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Digestive Care Multi


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Cleanse, Alkalize, Strengthen Immunity and Improve Digestion

  • Probiotic Power Blend
  • Digestive Enzyme Power Blend
  • Mineral Power Blend
  • Liver Power Cleanse
  • A 10-day supply when used as recommended.
  • Save 20% with a 1-month supply!
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  • Non GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian

Reclaim Your Health.
Improve Digestion.
Heal the Gut.
Eliminate Candida.
Cleanse Toxins.
Relieve Constipation.

Imagine beginning your day with enthusiasm. Imagine feeling energized after you eat, rather than tired. Imagine naturally moving through your day with focus and clarity, rather than needing a cup of coffee to get you there.

While many of us suffer through each day feeling worn out and exhausted, we don’t have to.

At Body Ecology, we believe that creating energy, correcting digestion, conquering infections, and cleansing toxins are fundamental to health and longevity.

After years (and sometimes, decades) of ignoring the body and its needs, reclaiming your health may seem overwhelming.

This is why, after years of research, Donna formulated the Digestive Care Multi.

One dose of Digestive Care Multi contains:

  • Mineral Power Blend
  • Liver Power Cleanse
  • Digestive Enzyme Power Blend
  • Probiotic Power Blend

Recommended Use

Each box contains 30 pouches. Each convenient pouch contains 4 capsules. Take 1 pouch, 3 times a day with a meal.


The most common way that we remedy dips in energy is with a cup of caffeinated tea, an espresso, or a square of chocolate. Instead of forcing the body to exert more energy than it can muster, why not give it the fuel that it needs to feel naturally energetic?

Minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are at the core of every enzymatic reaction in the body. They kick-start the production of cellular energy. They help to activate vitamins in the body.

There are 16 major minerals and 7 trace minerals that the body needs to function at its highest level.

Consistent Energy

If you would like stable energy levels throughout the day, making sure that you have enough minerals—and the right kind—is essential. Unfortunately, many of us grow up eating lifeless, packaged foods that steal minerals from the body, rather than replenish them.

Even in the best circumstances—when food is unprocessed, organic, and GMO-free—whole fruits and vegetables may lack the full spectrum of nutrients that they were designed to have. Even organic food harvested from mineral-deficient soil will always be a pale version of its original potential.

This is why we formulated Mineral Power Blend with biomass, which contains a blend of major minerals and trace minerals that are naturally found in humic substances.

Humic substances are formed over a long period of time when plant matter breaks down into soil, leaving behind plenty of major mineral and trace minerals that the body can easily pick up and use.

Chelation and Heavy Metal Detoxification

Mineral Power Blend also contains Laminaria, a seaweed that became especially popular after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Laminaria is a natural source of alginates, a chelator that absorbs and binds to radioactive elements, heavy metals, and free radicals. Because the body cannot degrade and break down alginates, these are excreted—along with its toxins—from the body.

Heavy metals, like mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic, are especially problematic because they can accumulate in the tissue and will not leave the body on their own.

These days, we still can find mercury in dental “silver” or amalgam fillings. Because mercury is not a stable metal, it releases gas that is either inhaled or swallowed. Other common sources of heavy metals include our water supply, paint, and some seafood. Heavy metals are in our environment, and it is difficult to avoid exposure.

Fortunately, like the alginates in Laminaria, the selenium in Mineral Power Blend also has the ability to bind to heavy metals. Selenium assists Laminaria in gently pulling toxicity out of your cells, your tissue, and your body.

Thyroid Support

Besides chelating heavy metals from the body, Laminaria is a concentrated source of the trace mineral iodine. While the body needs iodine to survive, it cannot make it. Most of the world’s iodine is found in the ocean. A deficiency in iodine has been linked to thyroid disorders and to fibrocystic breast disease.

Mineral Power Blend helps you to conquer two of the biggest roadblocks in health.

  1. The first is low energy and exhaustion. The blend of ocean and land minerals in Mineral Power Blend revives the energy centers in your body—from your cells to your thyroid.
  2. The second is toxicity. Selenium in biomass and the alginates in Laminaria bind to toxins in the body so that they do not have a chance to accumulate. Both selenium and Laminaria cleanse poisons from the body.


The body is always getting rid of as much toxic material as it can. And the liver is our main organ of detoxification. One of its jobs is to convert toxins into a substance that we can easily eliminate.

When the liver is perfectly supported with diet and lifestyle choices, the cleansing process is effortless. However, when switching to a new diet or after years of neglect, the liver can become weighed down.

In order to support this cleansing process, we created Liver Power Cleanse.

Liver Power Cleanse is a blend of 4 herbs that have been found to support the detoxification cycle in the body, naturally lift levels of antioxidants, and assist in cellular repair. These 4 herbs—wasabi, milk thistle, sarsaparilla, and artichoke leaf—all target the liver, which is the area most susceptible to damage during a cleanse or when transitioning to a new diet.

Antioxidant Support

As the liver removes drugs, pesticides, and heavy metals from the body, it produces something called free radicals. Free radicals cause cellular damage and accelerate the aging process.

During the detoxification process, the liver relies on large stores of antioxidants to neutralize these free radicals and to continue the cleansing process. The most important antioxidant that the liver relies on is called glutathione.

If levels of glutathione are low, the cleansing process slows down, and the liver—with the rest of the body—becomes congested and toxic.

Milk thistle contains a group of flavonoids called silymarin. Silymarin goes directly to the liver, helping to repair damaged tissue and support the production of glutathione.

Genetic and Cellular Repair

Liver Power Cleanse contains nutrients that enhance genetic and cellular repair.

Wasabi, a cruciferous root that we included in Liver Power Cleanse, contains an exceptional amount of something called sulforaphane. This special compound—sulforaphane—is naturally present in all cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and kale.

Studies have determined that sulforaphane influences DNA methylation.

Methylation is one of the most significant ways that the body repairs itself. DNA methylation involves turning “off” specific genes, and it helps control what genetic material gets read and expressed within each cell.

When DNA methylation gets mixed up, we see the hallmark signs of aging, including the development of diseases like:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Degenerative diseases that affect the brain
  • Immune system disorders

As we cleanse and produce more free radicals, our need for genetic and cellular repair grows. The amount of free radicals in the body can also increase as we are exposed to more stress, environmental pollutants, food irritants, and infection.

Liver Power Cleanse keeps our cells healthy and supports the repair of cells and our genetic code.


Have you heard the advice given to us by Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food?”

Most of us have.

But if you have ever experienced these following symptoms after enjoying a particularly nourishing meal, you may feel frustrated. Hippocrates’ advice sounds great—for everyone else except you.

  • Bloating and abdominal cramping
  • Gas
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea, or the sudden urge to use the restroom
  • Brain fog
  • Sleepiness or fatigue
  • Stiffness or swollen, tender joints

While what we eat matters, what we absorb matters most.

If we are not absorbing the valuable nutrients in our food or if food is allowed to putrefy and rot in the gut, even the best foods can do more harm than good.

As you transition to a diet that starves Candida yeast infection and balances your inner ecosystem, it is critical that you simultaneously repair the gut and ease the burden of digesting certain foods.

Of all the reasons people choose not to stick with a new way of eating, troubled digestion is by far the most common.

The reality is that almost no one has a perfectly healthy digestive system. When you add a big change in diet—such as more plant-based foods or even fermented foods that fight Candida infection—tummy troubles, indigestion, and die-off can get worse before they improve.

Digestive enzymes help the digestive system to break down large particles of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Unfortunately, after the age of 28 we slowly begin to lose the ability to produce our own enzymes. Many diseases and infections are amplified by our inability to completely digest food.

When we are able to unlock and fully absorb the nutrients in food, our body has more energy and more life force.

Digestive Enzyme Power Blend is a combination of 21 carefully selected enzymes that help you to create more energy, correct digestion, conquer infections, and cleanse toxins.

In addition to the enzymes that most refined and processed food lacks, Digestive Enzyme Power Blend contains lipase, amylase, acid-stable protease, and hemicellulase.

Acid-Stable Protease

Unlike many enzyme formulas, our Digestive Enzyme Power Blend features a special ‘acid-stable’ protease enzyme that is designed to survive the acid in the stomach.

Acid-stable protease travels further along the digestive tract and helps in the complete breakdown and absorption of food.


Digestive Enzyme Power Blend contains hemicellulase, a group of enzymes that targets Candida overgrowth.

Hemicellulase breaks down the hemicellulose fibers that form the cell wall of Candida. Like most other plant “roughage,” we cannot digest these special fibers—this is one reason why Candida overgrowth is so difficult to manage.

Hemicellulase enzymes split the cell wall of Candida, helping to control Candida overgrowth.


No digestive care program is complete without probiotics.

Probiotics can help to balance to an inner ecosystem that has been damaged from:

  • Candida overgrowth
  • Amalgam “silver” fillings
  • Hormone replacement therapy or the contraceptive pill
  • Years of antibiotic use
  • A diet that is full of overly processed food

Good bacteria and yeast in the digestive tract do more than help us digest our food. From our joints to our skin, from our mood to our waist size, gut bacteria play a leading role in our wellbeing.

The health of the digestive system is central to health of the entire body. For example, studies now suggest that a harmonious inner ecosystem may:

  • Help regulate immune function
  • Prevent allergies
  • Control inflammation
  • Metabolize toxins, such as pesticides and heavy metals
  • Help to manage heart disease and all forms of diabetes
  • Help to firm and flatten the belly
  • Clear up skin problems, such as cystic acne and eczema
  • Synthesize mood-lifting neurotransmitters, like serotonin and GABA
  • Manage gut infections and repair a leaky gut

The beneficial microbes in Probiotic Power Blend are designed to work synergistically with each other, giving you the essential tools that you need to rebuild your digestive core.

Bifidobacterium longum

Bifidobacterium longum has a profound effect on the nervous system. In studies, B. longum has been found to reduce anxiety, especially when there is anxiety along with intestinal damage. Like other beneficial gut bacteria, it also assists in the digestion of food and helps to protect the body against infection.

Bifidobacterium bifidum

Naturally found in the human gut and birth canal, Bifidobacterium bifidum is common in breastfed babies and helps prevent diarrhea in infants. B. bifidum also communicates with our immune system and prevents more dangerous and disease-causing bacteria from growing along the lining of the intestinal tract.

Bifidobacterium breve

Bifidobacterium breve has a big appetite, and it is able to digest a wide variety of molecules. Because of this, it can easily colonize the intestinal tract and compete for intestinal “real estate.” B. breve inhibits the growth of disease-causing bugs in the intestinal tract and naturally thrives in the birth canal, where it helps control the overgrowth of Candida.

Bifidobacterium infantis and Lactobacillus salivarius

Research has found that some bacteria—like Bifidobacterium infantis and Lactobacillus salivarius—are especially anti-inflammatory in nature. These bacteria have a soothing effect on severe cases of inflammation and may help heal intestinal damage. Studies have found that levels of the antioxidant glutathione increase in tissue where there are colonies B. infantis and L. salivarius.

Saccharomyces boulardii

From the lychee and the mangosteen fruit of Indochina, Saccharomyces boulardii is a tropical strain of yeast that supports the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut, inhibits the growth of disease-causing bugs, helps to control inflammation, and releases enzymes that help to detoxify the body.

