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Feed Your Probiotics

  • Helps to enhance immunity
  • Food for the good bacteria in your gut
  • Helps fight constipation
  • Helps release stress
  • Helps improve liver function
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  • Non GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

If you're trying to build the population of fat-fighting, immune-enhancing good bacteria in your gut, you need to know about prebiotics and EcoBloom.

EcoBloom is food for the good bacteria in your gut. Help your microflora do their job by adding EcoBloom to fermented foods and drinks, salad dressings and more.

Prebiotics Help Probiotics
Prebiotics are simply food for the probiotics (good bacteria) in your gut.

Probiotics (or microflora) live in your intestinal tract and help you digest food, assimilate more nutrients, and fight the growth of bad bacteria and infections.

Prebiotics feed the probiotics. By providing the good bacteria and yeast with plenty of food to dine upon, pre-biotics allow the pro-biotics to multiply more rapidly.

Fermented foods and liquids provide an excellent way to add probiotics to your digestive tract.

If you also include prebiotics as a part of your healthy diet, you can make your gut FAR more attractive to the disease-fighting probiotics, encouraging them to flourish inside you as they help make you healthier and happier.

EcoBloom: The Prebiotic Superstar
The easiest and most versatile way to add prebiotics to your diet is by using EcoBloom.

EcoBloom is 100% natural powder chicory extract FrutaFit, Inulin (often called FOS). FOS is fructooligosaccharides, which serves as food for beneficial microflora.

In Europe, FOS is added to everything from mashed potatoes to baked goods.

At Body Ecology, we add EcoBloom to everything from fermented foods to beverages and salad dressings.

Take a look at all the benefits attributed to FOS as it helps promote the growth of the beneficial microflora that live inside you. You'll soon see why EcoBloom is an important part of your healthy diet.

EcoBloom FOS may be just the prebiotic you need if you:

  • Experience constipation
  • Have finished taking a course of antibiotics
  • Have a history of poor eating habits
  • Visit foreign countries where "travelers' diarrhea is a risk
  • Are under constant stress
  • Would like to aid your digestion and improve absorption of calcium
  • Want to discourage swings in blood sugar
  • Want to maintain optimal liver function
  • Would like to maintain your cardiovascular health
  • Need to maintain optimal immune function, especially in long-term care facilities or hospitals, where there is increased risk of bacterial infection.

EcoBloom makes a great addition to your kitchen because it is so versatile and so beneficial.

  • Add EcoBloom to your fermented foods instead of sugar, to make them even more potent and healthy.
  • Sprinkle EcoBloom into salad dressings, sauces or gravy add a silky-smooth texture.
  • Mix your EcoBloom with any hot or cold beverage to add body and healthy benefits.

You need food for your body, but your body and your intestines need food for the immune-boosting bacteria.

Feed your beneficial bacteria with plenty prebiotic EcoBloom. Your pro-biotics will never go hungry again!

EcoBloom quickly boosts the growth of beneficial microflora. This suppresses the growth of pathogens, reduces toxins in the liver and colon and stimulates the immune system.

Research has shown FOS with beneficial bacteria reduce the pH of the colon thus enhancing mineral absorption, especially calcium.

Ingredients include
Ecobloom is 100% natural powder chicory extract FrutaFit, Inulin (often called FOS). FOS is fructooligosaccharides, which serves as food for beneficial microfloral. 8 ounces.

Suggested Use
Use EcoBloom in cultured foods instead of sugar. Cultured foods become more potent when EcoBloom is added to the mixture.

Sprinkle EcoBloom into salad dressings, sauces or gravy and improve their texture and "mouthfeel". In beverages it adds body.

Mix 1-3 scoops with kefir starter, cultured vegetable starter, or any hot or cold beverage. In Europe, FOS is added to just about everything including mashed potatoes and baked goods.

  • Non GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
EcoBloom Ingredients

