strength, and boosts energy. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that protects us from oxidative damage. Spirulina can also help support a healthy heart. It helps in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels and lowers the blood pressure in the body. These two have been linked to increased risk of heart illnesses. Spirulina lowers the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and increases the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol.

How Should You Take it?

  1. Take 1 EcoPhage with lunch or dinner. Phages will help protect against potential threats, pathogens naturally found in raw foods.
  2. Shake it up! Enjoy a post workout shake - drink 1 scoop of the Probiotic Protein Shake. Or if you’re body building you might even bring your shake to the gym and sip on it during your workout.
  3. Combine 1 scoop of Super Superlina Plus with your Probiotic Protein Shake or enjoy in a green smoothie in the morning (link to simply gluten-free smoothie video)
  4. A helpful tip...if you cramp up or feel a cramp coming on a little trick is to have a teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt.



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