  • Non GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian

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(Posted on 2/2/2017)
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The option to buy this product that combines the many single products available from Body Ecology works well for me. It is convenient to have the daily packs. Digestive Care Multi, along with the Protein Bundle, cocobiotic, and cultured vegetables have worked to helped transform my health for the better. Increased energy, decreased inflammation, healing leaky gut, mild detox, etc. I'm grateful for this product. (Posted on 1/29/2017)
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Helps with all. (Posted on 12/31/2016)
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I was diagnosed 10 years ago to have GERD and was prescribed Nexium. Five years ago I weaned myself off of Nexium for multiple reasons and used many alternative treatments. Since starting Digestive care About 8 months ago I have felt so much better. I love this product, it stops my heartburn, has helped me with regularity and bloating. I have also lost weight without difficulty. Thank you! (Posted on 12/6/2016)
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I have been taking the Digest Care multi for about four weeks. I feel great. Better than I have in a long time. I love the convenient packages. Not a bunch of bottles setting around and easy to throw in my purse or pocket. I highly recommended these. (Posted on 11/19/2016)
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4.0 Overall Easy to Organize by Jeffery
I have been taking this product I do think it helps cut down on bloating and gas I am going to be working with a nutritionist one on one to tweak my protocol (Posted on 10/24/2016)
5.0 Most Convenient to use! by cathy
The Digest Multi-Pack is great for travel or for going out to restaurants. It fits easily into ones suitcase or purse. (Posted on 10/21/2016)
5.0 Easy building blocks by Dawn
Necessary building blocks for healthy gut and immunity in a convenient portable pack. (Posted on 10/20/2016)
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Having these to carry in my purse helps tremendously. Great product. (Posted on 10/18/2016)
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Must have for improving digestion!!! Get with the program and you will be so pleased!! (Posted on 10/11/2016)
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I love this combination pack of enzymes and probiotics.
I noticed right away how much better I was digesting my food compared to other enzymes. I love that these are predispensed which makes it easy for travel, and so affordable! (Posted on 9/4/2016)
5.0 Convenient by Hannah O
I took these on a 2 week vacation outside the country and it was so easy to support my gut while eating different types of foods. Highly recommend. (Posted on 9/1/2016)
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i absolutely love this supplement packet.... it makes me feel good and gives me energy to where I am not crashing during half way through my work days like before when I was not taking this supplement packet... I recommend this to everyone when they are looking for a good cleanse and its great just to take!!! (Posted on 8/30/2016)
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Convenient and effective. (Posted on 8/27/2016)
5.0 The only thing that makes my digestive system work properly. by scott
I can not say enough good things about this product. When I take the Body Ecology Digestive Care Multi, my body has a much easier time digesting the foods that I eat. I am also able to sleep better at night since my stomach is no longer upset when I go to bed. (Posted on 8/24/2016)
5.0 Nothing works better by Tosin
It really works (Posted on 8/22/2016)
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What an all around digestive product. Celia (Posted on 8/22/2016)
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well ,it is the best probiotic packet (Posted on 8/19/2016)
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Thank you! Please continue to offer your wonderful products! (Posted on 7/22/2016)
5.0 I have tried other digestive enzymes and they have not helped. The combination of enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, and liver support have helped me tremendously. I am digesting much better and my liver is healing. by Lindsay
I have tried other digestive enzymes and not had good results. The combination of digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics and liver support have been just what I needed. I am now digesting food, absorbing nutrients and healing my liver. So happy to have found this product! (Posted on 7/18/2016)
5.0 Like it by Allen
I travel constantly for business. This is a lifesaver for me. (Posted on 7/16/2016)
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Love this! Really helped my digestive issues..wI'll order again! (Posted on 7/14/2016)
5.0 No more painful bloating!! by Dorsey
These packs are fantastic!! They have helped eliminate my painful bloating so much!! Love, love, love them! (Posted on 7/9/2016)
4.0 Month Long Cleanse by Elizabeth
I use a box of these - one month on during a healthy cleanse and then one month off so that I don't become dependent or used to them. I do notice more liver activity - since I had gall bladder issues, I can now feel when I release bile and this stimulates it. (Posted on 7/5/2016)
5.0 digestive multi by p j
I have missed digestive multi care while it was out. It is great!!!!! (Posted on 7/4/2016)
5.0 So helpful by K
Really like carrying these in my purse and so handy. Sadly, they are out of stock though, so hoping you will bring back. (Posted on 5/10/2016)
5.0 Great addition to my digestive system by Irene
Body Ecology Digestive Care Multi is a great addition to my digestion. Seems my gut is much calmer since I have added this product. (Posted on 5/8/2016)
5.0 digestive care multi by p j
I like this soon much . I will be
very happy when its back in stock!!! (Posted on 5/5/2016)
5.0 digestive multi by p j
I don't want to be without this . Great (Posted on 4/24/2016)
5.0 Digestion Care by Margaret
I love this product because it combines my probiotics and enzymes for my digestion care. (Posted on 4/13/2016)
5.0 Most effective by Nancy
I have tried many probiotics over the years and Digestive Care Multi has been the most effective for controlling yeast overgrowth. (Posted on 4/12/2016)
5.0 Most effective by Nancy
I have tried many probiotics over the years and Digestive Care Multi has been the most effective for controlling yeast overgrowth. (Posted on 4/12/2016)
5.0 digestive care by p j
I keep this in order. It is so wonderful (Posted on 3/24/2016)
5.0 Finally, GI relief by AMBER
I used Digestive Care Multi for approximately one week and noticed a tremendous, positive difference in my chronic GI issues. I suffered from chronic constipation, bloating and pain even though I was eating pretty well. Digestive Care Multi has relieved many of those symptoms and I will continue to use this product. (Posted on 3/20/2016)
5.0 The ease of digestion by Veronica
I love the convenience of just having one packet of vitamins with a meal instead of several bottles. It is easier for my daughter to remember to take them too. (Posted on 3/11/2016)
5.0 Love it by Kim
I love how everything is put together for you all in a pouch. Makes healing the gut easy. (Posted on 3/9/2016)
5.0 Digestive Care Multi by Adella
I have been taking this product for about 6 months now after every meal and am very satisfied with the results of the digestive care! I am healing my gut with combinations of digestive care and probiotics/prebiotics and starting to feel so much better! :) (Posted on 2/24/2016)
5.0 good product by Summer
I do notice a difference in how I feel when I use this product. I don't mind the taste. I think it does also help with ridding yeast in body. (Posted on 2/20/2016)
5.0 Digestive care convenience by Lisa
My teenage daughter and I love the convenience of these multipacks! My daughter an carry them with her and they are a life saver for her against the painful gas and bloating she had been dealing with every time she ate. Now we are both turning our eating habits around with the guidance of everything on this site and in Donna's book, the Body Ecology Diet. With these supplements, we don't have to wait to feel well! Thanks, so much for sharing all your knowledge, Donna! (Posted on 2/16/2016)
5.0 Julie by awesome
These work so well and are easy for travel. (Posted on 2/9/2016)
5.0 Julie by awesome
These work so well and are easy for travel. (Posted on 2/9/2016)
4.0 Regularity by Devaudgrl
This product has proven very helpful with my elimination process, you get everything you need in convenient packs. (Posted on 2/4/2016)
5.0 Great convenient product by Tired of Hashimotos
I suffer from Hashimotos thyroiditis. As a result I have numerous digestive issues. Prior to using Digestive Care multi, I was in an extreme amount of discomfort. I was also under a lot of stress. I ordered the Digestive Care multi and the Fermented Protein shake to find relief. The two products helped a tremendous amount. I love the ease of use and portability of both of these products. I try not to ever eat without taking the Digestive Care Multi. I find that using the product alleviates the gas, bloating, indigestion and slow digestion better than most. I love that I am also supporting my liver and getting important minerals that my body has a hard time receiving from food due to leaky gut. Thanks for making a great product!! (Posted on 1/29/2016)
5.0 has helped me by Samantha
I take this product every morning before I start the day. It has helped me with bloating, indigestion and sluggish bowels when nothing else has. When I first started taking the product more than a year ago I took it with every meal. Now I take it just once a day and it is all I need. Thank you. I have shared it with my family and friends. (Posted on 1/26/2016)
3.0 Better Digestion by Sweetfields
It didn't stop bloating when eating carbs but it seemed to make the transit a little faster and bathroom activity of less concern. (Posted on 1/15/2016)
2.0 Better Digestion by Sweetfields
It didn't stop bloating when eating carbs but it seemed to make the transit a little faster and bathroom activity of less concern. (Posted on 1/15/2016)
4.0 very good by L
Very good product (Posted on 1/15/2016)
3.0 I can't tell a major difference and I still have constipation , but I don't think they've been hurting me, either. by Mihwa
With a severe case of rosacea and leaky gut syndrome, I am a tough case as I seem to negatively react to so many things. Before I started these pills, I was taking another brand of digestive enzymes that helped relieve my constipation, but I wasn't sure if I was allergic to the porcine in them. After I switched to these 4 pills, I am more constipated again, but I don't think they're bad for me. I just started my 2nd box and have another left, but I can't decide yet if I will continue taking them. (Posted on 1/10/2016)
5.0 A must have by KIM
I take a packet with every meal & it seems to be rebuilding my digestive system. (Posted on 1/7/2016)
5.0 Great for Auto-Immune Issues by Rae H
These have helped us tremendously to deal with ongoing auto-immune issues. Recommended by our doctor. (Posted on 1/3/2016)
5.0 Great Product by Dulcce
wonderful results
(Posted on 12/26/2015)
5.0 So far so good! by Nikkea
Been taking since September & have lost 10 pounds & stabilized at high school weight no yeast infections, energy returning. Thyroid still improving. (Posted on 12/26/2015)
5.0 4 in one pocket by Daisy
This is a great product because you get to try all four in one packet. I really like that it is in a small pocket, I can take it everywhere and never miss to take one. (Posted on 12/25/2015)
5.0 Digestive Care by ah
This is a wonderful, convenient product that makes taking care of yourself easy! (Posted on 12/20/2015)
5.0 Helps Digestion by Jen
This product keeps me gut cleaned out. (Posted on 12/15/2015)
5.0 Great digestive by Jen
Always feel great after eating when I take these! (Posted on 12/13/2015)
5.0 Don't Stop by Kena
I started taking these everyday and noticed a difference. After stopping for a month my bloating and discomfort returned. I am a month back on them and all good again. Great to use when traveling. (Posted on 12/12/2015)
5.0 Great Product by Dulcce
This has become a must in my house! (Posted on 12/9/2015)
5 STRAR (Posted on 12/6/2015)
5.0 amazing product. I suffer from Lyme Disease and food use to rot in my intestines until I began to use this product. I plan on continuing it's use during my trTMENT AND AFTE by Lacey
(Posted on 12/6/2015)
5.0 great product by MM
So glad I tried this product. I have taken other probiotics and digestive enzymes, but until you delve into the ingredients of each you're not aware that many of the products on the market are not near the quality of body ecology. I follow a dairy free, gluten free, potato free diet and in conjunction with this digestive packet 3x a day I feel so much better in the last month. Before this product it seemed no matter what I ate I was getting heartburn, gas, bloating and just an overall uncomformtable feeling. But now I feel normal again. such a blessing. (Posted on 11/25/2015)
5.0 product is a blessing by MM
I have been using this product for a month now and it has helped tremendously. I follow a dairy free gluten diet and recently removed all potato products from diet, and I have seen dramatic changes in my overall gut health. It seemed no matter what I ate before I started taking this product I would have gas bloating and over uncomfortableness... I didnt look forward to eating at all b/c I knew how I would feel afterwards. but since I started the digest packs and use them 3x a day I can now eat and feel normal again. such a blessing. I used other digest and probiotic products but until you delve into the actual qty and type of product you're using its then you realize they are not in the same league as body ecology products. Yes it seems expensive but when I think of how I felt before I started taking this product it is so worth it. (Posted on 11/25/2015)
5.0 so very easy to use by cindy
I love these digestive enzymes all packaged up. I take them in my purse, traveling, everywhere I go, it's easy and convenient. (Posted on 11/22/2015)
5.0 Works Well! by Mom22gr8boys
This product has helped my digestion tremendously! The multi-pack is very convenient for travel. (Posted on 11/21/2015)
5.0 EXcellent and convenient! by maggpie
I love this product. Makes a huge difference with my diestion, energy levels, and general well-being. And so easy! (Posted on 11/20/2015)
5.0 excellent by Joan
Digestive Care is a GREAT product. I ran out and my symptoms reoccurred so am going to reorder. Thank you Donna for a great product that works. (Posted on 11/16/2015)
5.0 The best! by Kyriaki
I heard about Digestive Care through a friend and I tried them. I have been having trouble digesting food . I feel amazing after every meal and less bloated since I've been using them. I am about to order more today!!! (Posted on 11/10/2015)
5.0 Take it Everyday by Kena
I was taking this for three months and really saw a difference. I stopped taking it for a few months and noticed poor digestive issues had returned. I'm a believer and will start up again. (Posted on 11/6/2015)
5.0 Quality product/convenient by BJ
Digestive Care is a high quality product and the individually packaged doses provide extra convenience. (Posted on 11/5/2015)
5.0 A powerpunch packet filled with great things for your digestion! by ah
I have been having digestion issues for a while and been looking for the best portable combo to help my stomach. This product is convenient and easy to use, while giving your digestion the aid that it needs! (Posted on 11/5/2015)
5.0 Great products, convenient packaging by Susan M
I travel alot and when traveling it is more difficult to manage healthy eating choices. Found the convenient packaging easy to use and the products are the best on the market. Thank you Donna Gates (Posted on 10/30/2015)
5.0 Can't wait by BB
Waiting to try this sounds great. (Posted on 10/29/2015)
5.0 great all in one product by papi
a++ (Posted on 10/23/2015)
5.0 such a supportive product by Annika
I felt an almost immediate change in my digestion. Prepare for some detox symptoms but nothing I couldn't handle with the BE diet info. (Posted on 10/20/2015)
5.0 Awesome! by DH
After taking this product regularly 3 X a day for 10 days, I feel great! (Posted on 10/17/2015)
5.0 Great! by Sky
The packets are great for travel, for lunches at work and for going out to dinner. I always have a packet in my purse. The items inside the packet are perfect for my digestion and have the additional perk of helping immunity. (Posted on 10/13/2015)
5.0 Loved the how I felt while taking it. by Sue
Will certainly recommend it to friends (Posted on 10/12/2015)
5.0 Awesome product by Lily
I take this product with every meal and especially if I eat out. I feel it supports my digestion and I don't feel bloated or suffer from heartburn. (Posted on 10/12/2015)
5.0 Amazing! by Lisa
I love these, I can eat things that I could not without them! Makes everything move along just fine! (Posted on 10/11/2015)
5.0 Great help for poor digestion issues by marita
If, as Hippocrates said, food should be our medicine, if we can't digest our food, how can we heal ourselves? The answer is Digestive Care Multi! (Posted on 10/9/2015)
5.0 Great help for poor digestion issues by marita
A pancreatic infection wreaked havoc with my digestion and absorption of nutrients. Thanks to BE Digestive Care Multi, I was well prepared to overcome the problem. Worked like a charm to help me get the nutrition I needed to overcome the infection and regain my health! (Posted on 10/3/2015)
5.0 Amazing product! by M. Lisa
These supplements are packed with multiple healing nutrients. I don't go a meal without them! (Posted on 10/2/2015)
5.0 Must-have supplements by M. Lisa
These "wonder pills" are packed with so much healing! I don't go a meal without them. (Posted on 10/2/2015)
5.0 great, great great by p j
I can't be without this product I am so happy. (Posted on 9/30/2015)
4.0 Good by Donna
I've been using this in conjunction with the greens drink mix and spirulina, stomach issues are definitely doing better with this combination (Posted on 9/21/2015)
5.0 Thank you by Margareth
This multi pack is amazing. I use it 3 times a day with my meals. I was alergic to milk proteins whenever I have a drop I used to have hives and itch. I still try to stay away from milk products but from time to time I use it. my symptoms are not there. Gone bye bye.
Same thing with gluten products. If I accidentally eat it my symptoms are like 3 out 10 now. Thanks to body ecology diet I buy it fom my mom who is diebetic. Im working on my husband who is borderline diebetic and has high sugar craving but does not see the importance.
Thank you.
Margareth (Posted on 9/18/2015)
5.0 Works amazingly by Ruth
The best digestive supplement. (Posted on 9/15/2015)
5.0 Can't ever be without! by Gal
Suffering from digestive issues/candida most of my life. This product has brought me much needed relief! I take 3 packs a day as recommended with meals. It works so well I'm going to get on the auto/ship program. Thank you so much Donna Gates for great supplements! (Posted on 9/3/2015)
5.0 Fabulous Combination by M. Lisa
