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Alejandro Junger, MD

Clean Eating for Gut Health

You will discover:

  • Benefits of going off gluten, dairy, sugar and coffee
  • How to overcome leaky gut and poor digestion
  • Optimizing digestion by implementing the 80/20 rule!

Leo Galland, MD

Gut, Brain, Bugs and Parasites

You will discover:

  • How gut disorders impact the brain
  • The truth about parasites: Susceptibility, testing, symptoms, treatment
  • How hygiene and environmental toxins impact the bugs in your gut

Brenda Watson

The Skinny Gut Diet

You will discover:

  • Are gut microbes responsible for fat accumulation?
  • Importance of staying on a probiotic even after achieving a healthy gut
  • The incredible study that created the power tools for The Skinny Gut Diet

Pamela Smith, MD

4 Easy Tools to Keep You Healthy

You will discover:

  • What is functional medicine and why is it so beneficial?
  • 4 easy tools to health and 3 ways to measure hormones
  • Are autoimmune diseases and your genes linked?

Sara Gottfried, MD

Probiotics and The Liver, Endocrine Disruption and Hormones

You will discover:

  • Get to the root cause of premature aging, PMS and perimenopause
  • Eating nourishing foods for your unique DNA
  • Tips for decreasing endocrine disruptors in your body

Jeffrey Bland, PhD

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine in the 21st century

You will discover:

  • Signs and physiological responses that precede a crisis disease
  • 7 core physiological processes and the “4R” Program
  • Incredible benefits of fecal transplants for treating C. Difficile

Chris Meletis, ND

The Liver: Your Body’s Filtration System

You will discover:

  • Discover the connection between intestinal health and the liver
  • How to keep the bowels moving with natural remedies
  • Why our biological age is far superior to our chronological age

Josh Axe, DC

How to Heal Leaky Gut and Reverse Autoimmune Diseases

You will discover:

  • Discover how chronic stress can be a major cause of leaky gut
  • Recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of leaky gut
  • Choosing the right foods to heal leaky gut

Rob Knight, PhD

The Human Microbiome and the American Gut Project

You will discover:

  • Participate in the largest social science experiment ever!
  • Which microbiota are inhabiting your own unique gut?
  • How the liver responds to particular drugs and antibiotics

Jeffrey Smith

GMOs: Their Impact on the Microbiome in Your Gut

You will discover:

  • GMOs: history, origin and why it all went wrong
  • 9 essential key crops to avoid
  • 2 main toxins lurking in GMOs that impact health and digestion

Stephen Olmstead, MD

How Biofilms Hamper Healing

You will discover:

  • Exploring biofilms, stress responses, how to prevent and treat them
  • The difference between a healthy biofilm and a pathogenic biofilm
  • The power of antimicrobials, prebiotics and probiotics to destroy pathogenic biofilms

Dave Asprey

BioHacking the Gut

You will discover:

  • Bio-hacking the gut biome–the importance of adding healthy fats
  • Is coffee bad for you? How Bulletproof Coffee affects the gut biome
  • The benefits of being Bulletproof!

Liz Lipski, PhD

Restoring GI Function the Functional Medicine Way

You will discover:

  • What is the human gut microbiome?
  • Benefits of probiotics and fermented foods for overall digestive health
  • How to determine what minerals work with your digestive system

Robert Scott Bell

Homeopathy for the Gut? Absolutely!

You will discover:

  • What damages the gut?
  • How to apply homeopathic remedies to gut issues
  • How do vaccines relate to gut and brain health?
  • Protocols to restore the structural integrity of the gut lining

Tom O’Bryan, DC

Gluten’s Effect on Digestion, Gut and Brain

You will discover:

  • Why gluten it is causing such a widespread problem today!
  • What’s the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity?
  • Get off gluten by eating high quality dark chocolate!

Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Illness and Pain

You will discover:

  • Solve your body’s energy crisis with the S.H.I.N.E protocol
  • Coping with lyme, herpes, and thyroid disorders
  • Why deep sleep is essential for full recovery

Summer Bock

Nutritional Superstars: Fermented Foods

You will discover:

  • Fermented foods and which are suitable for your health needs
  • Wild and controlled fermentation: How both affect your yeast
  • How to ferment using crocks, jars and air locks

Marc David

Eating Psychology and the Gut

You will discover:

  • Change your mind… and increase your immunity and physiology!
  • Nourish yourself to ultimately change your metabolism
  • Optimal conditions for ideal gut health

Allison Siebecker, ND

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

You will discover:

  • Common gut infections on the rise today (SIBO, IBS, acute gastroenteritis)
  • The underlying cause of how to treat SIBO and prevent a relapse
  • Benefits of eating fermented foods for SIBO patients

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD

Parasites and Toxicity

You will discover:

  • Is there a parasite lurking inside of your gut?
  • Human rope worm: Prevalence and instructions on how to deworm
  • Heavy metals and their impact on parasites

Dr. Edward Group

The Key to Restoring Digestive Health Detox

You will discover:

  • Reactivate your self-healing mechanism in your digestive system!
  • Cleansing the digestive tract to release toxins
  • Detoxing from chemicals, GMOs and toxins

Leonard Smith, MD

The Gut Microbiome: Pregnancy and Childhood

You will discover:

  • Healthy versus pathogenic bacteria in hunters and gatherers
  • Anti-aging strategies and the importance of fermented foods
  • Caring for your gut before and after pregnancy

Mark Hyman, MD

Prevention and Restoration of Gut Function

You will discover:

  • Stress and Medications: Get out of the gut debilitating cycle!
  • The “5 Rs” to restore and maintain a healthy gut lining
  • Cutting-edge information about serotonin and the gut-brain connection

Datis Kharrazian, DC

Benefits of Non-pharmaceuticals and Natural Cleansing

You will discover:

  • The intimate connection between the brain and the gut
  • Deeper look into neurodegenerative disorders, diseases and autism
  • Natural medicine, non-pharmaceuticals and natural cleansing

Izabella Wentz, PharmD

Thyroid Health, Hashimoto’s and Your Gut

You will discover:

  • Become your own thyroid health advocate!
  • Transition from pharmaceuticals to natural medicine
  • How to order and interpret your test results

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD

The Gut-Brain Connection

You will discover:

  • The “whole body approach” to the brain and gut
  • How stress and bag bugs in the gut can affect the brain
  • Implementing safe strategies to heal the gut and brain!

Raphael Kellman, MD

The Secret to Healthy Energy Metabolism and Weight Loss

You will discover:

  • What does your microbiome crave?
  • How the brain communicates with the digestive system
  • Explore the history and the origins of the sugar craving

Todd LePine, MD

Exploring the Rainforest Within and How It All Begins

You will discover:

  • Importance of establishing a healthy gut microbiome in the womb
  • Dysbiosis and orthobiosis: The connection to autoimmune disease
  • Learn more about the Human Gut Microbiome Project

John Hicks, MD

The Healing Power of Cannabidiol (CBD)

You will discover:

  • Learn how CBD can alleviate stress, anxiety and promote deep sleep
  • Or, relieve seizures in autistic children
  • Or, help achieve a balanced gut and destroy cancer brain cells

JJ Virgin

The Virgin Diet: Food Intolerances and Weight Loss

You will discover:

  • Avoiding 7 foods most likely to cause food intolerances
  • Why JJ says, “Your body is not a bank account. It’s a chemistry lab!”
  • The importance of progesterone and fish oil for brain injuries

Mike Mutzel, MSc

Gut Solutions for Weight Loss

You will discover:

  • The real reasons you’re struggling with weight loss
  • End the popular yo-yo dieting cycles of weight loss resistance
  • Activate metabolic signaling for weight loss and balanced hormones

Patrick Hanaway, MD

Gut Microbiome, Soil Biome and Diversity

You will discover:

  • What is the role of the GI tract in chronic disease?
  • How to bring the gut back into balance!
  • The importance of adding fermented foods to The Paleo Diet
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