I've been taking these supplements for five months and they have helped my digestion and other issues tremendously. They combine many needed nutrients that we need to strengthen our immune and digestive systems. I haven't found another product that combines these factors so successfully. Thanks Donna! (Posted on 9/1/2015)
5.0 So convenient! by marita
These little packets are so convenient! I always have some in my purse, and I keep some in my sugar bowl on the dining room table, as I no longer use it for sugar. (Posted on 9/1/2015)
5.0 Love it by Sandy
I have used this product for several months now. The last time I wanted to reorder it was out of stock and after a few days of reducing how much I used I noticed a difference. (Posted on 8/18/2015)
4.0 Don't want to be without it. by Susie
First started with this product. So delighted. Felt I had fallen into the best string quartet. My body felt better. Knew I never wanted to be without it. Quickly decided to order all products individually hoping I will never run out. (Posted on 8/12/2015)
4.0 Great Product by Sarah
Have been taking this product for the past 2 month feel great. Lost over 10 pounds of coarse a little change in my diet. thank you. (Posted on 8/12/2015)
5.0 This works extremely well. by garden girl
Not only does it improve digestion, but it certainly has helped with evacuation! (Posted on 8/10/2015)
5.0 Best! by moongazer
Digestive issues have greatly improved from using this multi pack. I wouldn't be without them. Easy, travels well, effective. Product testing over now that I found this. (Posted on 8/9/2015)
5.0 Best! by moongazer
Digestive issues have greatly improved from using this multi pack. I wouldn't be without them. Easy, travels well, effective. Product testing over now that I found this. (Posted on 8/9/2015)
5.0 outstanding product & combination - really works by cass
Have had digestive issues for so many years, Digestive Care Multi has made me feel normal & healthy again; really appreciate this digestive care ! (Posted on 8/8/2015)
5.0 Good Product! by Lee
After about 6 weeks of taking only 1 to 2 packs of Digestive Care Multi per day, along with the InnerBiotic (2 ounces a day), I am finding I can eat more "healthy" foods and they do not upset my digestive system. I like the fact that these 4 capsules do not bother me if I take them on an empty stomach, that they do not have ingredients which keep me awake if I take them late at night, and they do not have any taste associated with them, nor any after taste! (Posted on 8/7/2015)
5.0 Excellent supplement by DocG
I've used product 2 months and feel much healthier (Posted on 7/31/2015)
5.0 Excellent ! by Jennylou
Take this with every meal. Love it. (Posted on 7/31/2015)
5.0 Will continue to use by sue
I have experienced better digestion and plan on ordering more to continue to see improvements. (Posted on 7/29/2015)
1.0 not good by Stephanie
I love the packaging, but I didn't notice any difference at all from taking these pills and I took them religiously for over 3 months straight. (Posted on 7/29/2015)
5.0 feeling motivated again by dollface
I love how i feel when i take these, i don't have the feeling of bloating, gas etc... (Posted on 7/28/2015)
5.0 I loved it!! by Chiqui
This product is amazing and has really made a change with my digestions issues. Thank you for all your care!! (Posted on 7/25/2015)
5.0 Great Results by Bob
I used the digestive care product to improve my probiotic count in my gut system and it worked. I also realized it has a liver cleansing effect, as I am a %yr liver transplant recipient and had blood labs for my liver health taken just after my first cleanse. My liver doctor was stunned by the results....It has never looked better since transplant! It had to be the Digestive care products effect. (Posted on 7/25/2015)
5.0 Working well by Sarah
Helps with constipation and very convenient packs to use. (Posted on 7/16/2015)
5.0 wonderful by Diana
such a convenient thing to carry in my purse! Thank you. (Posted on 7/15/2015)
5.0 Amazing by Kaitlyn
This product has changed everything. I have noticed a difference in my skin but also my body temperature is finally regulated. I have always ran so cold and I just thought that was how it was always going to be. I am now absolutely comfortable and not bundled in the middle of summer. Plus all that uncomfortable bloating is gone. Can't say enough, this product is amazing. (Posted on 7/13/2015)
3.0 Decent by Stephanie
I like the concept of the too go packaging design. I have been taking this product consistently for the past 2 months and don't really notice any difference, so I am not sure it actually works. I probably won't be ordering this after I run out. (Posted on 7/12/2015)
5.0 Best Digestive Supplements! by Janet
I've used various brands and types of products for digestion for the last 25 years. From HCL with pepsin, to Pancreatin, Ox Bile, Bitters and herbs. This is honestly the quickest most beneficial product! Helps with gas, bloating, and constipation.... It's so easy and convenient. I love Body Ecology and their products but this is definitely my new favorite product that they offer!!!! (Posted on 7/11/2015)
5.0 Amazing Product by Jamie K.
We use this product daily and it has had wonderful results for us. Everything moves smoothly and regularly as a result. I highly recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 7/10/2015)
5.0 So Convenient! by Anne
Both my husband and I use this product every day. We love the convenience and quality. Seems to cover all the supplement bases while traveling also. (Posted on 7/9/2015)
5.0 Excellent and So Easy! by Cindy
Used to have to take the whole jar of supplements, or divide them up into little plastic, but they've done it for me and it's so convenient and easy to use. Thanks. Cindy (Posted on 7/8/2015)
5.0 Makes SUCH a Difference!! by dorsey32
This combination of supplements has helped me more than any other probiotic or individual supplement I have ever tried for my digestive issues!! No more pain or nausea after eating and migraines seem to be better as well!! I can really tell the difference if I forget to take them. (UGH) These are a no brainer gotta have!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 7/8/2015)
5.0 Great product by Charee
Very helpful (Posted on 7/6/2015)
5.0 Great product by Charee
Very helpful (Posted on 7/6/2015)
5.0 Great product by Charee
Very Helpful to balancing my ecosystem. (Posted on 7/6/2015)
5.0 good by Stephanie
I like the convenient packs and the pills work I think. I did the whole detox package and it seems to work but not for chronic conditions too well as more is definitely needed. (Posted on 6/28/2015)
5.0 Love them! by Gigi
I really think this product is very helpful. My digestion is much better! (Posted on 6/23/2015)
5.0 This is product really works by cass
Digestive Care Multi has really worked to enhance my digestion, absorption of nutrients and timely comfortable elimination . I highly recommend this product, I have re ordered it many time and plan to continue. My health has been & is being enhanced. Thanks ! (Posted on 6/22/2015)
5.0 Love Digestive Care!! by Toluca Lake
This has been the one digestive care product that helps me with all aspects of digestion. I've tried MANY other products. This covers all of the most important issues I've had. (Posted on 6/21/2015)
5.0 Changed my life by Rebecca W
I've been going to doctors for years and no one can find out what is wrong with me. I'm in horrific pain in my stomach, I feel full all the time so I don't want to eat, my stomach has been bloated for years and the list goes on and on. Two weeks after taking this multi pack I feel normal again. My stomach went flat, the full feeling went away. I still get the horrific pain in my stomach but these pills make me feel so good and no doctor has been able to. (Posted on 6/19/2015)
5.0 Great! by georgia
On my healing cancer journey my digestion was affected/impacted and the Digestive Care really seems to help. (Posted on 6/15/2015)
3.0 Couldn't Tell by rmarshall
I've only used one box and know it takes longer than 30 days for results. I plan to reorder. (Posted on 6/15/2015)
5.0 Love It! by ksmom
After radiation my gut was all messed up. I have been using the Digestive Care Multi for awhile and I feel so much better! I don't feel bloated all the time and my body feels more balanced. (Posted on 6/11/2015)
5.0 Great. Easy by Sunshine Buttercup
Used with fermented herbal blend. Easy to take. Noticed lessening of candida symptoms (Posted on 6/7/2015)
5.0 Great product. by Casey
Love this product. Used it for about 4 month and I see great help with my gut health. Lost about 10 LB in my stomach area which is very hard to lose. Will keep on using this product. (Posted on 6/1/2015)
5.0 Great product by Dr. Kyle
I can tell a huge difference from taking this 3 times a day. (Posted on 5/26/2015)
3.0 ? by Mandy
Hello at BE, I have tried this product twice now, and I have not felt a difference; am I supposed to. Don't know what to make of it. Thank you. (Posted on 5/25/2015)
5.0 I recommend this product. by Sandy
Love the digestive care multi--addresses 4 needs in a convenient pack and I feel less tired and I get REM sleep every night. My reactions to foods I am sensitive to are less intense. I recommend this product. (Posted on 5/24/2015)
4.0 Great Product by Evan
I've been real happy with this product. It seems to be making me feel better. I like how you get probiotics, enzymes and sea minerals in one go. And I like the S Bouliardi which helps with Candida. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is I'm trying other methods to fight Candida so they may be helping too and it's hard to distinguish between all of them, but I do know I feel better when I take this one before a meal and better, in general, since beginning to take it (Posted on 5/23/2015)
5.0 great product-really works for me by cass
This product is very health giving & takes care of the digestive issues that have been a problem for years. (Posted on 5/23/2015)
4.0 All in one packets are so convenient by Risa
I usually take a digestive enzyme with meals but with these packets i'm getting even more benefits. So easy to throw in your purse and go. (Posted on 5/23/2015)
5.0 Love Digestive Care!! by Toluca Lake
I had been told by my chiro that I needed to take digestive enzymes with every meal. With the Body Ecology Digestive Care I only need to take it once or twice per day. It REALLY helps my digestion. (Posted on 5/20/2015)
5.0 Donna's a Genius by HappyMom
I have traveled around the country to doctors and purchased thousands of dollars worth of products to help my daughters gut issues and this is the first time something has worked! She would eat antacids daily and deal with tummy aches. After the first couple of weeks on this stuff I noticed she wasn't eating antacids anymore or saying her stomach hurt. Thank you so much. (Posted on 5/18/2015)
5.0 Feeling great! by Marie
My stomach has never felt better since using this product. No more undigested food. (Posted on 5/16/2015)
5.0 Healthier digestion by Raylene
This product has helped my regularity greatly. (Posted on 5/12/2015)
5.0 Life saver by Raylene M.
This product has made a world a difference for my digestive health. Mainly, I have noticed a huge difference with regularity. (Posted on 5/12/2015)
4.0 great product by happy tummy
very happy with the results (Posted on 5/6/2015)
5.0 Great by Health nut
These digestive packets of pills are great to have on the go and help the body break diwn food and supports a healthy gut microbiome! (Posted on 5/4/2015)
5.0 excellent by fanofbed
I feel better and my body feels better when I take these. (Posted on 4/30/2015)
5.0 Changed my life by Rebecca W
To make a long story short, a few years ago I felt like I was falling apart. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin everyday. It was hard to breath, I always felt full, I was losing my hair, I couldn't remember anything, I was so tired I thought I was going to lose my job it was hard to focus and stay away (the list goes on and on) I've seen every doctor you can think of tens of thousands of dollars worth of tests and nothing helped, no one knows why I'm sick. I couldn't sleep at night and I would just be up reading online. On Facebook I found an article for Body Ecology order 3 boxes, took them after week one I was awake, had energy, I told everyone "I feel normal again" it took it for a month and stopped, my hair started falling out again and I felt horrible again. I will take this product for the rest of my life. It's so worth it to feel normal again. There are really so many other issues I have/had. I tell everyone about this product it's a life saver. (Posted on 4/22/2015)
5.0 Nice Product by Karen
Nice product and easy to travel with. (Posted on 4/20/2015)
5.0 very convenient by Cindy
I love that you put this into a multi pack. I just stick them in my purse and off I go. So convenient from putting each enzyme into a little baggie. thanks. (Posted on 4/12/2015)
4.0 Digestive care by TingMJM
I'm starting a New Year's cleanse and wanted extra digestive care during this time. I really find this product helpful. (Posted on 1/11/2015)
5.0 I absolutely love this product! by Andrea
This is a wonderful product! I have been doing some internal repair and feel much better after 30 days of Digestive Care in regularly. I may keep them with me always. Thank you! (Posted on 1/8/2015)
5.0 Cleans, detoxifies, and strengthens by Jersin
After using this product for about 2 months, I am experiencing great results. My gut is healing, my sleep has improved, and I have more energy. (Posted on 1/4/2015)
5.0 Excellent product by MA
Though we purchased this for a temporary GI digestive upset, turns out we really like the multi and will be placing another order!!! Thanks so much! (Posted on 1/2/2015)
4.0 Digestive Care Multi by Christina
I have been taking Digestive Care Multi for 1 month and definitely see a difference in the way I feel after eating my meals. I am only hoping for my digestion to continue to improve. Thanks Donna for all that you do, to bring all of your knowledge and share it with us. (Posted on 1/1/2015)
5.0 very effective by elsa
A great product that nobody should miss it (Posted on 12/28/2014)
5.0 YES! by Care-Bear
This product has radically changed my digestion. Honestly will never go again without it. AWESOME (Posted on 12/27/2014)
5.0 Fantastic! by Arielle
This has been a great all in one product I've added to my daily intake. This blend of probiotics is fantastic if you are pregnant or Breastfeeding since it has the all important bifidus strain love this stuff and live body ecology. (Posted on 12/13/2014)
5.0 Best Ever by Jan
Over the years I've tried many digestive enzymes - a no gallbladder requirement. They have all worked - in other words I don't get nausea and tummy upset eating things that they say you can't without a gallbladder - but none have actually made me BETTER. Until now. Digestive Care Multi has helped regulate things that have never been regulated before. Plus, with histamine intolerance, I can finally take a probiotic that doesn't trigger my asthma. Best stuff ever - I'll never be without it! (Posted on 12/12/2014)
4.0 beneficial for digestion by jacinda
This product really helps with digestion! (Posted on 12/11/2014)
5.0 Outstanding by Happy Belly
I cannot rave enough about this mix of enzymes. This helps keep me in a state of balance on a daily basis. I won't ever live without this incorporated in my diet. Complete life saver! (Posted on 12/9/2014)
4.0 This product is really good to help with digestion and having everything is a multi-pack is conveinent. by Jsmith
This product is really good to help with digestion and having everything is a multi-pack is conveinent. (Posted on 12/8/2014)
4.0 Good by FanofBED
I just notice that I feel better, happier and healthier when I am taking this supplement, (Posted on 12/4/2014)
5.0 Excellent, as usual. by mollysu2128
I've ordered this product before and I still love it! (Posted on 12/1/2014)
3.0 Not noticing anything special by psh
Would not reorder (Posted on 11/18/2014)
4.0 Problem solver by Jill
Digestive issues are greatly improved. Convenient packet make taking theses supplements easy. (Posted on 11/18/2014)
5.0 a ràre proxuct by elsa
It is really a good one (Posted on 11/16/2014)
5.0 Santa Fe by Jan
This product really helped me to feel 100% better and my digestion is flowing easily!
I was having depression and now it's gone. (Posted on 11/15/2014)
5.0 Great product by MJMom
I have been taking the daily packs (I am small so I only take 2 packs per day) for about a month now and have really noticed results! I have more energy but not crazy jittery energy. Just enough to keep up with the kids and get back to the gym. Overall, very pleased. (Posted on 11/13/2014)
5.0 good by p j
i am very happy. (Posted on 11/12/2014)
5.0 THE BEST by Nancy
Digestive Care Multi is the only product that keeps my chronic yeast overgrowth at bay. (Posted on 11/8/2014)
5.0 very effective by elsa
a rare digestive in the supplemnt field
elsa (Posted on 11/7/2014)
5.0 Excellent by FanofBED
I feel better after taking this product. (Posted on 11/5/2014)
5.0 Love these! by KR
I love the Digestive Care Multi. I have been using them all year and they really some to help with my digestive issues. (Posted on 11/5/2014)
5.0 Works by DF
This product is easy to take and does help with digestive issues. (Posted on 11/3/2014)
5.0 Digestive Care Multi by Pixie
Excellent product. All enzynes in one makes it
extremely easy to take when on the road. (Posted on 11/3/2014)
5.0 Great Product! by Charee
I love these packets to carry in my purse do I can take them with every meal, because they have helped so much with my digestion. (Posted on 11/2/2014)
5.0 Really works by Jenny
I can't do without these ! (Posted on 10/24/2014)
4.0 Digestive Care Multi by DD
Digestive Care Multi is a very powerful product. I had to take less than the recommended dose due to the degree of detox. (Posted on 10/20/2014)
5.0 Don't Want to Live Without It! by Debbie M
I've tried many different similar products and I always come back to this one. It's by far superior. (Posted on 10/16/2014)
4.0 Great For Travel by MML4
These are very pricey but I like the result so I will keep taking. I do not take after each meal, tho. I took to Europe and felt that they kept me HAPPY while traveling. I just ordered them for a family member. (Posted on 10/15/2014)
5.0 Convenient by Margo
These vitamins work great and I love that they are packaged for individual meals. I keep a few in my purse. (Posted on 10/15/2014)
5.0 I love it! by Paola
Best thing ever helping me with my digestion. (Posted on 10/13/2014)
4.0 great taste, overall better feeling by p
great taste, overall better feeling (Posted on 10/13/2014)
5.0 Great Product by Norma
This is a fantastic product because each package covers all of your digestive and immune system needs for one day. It is easy to take at home or carry with you to work or whenever you are away from home. It is so convenieng and reassuring that you are taking good care of your digestive and immujne system while living a modern day lifestyle. (Posted on 10/12/2014)
5.0 very good by elsa
A rare product (Posted on 10/12/2014)
5.0 fantastic! by Beth
Love this stuff. Makes my digestion so much better! My chiropractor says I'm adjusting more easily due to my body being more alkaline. (Posted on 10/7/2014)
5.0 Fantastic! by Beth
These little packets make my stomach so very happy! My chiropractor has noticed that I adjust easier due to my body being more alkaline!

Love, love, love. (Posted on 10/7/2014)
5.0 Excellent by fanofBED
Very convenient pack to be able to carry around and get all the benefits in all one.
(Posted on 10/6/2014)
5.0 rare goodness by elsa
Always good (Posted on 10/5/2014)
5.0 Doing the task by Ben
Less than 10 days and my stomach is feeling much better, no more bleeding and going less to the bathroom means digesting more and slowly picking some lost weight, can't wait to see results after full month of daily use, I will update than, thank you so much Donna (Posted on 10/4/2014)
5.0 awesome product by beachgirljewels
I really like this product , its convenient and very helpful to healing my digestive system (Posted on 9/30/2014)
5.0 like it! by Jo
These are easy to take and are making me more healthy! (Posted on 9/25/2014)
5.0 Comfort! by Kaye
It's a comfort to me knowing that I'm assisting my digestion and ease of absorbing nutrietnts...I always notice a difference when I use these easy and convenient packs. (Posted on 9/25/2014)
4.0 effective and convenient by rainey
effective, convenient, and would like even more potency (Posted on 9/24/2014)
5.0 rare product by elsa
hi Donna,
this product makes my digestive system so comfortable.
elsa (Posted on 9/17/2014)
3.0 I've used better products by Me
The first day I took this product I felt very relaxed but after that I did not feel any difference. I have taken other products that I have felt much better with so I will not continue using this. (Posted on 9/16/2014)
4.0 Very effective by R Campbell
I've recently had a diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis/ hypothyroidism (despite having normal thyroid results) and had been struggling with digestive issues, including chronic heartburn for 6 months before the diagnosis.

I'd tried all sorts of vitamins, special diets and supplements, but this product has stood alone - it eradicated my heartburn completely (when nothing else worked).

I've marked it as 'good' instead of 'excellent' as the packaging is anything but environmentally friendly and it's very expensive (especially here in NZ!). (Posted on 9/14/2014)
5.0 I Love this Product by Arayea
My energy has improved since I started taking this product my over all state of well being has vastly increased. I was so tired after I ate, that has subsided completely. I highly recommend this product.
(Posted on 9/7/2014)
5.0 feel great and balanced by beachgirl
I really like these multi packs, I have noticed a positive difference and the packs are great to take with me and are convenient (Posted on 9/5/2014)
5.0 IT WORKS!!! by Marissa
Feeling better and better -- I have more energy.
The multi pack makes it so easy and convenient - LOVE this product and have recommended to friends and family. (Posted on 9/5/2014)
5.0 Excellent product by Malena
I bought this product for my girl with autism and digestive issues. She is doing very well since she took these supplements, they also taste very well.

Thank you Donna (Posted on 9/5/2014)
5.0 Excellent product, help my child with autism with her digestive issues by Malena
This is what I was looking for my girl who has been diagnosed with autism and has candida and digestive issues. She take this supplement with a drink without protesting, they taste well, different than other bitter supement in the market. And are making good effects in her regular bowel movements, good mood and focus, and well being.
Thank you Donna. Love you
(Posted on 9/5/2014)
4.0 Easy and effective by Lisa
I have only been taking this product for a short period of time but it seems to be helping. I have been on digestive enzymes for about 3 years but this seems to helping with digestion along with other noticible changes. People have started to comment on my skin and I've also noticed that I'm not craving sugar / salt as much. It's still too soon to tell for sure but I'm keeping my eyes open for any positive changes that may be due to this product. (Posted on 9/5/2014)
5.0 covenient! by rfree
Generally I don't like to generate more trash than I have to, however the Digestive Care Multi is SUPER convenient, which means I actually take the product three times a day. Travelling or eating out? The small packages fit easily in a purse or pocket. (Posted on 9/4/2014)
5.0 worked well by lisa
really helped to cleanse the bowel. esay to use. (Posted on 9/4/2014)
4.0 Very good by belly
The boxes arrived quickly. They are very conveniently packaged and easy to take with me on the go or eating out. I usually chew most pills for faster absorption and these fast good too! Going to order more!

(Posted on 9/3/2014)
5.0 Great product by Beth
Taking a packet of the Digestive Care Multi before meals has made a tremendous change in bettering my digestion! Will definitely re-order! Began working for me within a day. (Posted on 9/2/2014)
5.0 Lmy new favorite ! by Jennylou
This is my new favorite body ecology product ! (Posted on 9/1/2014)
5.0 Convenient and helpful! by Charee
I love having these packets in my lunchbox and purse so I have them whenever I'm eating away from home, because they help me digest my food. I don't want to eat a meal without them. (Posted on 8/31/2014)
5.0 Amazing by Woody3rd
Improved digestion, no more heart burn and getting great probiotics while alkaline the body. Two thumbs up! (Posted on 8/27/2014)
5.0 Life changer by Webster3rd
This power packet had benefited me in so many mays. No more constipation, heartburn, and tolerating more foods! (Posted on 8/27/2014)
5.0 Amazing by Nicole
This product is amazing. Helped in all areas! (Posted on 8/25/2014)
5.0 Great product! by Kim
The product delivered as advertised. I did have to take for almost a week before it kicked in. Once it does, it remains consistent. (Posted on 8/25/2014)
5.0 Great Product by Karen
Everything in one packet. Great Product! (Posted on 8/25/2014)
3.0 Average by Anne
This product is good, but I believe you have to be more advanced in the program before you can start it. Killed off too much yeast for me in the early stages, then die-off was tough. It is working better now that I am more advanced. (Posted on 8/23/2014)
5.0 Digestive Health is so Improved by Becca
I have had digestive issues since I was a child and have an IBS diagnosis, and a "no peristalsis" diagnosis. I have embraced natural remedies for the past 26 years, including colonics, juicing, probiotics, HCL, food enzymes, every form of fiber and "colon cleanse" I could get my hands on, and I can honestly say that nothing I did has given me the measurably- improved colon health that taking these doses 3 times a day has provided. I hate the prices but I love the convenience, quality and results. (Posted on 8/23/2014)
4.0 convenient and effective by rainey
digestive packaging is convenient for travel
and effective anytime (Posted on 8/22/2014)
5.0 amazing by macara
truly see a difference when I take (Posted on 8/18/2014)
4.0 No bloating like other products! by samanita
I am on early stages of taking this supplement, but having tried other similar types and brands, this one did not make me bloat and I think its helping my sugar cravings! (Posted on 8/15/2014)
5.0 reliable to recommend by elsa
Hi ,
very good product and I highly recommend this product to those who have gut problems.
Elsa (Posted on 8/12/2014)
5.0 Convenient by Iennigui
Wonderful product for traveling. (Posted on 8/6/2014)
5.0 Excellent product. Has improved my digestion and gut health. by Whoo Hoo!
This product has helped immensely with my constant constipation and bloated stomach. I feel much better when I take them regularly. I would recommend them to anyone having issues with IBS and other digestive problems. (Posted on 8/5/2014)
5.0 Best kickstart. by Chrissy
I have been using enzymes with every meal for 6 years. This has been a game changer for me. I got results in a couple days. I have added energy, better digestion and glowing skin. I did not think there would be such a big difference since I have eaten really clean my whole life but there has been. Thank you Donna !! (Posted on 8/2/2014)
4.0 High quality, "might" be helping by Ela
I have celiac/dairy allergy and lifelong eating disorder history (purging anorexic). Right now at low weight (mostly raw mostly vegan for over ten years) but binge/purging once in a while on chocolate and gluten-free baked goods, which make me extremely sick. Also taking laxatives, doing enemas, and getting colonics.
When I started Digestive Care I was never sleeping through the night--woken by intense gas pains and nausea. Now, I've been getting some sleep, although I still have to take laxatives (surprised that Digestive Care by itself doesn't take care of that but between how messed up my gut is and how little I normally eat maybe that's why).
My experience around food/eating/digesting is still wretched (and yes, I eat fermented foods, and this past week on the road without them I've actually been a little better) but with this product it's definitely improved. (Posted on 7/22/2014)
5.0 Convenient and effective by Jason
Impressed with how effective this formula is on top of being super convenient for travels. I noticed a light sense in my stomach. Great all inclusive.. Will be continuing to order. (Posted on 7/21/2014)
4.0 Easy + Convenient by mollysu2128
Love these multis! Super convenient for eating out. Has also really helped alkalize my body. (Posted on 7/13/2014)
5.0 changed my life by aaw
My sister introduced me to body ecology's digestive enzymes. This has changed my life! I have suffered w IBS for a long time and have tried many products to no avail. I have used this product for 6 months and I feel great. No bloating diarrhea or constipation. Thank you for this amazing concoction of digestive enzymes and probiotics (Posted on 7/3/2014)
5.0 Great product! by Tina
I have leaky-gut and Candida leading to lots of issues with digestion. Though I have been taking probiotics and enzymes long-term, this product has improved my digestion more than anything I have tried so far! Thank you Donna! (Posted on 7/1/2014)
5.0 Amazing by Martha
I'm a health coach and tried the digestive care multi and it has been amazing,. I don't feel bloated, I have more energy and I'm very regular. I will definitely be sharing my experience with my clients. (Posted on 6/24/2014)
5.0 so grateful for this product by cindy
I eat out a lot at my work and in travel and these little prepackages of digestive care are so convenient. I used to have to put the digestive enzymes in little plastic baggies and it was a lot of work. This is easy ang convenient. (Posted on 6/21/2014)
5.0 Outstanding product by Cheryl
This is an outstanding product. I continue using it because of the many, many benefits to digestion. (Posted on 6/17/2014)
5.0 irving by elsa
Hi Donna Gates,
I have been using this product for past 3 months. I had severe digestion problems. I had the history of acid reflux problems,,use of antibiotics for months.and my stomach always had bloating and gas.prior to take digestive care,I use to take very good probiotics on the market,but indigestion and bloating has not healed completely, after taking digestive multicare for two months I am healed completely. I really thank Jesus for this amazing product .
My husband also started using .this.
Thank you so much,
(Posted on 6/15/2014)
5.0 Great product! by Heather
Really helps keep my digestive system stay healthy! (Posted on 6/5/2014)
5.0 Game changer by Webster3rd
This product has improved my gut health more than any other supplement available. (Posted on 6/3/2014)
5.0 Changed everything a by Webster3
These packets have improved my digestion health more than anything else I've tried. Been taking the packets for 1 year and will continue!! (Posted on 5/28/2014)
5.0 Excellent product! by Jenn Fay
This product really delivered! I felt so much better after taking it, and I could feel the toxins being released from my gut, while simultaneously building up the "good" bacteria so that some foods no longer bothered me! I highly recommend this! (Posted on 5/26/2014)
5.0 Love this product by Melis
I feel good taking this product knowing it is establishing a healthy ecosystem. I still have a ways to go however I already feel on the road to recovery. (Posted on 5/16/2014)
4.0 overall good and quick by cdb
I love the convenience of the package.I wish it had a little more probiotics in it. I also started doing 3 a day and then cut down for cost to two a day. I think this is good for maintenance and not so much healing. Great product. (Posted on 5/14/2014)
5.0 The Best! by Brenda
I highly recommend BE digestive care multi. I have been using it now for over a year and nothing compares. My sister and niece are now hooked too. (Posted on 5/10/2014)
4.0 Good Product by LLB52
I was on this for several months and it helped, but as soon as it stopped I was right back where I started. (Posted on 5/9/2014)
5.0 works amazing by jmb
works great to reset your body and digestive system! (Posted on 5/7/2014)
5.0 perfect by Jacks Dad
My teenage boys have struggled with the acne thing. One packet with each meal, as well as innergy biotic at bed and we are mostly clear now!!
Thank You! (Posted on 5/5/2014)
4.0 Great product by Alyse
I wanted to try a few products sold here to help with my digestion issues and this was a great way to do it. I'm not really sure why I'm having digestion problems yet, but I would definately say these are helping. I try to take them at every meal and plan on ordering more. (Posted on 5/4/2014)
5.0 absolutely indispensable by BAB
When I pack my purse for the day, along with my other necessities, keys, glasses etc., I check to make sure I have several packs of Digestive Care. I never leave home without them and never eat a meal without taking them. The difference the blend makes in digestion is not like any other product I have tried. (Posted on 4/30/2014)
5.0 Love this. by Heath
Not sure if this is a good thing or not but now I feel like I can eat almost anything and this little packet will make it all okay. Totally helps. (Posted on 4/29/2014)
5.0 Convenient by kksd
Convenient and covers all the bases. (Posted on 4/28/2014)
5.0 Great! by Anne
Best product! (Posted on 4/28/2014)
4.0 Pretty Good by Anne
I've enjoyed this product, but I can't truly tell how much it made an impact. I definitely noticed a difference from the probiotic and milk thistle, and I was doing this in combination with food combining, so I think that helped my overall digestion. I was hoping for more of a "detoxification/cleansing" effect, but overall it's been a good experience. (Posted on 4/28/2014)
5.0 good way to simply have a better day by lisab
I feel a whole octave better no matter what else is happening in my day with the digestive care multi. I try not to leave home without it. And a travel MUST! (Posted on 4/24/2014)
4.0 Great product and results by Nicole
I love how this product keeps my digestive track healthy in multiple ways. (Posted on 4/24/2014)
5.0 swift digestion and easy cleanse by elsa
Hi,I had severe digestive problems for years due to the continuos antibiotics use in my
Child hood.I had gas ,bloating, cramps and a leaky gut,
I used so many medications and I found I am sensitive to gluten also
After I found and started using body ecology products, especially digestive multicare,I feel much better and I know that this is through Jesus help I am healed.
I really appreciate Dr Donna gates for inventing this product .
May God bless you
Elsa (Posted on 4/21/2014)
5.0 Excellent by Viv
What a wonderful product. Especially when combined with the Probiotic drinks, Vitality Green mix and Colonic sessions. It eliminates candida PERMANENTLY. If you want results listen to Donna she's dedicated her life to dealing with this issue.She knows exactly what she's doing. Many blessings to her & her team!! (Posted on 4/19/2014)
5.0 Great product! by Brenda
Helped gut issues, I will continue to use! (Posted on 4/18/2014)
5.0 Love love love feel so much better by Lisa
Love this product easy eatand makes me feel gr (Posted on 4/15/2014)
4.0 Works for Me by Alina
I like this product and when taken consistently it seems to work well for me and my issues. I wish the packaging was different though, don't like the waste that comes with the individual packets. But otherwise this is a very good product and does makes a difference.
(Posted on 4/8/2014)
5.0 I love this product! by So Helpful!
This is a great way to get everything you need at every meal. (Posted on 4/2/2014)
5.0 Energy by Ria
These are amazing. Since I have started taking them I feel such an increased energy and awareness like I never have before in my life. Of course the more I follow the diet the better I feel. I am so thankful to you Donna for bringing this knowledge to my life. I am a new person. My thinking is sharper and I feel so much happier overall! (Posted on 3/27/2014)
5.0 excellent product by pen
Helped my food allergies tremendously--- less relfux -- overall much better digestion (Posted on 3/19/2014)
5.0 fantastic by brad
Incredibly convenient and effective. (Posted on 3/17/2014)
4.0 convenient and effective by rainey
love this product and use it daily for months (Posted on 3/16/2014)
5.0 I love this product! by WorldGadabout
Every time I take this product I feel lighter and food is easily digested. It makes a difference! (Posted on 3/16/2014)
5.0 Julie by So convenient
Our family take these enzymes every day. These are great for your purse and take with you (Posted on 3/10/2014)
5.0 Love it! by Brenda
Helped heal my gut. highly recommend (Posted on 3/9/2014)
4.0 Good by Rose
I trust that it is working well. Have not been able to tell a difference yet. It makes me hopeful to be on the road to finally being healthy. (Posted on 3/7/2014)
5.0 By julie by so convenient
These are amuse for every meal. (Posted on 3/6/2014)
5.0 Excellent combination by Maureen
In less than two months of my five yr old being on multicare, his yeast issues are behind us now, his appetite has improved and is now begining to learn. (Posted on 3/3/2014)
5.0 Digestive Care Multi great product by Digestive Care Multi great product
Great product. All in one that really meets our needs. (Posted on 3/1/2014)
5.0 Outstanding Product by Cheryl
This is an outstanding product that assist with digestion and the detoxification process. (Posted on 2/25/2014)
4.0 so far so good by Sondra
I've been using this product for 2 months now. It has seemed to help with my digestive issues, I can't tell if its helping with my yeast overgrowth yet? (Posted on 2/24/2014)
5.0 Changed my digestion by webster3rd
This product has completely changed my digestion for the better! Amazing! (Posted on 2/23/2014)
5.0 Excellent product by Slocum
LOVE It, feel so healthy and it helps w/digestion. (Posted on 2/23/2014)
4.0 I feel great by Jay
Convenient packaging & excellent results makes me give this product a thumbs up! (Posted on 2/23/2014)
5.0 excellent by yogistacey
Cant live with out these! (Posted on 2/20/2014)
5.0 awesome! by bgee
Who knew health could be so simple?!! (Posted on 2/16/2014)
5.0 positive by James
We really like the digestive packet! (Posted on 2/10/2014)
5.0 Great product-love it by Shellywigg
Great product (Posted on 2/7/2014)
3.0 Didn't notice difference by Anne
Unfortunately I didn't notice much difference even after a month. Oh well? (Posted on 2/5/2014)
5.0 Excellent product by KT
I suffer from digestive problems and this product has really helped me feel better. (Posted on 1/30/2014)
4.0 Good product by KL
Just started taking these, but they do seem to really help with digestion. I'll definitely buy them again. (Posted on 1/30/2014)
5.0 Great product by Erica
This is a very convenient way to get what you need each meal. I would highly recommend it. (Posted on 1/30/2014)
5.0 Really works by Marla
The packets are so convenient - and really help my digestion. Highly recommend! (Posted on 1/23/2014)
2.0 Didn't feel much if a difference by Meere
Unfortunately, did not feel a single difference with this product. I'm still currently taking them, done with 2 boxes! (Posted on 1/22/2014)
5.0 Very convenient and easy. Would definitely recommend these supplements. by Bobbi
I take these supplements before every meal. It's extremely convenient as they are all in one packet - no looking around for different bottles. Also this is a space-saver for my small kitchen. Definitely have helped with my digestion, and much less bloating. (Posted on 1/12/2014)
4.0 Good products, I am gluten intolerant, these products are helping the healing process by Gabby
I started this product in August. My gut feels better and I am sure it is helping my healing process. (Posted on 1/12/2014)
4.0 Digestive Care Multi by Laurs
This product has been a great addition to my diet. Looking forward to making it part of my daily routine. (Posted on 1/8/2014)
4.0 Excellent product by Shellywigg
Excellent product-I use it with every meal
I recommend it to all my friends and family (Posted on 1/4/2014)
5.0 Great product by Mary
Very convenient packaging and excellent product. (Posted on 1/3/2014)
4.0 Shedding Candida Overgrowth by surfmaiden
taking the Digestive Care Multi pack along with all the other products i ordered may have helped with my fungal overgrowth. i had been working to clear it naturally for 6 weeks before getting my products here. now i AM clear!~ but in the meantime i got the flu/cold everyone got over Christmas and today i feel great! this is the fastest i have ever gotten over a flu/cold! so perhaps these products helped as well. i do not know but i do feel much better faster. (Posted on 1/3/2014)
5.0 excellent by pam
This product helped me to rebalance my colon. I am feeling very healthy and energized. (Posted on 1/1/2014)
4.0 Digestive Care Multi by BARBARA
So far I have had less bloating. I was hoping I would have more daily bowel movement. (Posted on 1/1/2014)
5.0 Will not leave home without it by Amanda
This item comes in convenient "to go" packets that are easy to slip in your purse. I always have them with me, and when I have to eat out, they seem to help me avoid some of the digestive distress I encounter without it. Love the convenience. (Posted on 12/25/2013)
5.0 Body Care by Karey
Each packet has complete care for body health beyond just digestion. I may use this produce the rest of my life! And so convenient - in one packet. (Posted on 12/24/2013)
5.0 Super Product by Norma
This product is so convenient to use at home or when travelling. We used to take separate pills from separate bottles and now we have everything so compact. It helps with all the phases of digestion and also is great for the immune system. My husband and I enjoy the simplicity and yet diversity of this excellent product. (Posted on 12/20/2013)
5.0 Digest care multi by Cindy
I cannot express how much the digest multi care product has helped me ! I have had digestion problems for a very long time I even ended up having to get my gallbladder removed :( and I couldnt find anyhting to help or relieve my up and down IBS symptoms ,.,so ? I ran across body ecology site in my search for anserws and after much research of their products and ingrediants ordered the multi digest !
It works ! it works for me anywya! i highly recomend it and always have it on hand ! I went from tkaing it 3 times a day to 2 times a day and now only need it about once a day or if eating a problem meal ??
so try it ! I think you will be pleased I am ! (Posted on 12/19/2013)
5.0 Gentle and Effective by Emily
I am several months into recovery from an ulcer and sluggish gallbladder and was concerned that the LivAmend, probiotics and enzymes would be too harsh for me. They're not. I carefully started taking only one packet daily of all 4 pills for my biggest meal which is lunch and have noticed a huge difference. I do not bloat after meals, there is far less pressure around my liver/gallbladder, and I am far more easily regular every morning. The only minor con is that I cannot tell the difference between the probiotic and the digestive enzyme - both are white. I do wish that I could identify each pill. Sometimes I just feel like taking a probiotic, but I don't see BE selling the probiotic separately. It is a lot more gentle than other probiotics I have taken. (Posted on 12/19/2013)
5.0 I noticed positive affects right away from this product! by Danielle
I felt more energetic, less cravings for sweets and more level blood sugar. I love this product and plan to purchase more. (Posted on 12/17/2013)
1.0 Super convenient! by Catiya
I find these little packets super convenient, I just keep a few always with me in my purse and take one with each meal. I'm not normally very good about remembering to take my supplements, but this makes it easy and I digest and absorb my food so much better when I take them. (Posted on 12/3/2013)
5.0 ease of use by Cathy
Ease of use for someone on the go can't' be beat! Also knowing that these products are all herbal and good for your body versus others that are actually toxic for your body while claiming to be healing-well it's good to know that Donna Gates has researched everything so well and has used the products herself-also being a sufferer herself! all her products are awesome!!!! (Posted on 12/2/2013)
5.0 The Best Ever! by food enzymes/probiotic
This is the best food enzyme/probiotic product. Thank you! (Posted on 11/30/2013)
5.0 Clarkston by Mary
Very convenient and is a great product! (Posted on 11/29/2013)
5.0 Love it! by Lisa
I love this packet. Helps me to digest better!! So happy to cleanse my liver! Love everything Donna makes! It is all so quality and well thought out. Thanks Donna! Also try the Innergy Biotic for a great probiotic drink. I LOVE that stuff!!! It helps me digest and heal my gut too! Also the setvia....great stuff! I take the super greens too!! They are great!! (Posted on 11/21/2013)
5.0 feel fantastic by jody
Love this product, even got my mom started on it, she is 90 years young, and she has seen a difference in how she feels, her bowel m's are more regular. She really likes it and how convenient it is for her, not a lot of bottles to open.
Thank you. (Posted on 11/15/2013)
3.0 too soon to tell by lc
seems to be working on candida, but too soon to tell: only been taking it for three weeks. company offers $15 coupon to take this survey, then gives you a code which does not work.
(Posted on 11/15/2013)
5.0 It's like I have a new stomach! by Tanya
I bought the digestive multi care on a friend's advice and it made a huge difference. Now that I have run out, and I am almost back to normal, I realize just what a big difference sit made. I felt great all month, and could eat whatever I wanted, including foods that normally make me ill. Definitely worth trying! (Posted on 11/12/2013)
5.0 Digestive Care Multi by RL
I haven't used it long, but I can tell it is working
thoroughly throughout my system. I have used
many different enzymes for many years, but the combo of vitamins works synergistically on the whole system. I will definitely be ordering more. (Posted on 11/12/2013)
5.0 Amazing!!! by Alice
This product is a must have for me. I have tried so many different things, but these pills work! (Posted on 10/31/2013)
5.0 Best yet by Rich
Thought I was going to have to have my gallbladder removed but somehow everything got better after I started taking this product. Would highly recommend it. It is easy to take everywhere in this convenient packet. I don't always eat the healthiest foods and I hope this makes up for it. (Posted on 10/15/2013)
5.0 Review by goldenpetal
If a regular healthy colon is important I recommend this product (Posted on 10/14/2013)
5.0 I take it with me everywhere! by Lori
I love this product and it so convenient! (Posted on 10/10/2013)
5.0 Digestive Care Multi - best enzymes available for relief of symptoms! by Ellie
Digestive Care Multi continues to be the best product I've used to help with my digestive issues. I've tried others, but none give me the relief of symptoms that Digestive Care Multi does. (Posted on 10/8/2013)
5.0 Like the packets by Margo
I like the individual packets. I put several in my purse so I'm ready for any meals away from home. (Posted on 10/8/2013)
5.0 Love this product by Healthy
I love this product. It has helped me and my son with digestive problems. The multi paks are so easy to carry. (Posted on 10/7/2013)
5.0 preventative by Maris
It just makes sense to prevent any health issues that could surface. I've always been interested in whole health eating & lifestyle. These packets are a blessing: pure ingredients, easy to take any where & I feel great, lots of stamina & energy for a 12 hour shifts in an operating room. (Posted on 10/5/2013)
5.0 Tummy - flat! by Beth
I've been struggling with a belly that seemed never to go away and I thought it was just from having babies! Yes, there's a little extra there, but after using the Digestive Multi for a few weeks, my tummy is flat again! I feel more energized and more like myself. What a relief! (Posted on 10/4/2013)
5.0 Great combo by Rita
Glad all products are together. I muscle test to see which ones I need daily. (Posted on 10/3/2013)
4.0 good by CMB
Have used one box and noticing some improvement. Will continue for two months and see if progress continues. (Posted on 10/3/2013)
5.0 Very good product by Lana
Digestive care multy is a great product conveniently packaged,feel much better since started it (Posted on 10/3/2013)
5.0 Love! by EJ
DCM is everything I hoped it would be.
I'm feeling more energized and focused.
I find myself naturally taking the few extra minutes to make better food choices.
Also getting up to exercise without the
inner dialogue of procrastination to fight!
Yay! Last but not least!!! No gas and healthy looking regular bowel movement.
Thank you Donna!
(Posted on 10/2/2013)
5.0 great by ml
Great combo for gut health. (Posted on 10/1/2013)
5.0 Fantastic Product by Pam
I love the Digestive Care Multi packets. They are convenient (combining several products in one package), easy to use (home and out) and my digestion is so much better when I take them consistently! (Posted on 10/1/2013)
5.0 The Best Idea Ever! by Ginger
This product is the best idea ever! Who knew one could put everything together into one box and one program for the digestive system?
This covers everything and it's effective too.
How does it get any better than that>
I bought this for myself but actually gave it to a friend who was in digestive "desperation" and it worked like a miracle for her, getting her more balance and healthy in only a few days or weeks.
So I guess I'll try it now! :-)
Everyone should know about this one! (Posted on 9/30/2013)
5.0 i don't want to be without it! by p j
just the best. love the packets. (Posted on 9/28/2013)
5.0 Terrific by Norma
This product is so easy to use at home and on the go. Just four capsules and you are set with all your digestive needs and it is fabulous for your immune system and elimination. I really enjoy the many benefits of this easy to use packet. (Posted on 9/25/2013)
5.0 Love it! by Rieds
Great product, will buy again! (Posted on 9/25/2013)
5.0 really balancing by Maelle
the best digestive support ever. (Posted on 9/21/2013)
5.0 Amazing by GinaV
I've tried LOTS of high quality natural and herbal remedies.

One box of this proved to me that I didn't want to be without it.

Amazing. (Posted on 9/15/2013)
4.0 Helpful for Crohn's Disease by Maggie
My one complaint is that I received a notice that my purchase had shipped AFTER I had already received the product. And then I received a second notice telling me it shipped again.

I have Crohn's disease and struggle with maintaining my health. With the multi-pack I have been slowly gaining weight, going to the bathroom less and feeling more energetic. The multi-pack doesn't cure my disease but it helps make it more manageable. (Posted on 9/12/2013)
5.0 Relaxation by Blair F
Man this stuff helps me to be much calmer the way it fights candida. Since the second day taking it I immediately began having great solid bowel movements and increased energy. I'll be taking these vitamins for a long time. I've tried a ton of different natural products before and this stuff is legit. I only take 2 packets a day now. (Posted on 9/5/2013)
5.0 no more heartburn by Colleen
I have recently had severe heartburn - even worse than when I was pregnant! Nothing was working and it was waking me up at night. Since using the Digestive Care packets it is completely under control - no more tummy issues!! Love it! (Posted on 9/5/2013)
5.0 Best Digestion Aid Out There! by Carol
I started taking the Digestive Care Multi last Spring and it worked great!! No other digestion enzymes or candida products helped me like this one. Highly recommended!! (Posted on 9/2/2013)
5.0 So good by Julie
I get this coco biotic a few times a month . It tastes great works great is great. I love it and could drink one a day. (Posted on 8/29/2013)
4.0 Best Product by Tish
Convenient, effective, best digestive product ever. (Posted on 8/28/2013)
5.0 Amazing by Tish
This is the best product I have used from Body Ecology, although most of the digestive care products are very good.
This Multi pack is not only convenient, but works so well for me. I find that I am really regular now, and seems to be digesting my meals better. Thank you Donna Gates! (Posted on 8/28/2013)
4.0 Helpful by Maplehoney
Hardest part is remembering to take before eating but the individual packets are the major draw. (Posted on 8/24/2013)
5.0 So convenient by Diana
My husband & I recently went on a trip & my daughter insisted we take these packets. Needless to say it was a great idea as we felt supported on all levels & we both seemed to have extra energy to boot! We now use this product regularly : ) Thank you!! (Posted on 8/24/2013)
5.0 Fabulous! by Shayla
I cannot recommend this product highly enough! It has made a world of difference not only in my digestion and complexion, but I notice bowel movements are better formed and much easier to pass. I've been taking these pouches for over a month and do not want to be without them. Bravo! Convenient and effective. Well done. (Posted on 8/19/2013)
5.0 Working! by Nat
Have been taking Digestive MultiPaks and can see and feel changes taking place. My skin is clearing up and energy seems better. I know a month from now it will even be better! AWESOME! (Posted on 8/15/2013)
5.0 Great to travel with by Jennette
Love this product and how easy it is to take along where ever you go! (Posted on 8/15/2013)
5.0 love by jody
I am gluten intolerant, dealing with bloating, digestion issues, purchased a month supply of Multi care pack, I am starting to notice a difference in how I feel. It is working great! Love that I don't have to buy several bottles. I would differently recommend this product. (Posted on 8/14/2013)
5.0 Easy when eating out by prsl
I take the other Body Ecology digestive aids most times but find these very convenient when you have lunch/dinner out or to take on trips and holidays. Love how easy it is to carry them around! (Posted on 8/14/2013)
5.0 Candida-Be-Gone by TrishC
Had to remind myself to talk it, but this worked incredibly well. (Posted on 8/10/2013)
5.0 Very awesome! Totally worked. Buying more. by Trish
Can't say more. This worked, and it showed me just how bad my candida issue really is. (Posted on 8/10/2013)
4.0 Great Digestive Aids by Brooke
Great product and super convenient to take on trips! (Posted on 8/8/2013)
5.0 taking it slowly by sue
I'm taking it slowly....but I like this product. I can see the advantages already. I don't have a great digestive system and wanted to try Digestive Care Multi. I like the individual packets because I can carry it with me when heading out to lunch/dinner. (Posted on 8/6/2013)
5.0 love by stacers
I just bought a months supply. Love these digestive aids. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
4.0 Good by Noel
The product has helped w/ constipation but not the bloating. Would like to know if it is one or all three that works for me (Posted on 8/4/2013)
5.0 Great ! by Tony
Great product ! (Posted on 8/3/2013)
5.0 Best Purchase EVER by Kris
I have been taking these for 2 months now- what a HUGE difference I have seen. More energy, clear skin, and keeps me on track.
These are so easy, throw a few packs in my purse and no worries for the day.
They help me with overall clarity as well. A true total body A+++ (Posted on 7/31/2013)
5.0 Marked Improvement by Mia
Very convenient vs packing multiple supplements every day; better still, this product helps immensely (Posted on 7/28/2013)
5.0 Easy to use by Cindy
I was buying all the separate bottles and having to separate them and put each individual capsul together to take with me. this is so easy because they are all already in a handy envelope easy to carry and take with you. (Posted on 7/27/2013)
4.0 convenient and effective by rainey
the digestive multis travel with me daily since who knows when an opportunity to eat good food arises
very effective (Posted on 7/27/2013)
5.0 Love by Yogis facet
I take a packet with my largest meal if the day, as opposed to each meal, and really love how it makes me feel. It seems that my food is digested faster, more efficient and I feel great. (Posted on 7/26/2013)
5.0 Great supplemens by Julie Mahannah
Great product the convenient package allows you to take them with every meal. They really make a difference and work well on the BED diet. (Posted on 7/23/2013)
5.0 I love it. by Ann
I've been using Body Ecology products for a couple of years and really like the packages. I feel as if everything works well in my body. I showed it to my doctor and he asked "where did you get this?" He thought it was great. (Posted on 7/19/2013)
4.0 Great products by K
This product gives me peace of mind - I know my food is digested well if I take it. (Posted on 7/17/2013)
3.0 unsure by Jill
I took these for a month, they are very convenient, but unsure as to the results. Will give it another try for a month or two and see if I notice more improvement. (Posted on 7/16/2013)
5.0 Love it!! by Kristy
I use this everyday. I can tell such a difference in my digestion! (Posted on 7/12/2013)
5.0 Highly recommend it to others. by Norma
Digestive Care Multi solve my digestive problem(constipation and bloating). I took the multi-pack 3 times a day on the first and second box. I am now on my third box. I am taking it 2 times a day(lunch and dinner). Today the multi-pack I opened for dinner was lacking one capsule (white capsule is missing). I do not know what it is for. There were only three capsules in the pack. Because they are expensive, I think there must be quality control in packing them. Ensure the multi-pack has all the 4 assorted capsules in it before placing them in the box and separately reprocess those with missing capsule(check and refill the missing capsule and re-pack it). I still have 3 boxes unopened. I hope I will not find anymore missing capsule in them. However, I sincerely appreciate for putting all these assorted capsules in one convenient multi-pack ready to go with my lunch box to work. Thank you, Donna! (Posted on 7/10/2013)
4.0 Convenience & combo pack; excellent idea by Debra
I like being able to travel with the pack.
It seems to be helping 'acid reflex' and digestion problems. (Posted on 7/8/2013)
4.0 Digestive Care Multi by RitaS
It was a great idea to combine all of these products together. I use to purchase them separately. I muscle test each capsule before taking it because I may not need to take all four.
(Posted on 7/5/2013)
5.0 These supplements really work! by Greengirl1991
After trying countless digestive-support supplements, I can honestly say that the Body Ecology supplements are the most effective ones out there! After years of constipation, gas, and bloating, my digestion has improved over the course of several days since I started taking the Digestive Care Multi! (Posted on 6/30/2013)
5.0 Best Product by Terri
This is the best product I've tried. It helps with so many things on the Body Ecology plan. I can't do without it now that I've tried it. Really good! (Posted on 6/29/2013)
5.0 Great product by Rhino
Love the results. Feel great, will be a regular customer (Posted on 6/27/2013)
5.0 I use this every day by Amanda
I'm so happy BE came up with this product. It is so easy to carry a couple of these packets in my purse for occasions when I eat outside home. This also makes certain I supplement with minerals probiotics throughout the day, rather than only in the morning when I take all of my supplements. My gut is feeling better in the two months since I started using this. (Posted on 6/24/2013)
4.0 Improved health by Nanalou
As I have begun to follow the Body Ecology diet and started to use the Digestive Care Multi my health is improving. The fatigue and body ache are subsiding and my stamina is increasing. This is big for me as I haven't felt well for a long time. These are the first supplements that have really helped me. Purchasing the Multi pack made it easy for me to get started and try several supplements without a big investment and has also been especially convenient when we have been traveling. I am really thankful for the Body Ecology program. (Posted on 6/23/2013)
5.0 excellent by VLin MD
Digestive care multi improved my overall health and digestive well-being. It came in convenient packages that are great for going out of town. Great product! (Posted on 6/23/2013)
5.0 AwesomE! by Bgee
I LOVE this combo, and the packaging couldn't be more convenient. (Posted on 6/22/2013)
5.0 jAwesome by nina
I've been using this product for a couple of months now and I am seeing slow but steady progress. Thank you Donna! (Posted on 6/21/2013)
5.0 Excellent Product by Debbie M
I highly recommend this product. It has helped resolve many of my digestive issues. I have been using it for about 3 months now and will continue. I like the individual packets. It makes it really easy to carry with you wherever you go. (Posted on 6/18/2013)
5.0 Feeling Better by Mary
I love this product. It's my first time using it and has worked wonders. (Posted on 6/18/2013)
5.0 helpful product by dtricks
I really appreciate the convienence of the packaging.
(Posted on 6/17/2013)
4.0 Love it! by Jennette
Love the how easy it is to travel with the packets. Ordering more today! (Posted on 6/16/2013)
5.0 Convenient by KarenD
Haven't actually tried these yet--have been doing the program old school, but so many people have remarked on the convenience factor of having these packets that I am going for it. I don't spend my money easily so this is saying something. (Posted on 6/12/2013)
5.0 The Perfect Packet by Serenity Wellness for Women
I love this combination of digestive aids! As a colon hydrotherapist, I routinely recommend my clients take them to facilitate our process of cleansing the colon. I also take them daily to keep my liver supple and happy, my thyroid nourished and my digestive tract in balance. (Posted on 6/10/2013)
5.0 Digestive CARE by lind64
Have improved digestive elimination like clock work (Posted on 6/9/2013)
5.0 great convenient by nico
I had to take a break from this for a few weeks recently -- no probiotics as I was doing some testing to assess my gut. So happy to be back with it & especially appreciating that it targets so many different things.
Thanks : ) (Posted on 6/8/2013)
3.0 still assessing value of product by sb
I believe I've been taking it for about 2 months, and still not sure if it is helping. (Posted on 6/6/2013)
4.0 Seems to be working! by Nerp17
I tried the Digestive Care Multi for a month and I've definitely noticed less bloating, which was a HUGE issue for me since I am vegan and eat a ton of veggies and fruits. I think my skin is clearer as well, but I don't know if that's from this or if it's just a coincidence. As far as candida clean-up - which I'm pretty sure I need - I can't tell yet, I think I need to take it for longer to determine results. And regarding energy, again, I'm pretty active and generally didn't have much of an energy problem to begin with, so I can't comment on that. (Posted on 6/5/2013)
5.0 Awesome!! by Snooks
Wouldn't be without this product; it works awesome! Thank You! (Posted on 5/31/2013)
4.0 Good Stuff by Freddie,*RN
Works great. I became pretty regular taking this product. All these products help me feel great with an amazing amount of energy!! (Posted on 5/22/2013)
4.0 Convenient product by Dana
This product if good, works well for me but it is not cheap and I take it once a day with my dinner. (Posted on 5/21/2013)
5.0 Taking over 3 weeks by zenartist
My acid reflux and hiatel hernia area is healing. My intestines feel better and lighter although I never thought they felt bad actually. I am losing weight and have lost more per week than in the past. All in all I will never be without these packets. (Posted on 5/20/2013)
4.0 convenient and effective by rainey
this product is convenient in its packaging and effective in its contents
thank you (Posted on 5/20/2013)
4.0 effective by rainey
digestive care multi is my favorite product at the moment...for convenience in packaging and effectiveness of the contents
well done, and thank you (Posted on 5/20/2013)
5.0 it greatly improved my gut! by stella
It did everything it claimed it would! (Posted on 5/17/2013)
5.0 Excellent by Avi
Convenient to have and helps with my digestion. (Posted on 5/15/2013)
5.0 brilliant! by sashatastic
I love these! I've never felt better. I take the 3 a day sometimes and then will cut back and do one a day for a little while- they cleanse it up again- they're amazing!

I highly recommend! (Posted on 5/15/2013)
5.0 A recommendation for every client needing digestive support by Wellspring Wellness (Charlotte NC)
This product worked so well for me I now recommend it for any client needing any of the included elements of the digestive care supplement by body ecology. My digestion has significantly improved and is by far the best value out there I have found for such high quality combo product. (Posted on 5/14/2013)
5.0 SO effective!! by Milly
I am just so amazed at how relaxed my abdomenal region felt after taking this product for a few days! SUCH a great feeling:). I have next to no bloating, am less tired after I eat and digestion just goes better!! Thank you so much!!! (Posted on 5/13/2013)
4.0 Very Good Product by Jacqui
I am taking Digestive Care Multi to assist in getting candida under control. It has been working very well for me. I will continue to take it for an extended period because it also aids with digestion and my liver. (Posted on 5/13/2013)
5.0 Excellent product with wonderful results! by Meg
I have started using Digestive Care Multi for the first time in recent weeks & it is helping my difficult digestion & adrenal situation enormously, and I am even sleeping through the night now, rather than constantly waking up in the middle of the because of digestive issues. Thank you Body Ecology! (Posted on 5/12/2013)
5.0 Great Product! by Sonia
I love the convenience of having these four supplements packaged together. I can just throw them in my bag and take them to work or wherever I am going. My digestive issues have lessened since beginning them and I have been more regular. I am looking forward to even more healing of my gut with continued use. (Posted on 5/12/2013)
5.0 very good! by SF CA
Great product, and so convenient for dining out and traveling! (Posted on 5/11/2013)
4.0 Working Well So Far by Bruce
So far, this product has been working really well to help balance digestion and reduce bloating for the user. It is great to have one supplement rather than having to use many. (Posted on 5/10/2013)
5.0 Incredible! by Momma8blessings
This product is fabulous! After having years of gas and bloating after about a week's use it was gone! I really believe this is helping to heal my gut as well.
Thanks Body Ecology! (Posted on 5/10/2013)
Taken even 2x/day, this product worked like an intestinal broom. Great for spring cleanse! (Posted on 5/9/2013)
1.0 Hesitant to recommend by grinrevere
I appreciate the literature on this product and the approach. However, using it has not been a good experience. While I expect some die off reaction, which in further researching is NOT a healthy thing unlike what CS for your company told me, I have had frequent headaches and my energy has plummeted over the time I've been on the product. I've taken supplements to ease any of which might be die off reactions where were recommended to me by a practitioner, but after a month my state of well-being has not improved. In addition I have gained weight while doing much more physical activity and healthy eating. (Posted on 5/8/2013)
5.0 Excellent by Tish
This digestive care multi is convenient to use, and works so well. I find that I am disgesting meals better, less bloating and eliminating regularly. Thank you! (Posted on 5/8/2013)
4.0 Good Success So Far by Bruce
This product was purchased for a family member who has struggled with Candida, bloating, and Fibromyalgia. So far, the product seems to be helping with the bloating, and some of the symptoms and works better than taking all the individual supplements on their own (e.g., probiotics). We definitely will be order another two month supply to see whether this continues the progress that we are seeing. (Posted on 5/5/2013)
5.0 great enery by MB
I work 12 hour shifts in an operating room,unable to take bathroom breaks at will. I love this packet of energy & find i have more stamina through out the day & less offensive gas. (Posted on 5/5/2013)
5.0 Excellent by Sue
I like this product a lot. The little packages are convenient for travel, but I wish the product also came in a form that uses less packaging. Overall, this is a very good product, which really does what it says it does. (Posted on 5/5/2013)
5.0 excellent product by sharon
feel great and could eat a tire w/this product and digest it well! (Posted on 5/4/2013)
5.0 Easy take along packets by Dee
Great combination of dig enzymes, minerals and a liver power cleanse that relieves constipation. Super easy to take when traveling especially! Love it! (Posted on 5/4/2013)
5.0 Wonderful and convenient by out of the box
I use several BE supplements, but was
happy to find this product. Works well and
convenient. Thank you. (Posted on 5/4/2013)
5.0 Great for vacation! by Kena
I love the cocobiotic and use it everyday at home. These Digestive Care Multis are perfect when I am away from home all day or travel. (Posted on 5/3/2013)
5.0 Great Product by LTS
I trust the purity of Body Ecology products. It is convenient to be able to have 4 supplements in one pack instead of having 4 bottles. This multi care really helps with digestion. (Posted on 4/28/2013)
5.0 The Best by Lill
The best digestive aid I've ever used. Such a great combination. (Posted on 4/28/2013)
2.0 Not very "ecological" by dinnij
30 individual "plastic" wrapped bags-- not very ecologically friendly. There must be another way, if only just providing four bottles and making us actually do some work. Our "personal convenience" shouldn't always trump doing what is right for the world.

And of my box of 30 doses, 6 packets were missing one of the 4 capsules. That is a 20% failure rate.

A big fan of BE in general. VERY unhappy about this particular purchase. (Posted on 4/28/2013)
5.0 Excellent and convienent by maggpie
Great product. Aids greatly with digestion and is very convienent. (Posted on 4/27/2013)
4.0 great product by Jimmy
Have been taking for 2 mos and feel much better overall (Posted on 4/25/2013)
5.0 Great supplement by Ph balanced
This is an amazing supplement, and an easy way to get all the BE supplements you need at every meal. I feel and look better after taking these. They're expensive, but I'm going to continue with them for a long time. I use them for lunch and dinner, and the packs last longer. Give them a try! (Posted on 4/24/2013)
4.0 No problem taking these by satkins
I have been taking these fit a couple weeks & they don't cause any problem with my stomach. Haven't notice any bug improvement yet but it takes time. (Posted on 4/24/2013)
5.0 This really helped regulate my digestion! by CJ
I was amazed by the way this pack regulated my digestion. I'd definitely recommend it! (Posted on 4/21/2013)
4.0 feeling good by Cassie06
I have been using digestive multi care now for 2 months. I told my husband a week into using it that I just felt better, especially waking up first thing in the morning. I feel like I have more energy and less digestive issues than I have had in the past. What I really like is that it has multiple cleansing features along with the probiotics and digestive enzymes so I was able to eliminate some of the other stand alone expensive supplements I was taking. (Posted on 4/18/2013)
2.0 Harsh!!!!! by Buckeye girl
I have tried many Body Ecology products with wonderful results. Unfortunately this product was more than I could handle!!! Felt nauseous and developed hemmroids, which has never happened to me so it was quite scary !!!!! Now I'm left with a full box and a half not used (Posted on 4/17/2013)
5.0 convenient all-around multi by Tammy
Easy for home, travel. I do not have the need for several vitamins and compartments anymore just one packet and I am on the go. Great. Thank you! (Posted on 4/16/2013)
4.0 Great stuff by Byrd
At first, I didn't notice anything, but as the month passed I noticed less bloating and gas and indigestion. I still get some, but I am experiencing a vast improvement while taking this product. (Posted on 4/14/2013)
5.0 excellent product by jms
It took a few days for my body to adjust to this product. The results have been fantastic. My digestion has greatly improved. I will continue taking this productd. I will recommend it to my family and friends. (Posted on 4/14/2013)
5.0 Very effective by Kaz
My husband who years ago had perforated ulcer and was recently having gastrointestinal distress. We started taking Digestive Care Multi and he symptoms are gone! He feels that this product helped him to heal the distress. Normally I have to convince him to take supplements, he and I are both sold on this product. (Posted on 4/13/2013)
4.0 Digestive Care Multi by JB
Love the convenience of having the essentials for good digestion in one packet! Also love the 30 day supply option. I haven't noticed much of a difference health wise yet, but these seem like high quality products and I will definitely be ordering more. (Posted on 4/13/2013)
5.0 Perfect Supplement by serenitywomen
I love this combination of supplements! They work so perfectly and effectively together as a comprehensive digestive aid, mild but powerful detoxifier for the liver (more bile flow = better elimination) as well as boosting immunity with the minerals. I'm a colon hydrotherapist, and I recommend my clients take these easy-to-use packs during their colonic series in order to facilitate the elimination and cleansing process. So easy and so effective! Thank you Donna Gates for offering such awesome quality products! (Posted on 4/13/2013)
5.0 Convenience with great results! by Barbara
This is a great product that does exactly what the company proclaims it will do. I have MS and have noted a big improvement in my entire digestive process along with an over-all increase in energy. Thank you for this product! (Posted on 4/11/2013)
4.0 Good by Sue
I like the product. It has been helpful in keeping me regular. I would like to know what each individual capsle is. (Posted on 4/11/2013)
5.0 Convenient by Kim
So easy and convenient to use. I was on the diet for 3 months before purchasing the product and noticed a change within the first week of taking them. (Posted on 4/10/2013)
5.0 Very pleased with product by Brownie
Digestion was improved and I had less bloating while using Digestive Care Multi. It contains a good balance of nutrients. (Posted on 4/9/2013)
5.0 Great product especially for Travel by Val
I can not say enough about the Body Ecology products! They are the best! I took the Digestive Care Muilti on a trip. Not only was is convenient, and cost effective, it kept me very regular. (Posted on 4/9/2013)
5.0 Convenient for travel by Susan C
Just purchased these handy packages for while on the road. Convenient packaging and as always a great product. Notice an improvement in digestion when I take these with each meal. Thanks again Body Ecology! (Posted on 4/9/2013)
4.0 First month so far so good by Margo
The Digestive Care Multi individual packets are very convenient; I can just grab one and go and know that I will have everything I need for a meal away from home.
FYI to future customers: they contain the LivAmend so you don't need to purchase that separately unless you want to take more each day. (Posted on 4/8/2013)
5.0 digestive care multi by Betsy
I love this product and refer it to many people! It is easy ad simple and my body loves it! (Posted on 4/8/2013)
3.0 ok by n/a
I'm sure it's a wonderful product. I started giving it to my son when it made my stomach feel like it was going to blow up. He seems to be doing fine with them. (Posted on 4/8/2013)
5.0 Very Effective by JP
I purchased the 10 day supply and it worked wonders for me. I was impressed because other colon cleanse, candida, and mineral supplements have not done for me what this 10 day supply could do. After having issues with candida and constipation, this cleared it up. (Posted on 4/7/2013)
4.0 Glad I tried this by Nancy
I have tried many things to treat a resistant yeast overgrowth. I was particularly interested in DMC because of hemicellulase's ability to break through the cell wall of yeast. I noticed a significant change in my gut within a few days so I am sold on this product. I still have a problem with yeast overgrowth on my tongue but am treating that by another means. (Posted on 4/7/2013)
5.0 Great product!!!! by Meena
I have used one box of the Digestive Care Multi and I have noticed a change in the way my digestive system is working. After taking only one packet I felt my stomach relax and feel better. (Posted on 4/6/2013)
4.0 Easy on my stomach!! by Cynthia
I shy away from anything in pill form, as my stomach acts up when I take pills. The first thing I noticed was no acting up or pain! Later I had more energy to accomplish, which is always nice! Later Even better, that which exited was not at all offensive. I really like the product and they are conveniently packaged, however, I felt it very expensive.
(Posted on 4/5/2013)
5.0 Perfect!! by nico
I'm feeling really good about these little packets -- like I'm getting everything I need to support digestion/assimilation/gut health etc. & it's all so simple. Granted I have a ways to go with regards to healing some of my issues, but I have noticed better digestion this past month & I'm about to re-order : ) Thanks for the great product!! (Posted on 4/4/2013)
5.0 Gentle and effective by Karen
I purchased the 30 day supply and began to see wonderful improvements to my digestion in the first 10 days. I will buy this product again! (Posted on 4/4/2013)
4.0 love this product by ce
The convenience of this product is wonderful. has everything I want in one portable packet. (Posted on 4/4/2013)
5.0 Great product! by Sherri
I really like this product. Digestion has never been better! (Posted on 4/2/2013)
5.0 Love the all-in-one by Eliza
Both my aging parents have been taking this with very noticeable improvements to their digestive and overall health. I plan on starting as well as soon as I finish up my individual bottles of livamend, enzymes, and minerals. I'm thrilled that Donna Gates has come out with an "all-in-one." It is very convenient and cost effective if you have been doing the total system of products. (Posted on 4/2/2013)
5.0 Great product by Snooks
This product keeps my system regulated like nothing else I've tried. Convenient too! (Posted on 4/1/2013)
4.0 Very convenient by ES
It helps with digestion and bloating. Very good (Posted on 4/1/2013)
5.0 Convenient by Elly
I love the convenience of all 4 pills packaged together... easy to take if you are going out. (Posted on 3/31/2013)
5.0 easy to use by Mary
Very convenient to carry on the go. I am consistent with taking these pkgs. @ work. I feel more energy, less body aches. (Posted on 3/31/2013)
4.0 liked the product by Mary
Liked the product. Think it works. the real test will be on my husband!! His digestive system is in real trouble.

I'll let you know after nest order.
Mary (Posted on 3/31/2013)
5.0 Digestive Care Multi by AvalonCheryl
It worked well to keep my system running smoothly and what I liked best was it was so easy to just tuck the packets into my purse so i didn't miss a dosage. (Posted on 3/30/2013)
4.0 Great! by CJ
This product really helped to regulate my digestion. I'm glad to have found it! (Posted on 3/30/2013)
4.0 Giving it a try by Sharon
I have used this product for 1 month now. I am committed to a 3-month trial to determine if these supplements are making a difference for me. I have reordered and will be starting my 2nd month. Body Ecology products have made a world of difference in my health so I am hoping that I will benefit from these also.
(Posted on 3/30/2013)
5.0 Love the convenience! by Alexandra
I love how convenient these pouches are -- I keep several packets in my purse so I always have my digestive aids at my fingertips, even when on the go and harried! I feel really great taking these. And I love how simple it is. Thanks for making life easier, Body Ecology! (Posted on 3/29/2013)
3.0 Good product by K
It's an overall good product after some initial getting used to. I have found it helpful with digestive discomfort (Posted on 3/28/2013)
3.0 It helps by K
I have noticed less digestive discomfort. It took a while to adjust to the products in the beginning but overall a good product (Posted on 3/28/2013)
5.0 Great product by KRoss
This is a great product! Great results! My whole family is taking it and they have even commented on how convenient having the packets is. Thankyou! (Posted on 3/28/2013)
5.0 digestive care by virtuoso
i always go through a digestive adjustment in the spring. this kit had me back online in 10 days (Posted on 3/26/2013)
5.0 Smooth move by Jill
Great product! It took a few weeks...but now I'm experiencing smooth consistent cleansings.Easy and convienient and a feeling of confidence that all bases are covered! Love that the bacteria that conquers candida is in this product. It's all about ridding oneself of the big C! Hail to Donna! (Posted on 3/26/2013)
5.0 Great Product by EG
I couldn't agree more with the other reviews. The convenience of the package is very helpful when trying to stick with a not so convenient diet.

The combination of these supplements has made the first few weeks of die-off symptoms much easier to handle and I will certainly be ordering more. (Posted on 3/26/2013)
5.0 great by karen eddings
really helps gas and bloating; convenient to use; (Posted on 3/26/2013)
5.0 Excellent by Lynn
I'm recovering from h-pylori and wanted something to improve my gut issues and improve my immune system. I've been using this for a couple of weeks and think its great! (Posted on 3/25/2013)
4.0 Digestive Care Multi by
This product is great and I would buy it again. (Posted on 3/25/2013)
great product by Sil
Love the combo packs..easy to take and travel with. I have more energy and a flatter stomach/Abdomen..and I love the (3) pack for $ 20 is worth it!!
Grateful for Donna..Thanks (Posted on 3/25/2013)
5.0 gentle but effective by AK
this product is gentle and easy to use. its a balanced approach to achieving a balanced gut environment. I like that the pills are grouped in individual pouches- great for travel!
I would use it every day for life if the price were more reasonable (Posted on 3/25/2013)
4.0 An overall great product by Shantate
I wish each dose was only one pill, rather than four. However, the ingredients all work well to keep my digestive system running smoothly. (Posted on 3/25/2013)
5.0 Love this product by ks
This combo pack works very efficiently and I appreciated the way it is packaged for easy use. (Posted on 3/24/2013)
5.0 everything I need in one packet by Cyndi
I've been taking the digestive care multi for a couple weeks now and really love the convenience of it, I was buying everything seperately and it was such a pain. So glad to have found something of this quality that has everything I wanted. Great for on the go too. (Posted on 3/24/2013)
5.0 Love! by Space
I'm a long time follower of Body Ecology and love the products. I LOVE the ease of this product! It takes all the counting and planing out of taking these very effective supplements. I just toss a few packets in my purse and keep a few at work and I'm always prepared for the day. After following BED for years I'm doing well but during times of stress this combo helps A LOT. Will definitively keep ordering! (Posted on 3/24/2013)
5.0 This product works by Amy
I have tried just about everything to combat Candida, and within the first week of taking the Digestive Care my symptoms were gone. (Posted on 3/24/2013)
4.0 Good product, but very expensive by Allie
I've been taking this product for about a month now and it really does seem to make a difference in my digestion and my overall health. The only problem is, of course, the price. I've decided to take the packet once a day and supplement it with the Assist pill twice a day. Other than the price, it's a fantastic product. (Posted on 3/23/2013)
5.0 Great Product by Linda
I love this new product! The packets are so easy to carry with me when I travel plus I know that I putting the right amounts of enzymes, probiotics, etc. throughout the day. Thank you! (Posted on 3/23/2013)
5.0 Wonderful!!!!! by Shaman26
I love the packaging. It's so convenient. I find I take the digestive supplements more regularly because they are so convenient in the individual package. And, I've noticed how potent this combination is for a happier belly!!! (Posted on 3/23/2013)
5.0 NEVER felt this good! by Maria Larson
I have recently started the new digestive care multi, the meal planning and colonic series. I have NEVER felt this good in my whole life!!!

I just want Donna to know how grateful I am for what she does and the changes she brought into my life, I am forever grateful. (Posted on 3/19/2013)
4.0 description is perfectly correct by MC
If you read what the description states that ONE BOX is equal to 10 DAYS if used as directed. There is an option upon purchase for a ONE MONTH supply (3 boxes @$20ea.) should you want to buy the one month supply.
(Posted on 2/28/2013)
5.0 10 day supply by Patty
I clearly states it is a 10 day supply and you need 3 boxes for a 1 month supply. (Posted on 2/28/2013)
3.0 Monthly supply? by martuxa
If a monthly supply is 30 packets, and you're supposed to take 1 packet 3 times a day, just how exactly is it a one moth supply? Shouldn't it be 90 packets in a one month supply box?
I'm sure the product is great (and like the idea of packages, very convenient), but the description seems misleading. (Posted on 2/25/2013)
2.0 Wish could buy separately by Mary
I really wish you could buy these separately. I can't do the Liver Cleanse or Mineral because I can't currently take anything herbal. Would love the Probiotic and Enzymes on their own. Buying Full Assist Enzymes and Probiotics bottles do not have all the same ingredients as this package does. :( (Posted on 2/21/2013)

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