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5.0 Great product by Karoline'
I use this in my smoothie I found it has help my body digest my food better. (Posted on 6/12/2017)
5.0 Easy to use. by Paige
I use this mostly to make my coconut water kefir and coconut cheese kefir. But, I also love adding it to our smoothies to get extra prebiotic in us. (Posted on 5/31/2017)
5.0 Excellent by Margarita
Quality is wonderful, I love that it is 100% natural, dissolves colorless and tasteless so even the boys get some now and then. Good price for the amount of product. I'm in month two of mine. Thank you! (Posted on 5/29/2017)
5.0 Will keep buying it. by michelle
I use ecobloom to make my water kefir and every time I add a spoon it makes a lot of difference. I love it. It's a must in my pantry. (Posted on 5/21/2017)
4.0 seems to be a good product by Judy
Added to my starters; easy to incorporate, tastes fine. (Posted on 5/20/2017)
5.0 Thanks for Offering EcoBloom by Julie
I use EcoBloom rather than a "sugar" for coconut kifer and cultured vegetables. Both always turn out great! (Posted on 5/19/2017)
5.0 Ecobloom by william
Best prebiotic (Posted on 4/9/2017)
5.0 Insurance by Jill
I know all bases are covered when I add ecobloom to the culture starters. My gut is very happy. Happy gut happy life! (Posted on 4/5/2017)
5.0 Delicious & effective by Cassandra
The Bifidus Power Blend is a delicious and healthy way of adding pre-biotics to your diet. We have used Bifidus in our salad dressings, in our coconut water keifer, and so enjoy the taste and the benefits of adding pre-biotics into our diet. (Posted on 3/20/2017)
5.0 Yeast Cleanse by Garry A
My Chiropractor likes to use a weeding method on the weekends and a seeding & feeding method during the week. Part of the feeding method includes supplementing with a good quality inulin and when I showed him the Ecobloom he was quite satisfied that I had a good quality fiber to feed the good bacteria! (Posted on 3/16/2017)
5.0 EcoBloom by Pooja
The Body Ecology EcoBloom is an extremely convenient way to start my day with Prebiotics. (Posted on 3/9/2017)
4.0 I believe it is doing good stuff! by Christine
I am not entirely sure what this is doing for me as I am taking many things... it certainly isn't causing anything negative. I do notice however that it is bulking up my stools a bit, but not making me constipated at all... in fact it is probably making me more regular! Again, hard to really say though as I am taking a lot of stuff and I have a journey ahead of me. I trust body ecology products though and I think having a prebiotic is important to helping the good flora blossom! (Posted on 3/7/2017)
5.0 Love It! by Shelly
I have been using EcoBloom for several months now and I feel so much better. I have had issues with candida for a long time and have struggled with so many food sensitivities. Since using EcoBloom, when I occasionally go out to eat, I don't have to worry that I will be severely sick the next day. Thank you Body Ecology!!! (Posted on 2/15/2017)
5.0 Excellent product by Francine
We are big fans of this product. We have used it for all 3 of our children whom we adopted. We have had huge success with improving their digestion using this product and others and strictly following a healthy gut diet. (Posted on 2/10/2017)
5.0 Excellent by Marge
Wish I knew of this years ago. Love it. Thank you (Posted on 2/2/2017)
5.0 Great taste! by Kara
I had this product whenever I need a dash of sweetness to my cooking. It's both tasty and nutritious. (Posted on 2/1/2017)
5.0 BODY BLOOM by tamara
This product gets added to my coffee and my kefir or yogurt.
Has helped with elimination. (Posted on 12/27/2016)
5.0 Love this stuff, already ordered two more of it by con
It mixed well and I do believe it truly helps feed the good guys. (Posted on 12/24/2016)
5.0 Excellent for humans and animals by Eowyn
This product is assisting my senior cats (ages 17 and 19) who have constipation issues. I'm taking it, as well, to help my body heal from leaky gut. All of us also take probiotics daiIy. No issues about getting the cats to eat it - both they and I find the taste very palatable. (Posted on 12/18/2016)
5.0 This really helps my digestion by SD
Ecobloom helps my digestion- (Posted on 11/10/2016)
5.0 great in my tea by Barbara
I drink this every morning and evening in my tea. Love the taste and love how it makes me feel. (Posted on 10/6/2016)
5.0 Great stuff! by Andrea
I was introduced to EcoBloom when I started making cultured vegetables. When I started researching detox and herbs further I began adding a scoop to my smoothies and raw goodies just to keep things flowing and I love the stuff! (Posted on 9/26/2016)
5.0 Tasty by Jana
I really like the way this sweetener tastes. My tract feels better, I dont have any constipation anymore. (Posted on 9/2/2016)
5.0 ensures a great ferment by Camille
Just follow Donna's instructions, including EcoBloom, for fool-proof cultured foods. (Posted on 8/29/2016)
5.0 Magical by Joyce
This is magical!!! (Posted on 8/27/2016)
5.0 Great Product by Julie
I had to start slowly with this as it caused a lot of bloating initially but once I started taking the full dose each day, I noticed how regular I got in my bowel movements and felt better overall. (Posted on 8/25/2016)
5.0 Digestion feels better by Anne
I have just started using EcoBloom, but I do feel more rhythmic and peaceful in my digestion. I'm glad for the fiber feeding the microbiome. Things just feel more relaxed but functional "down there." (Posted on 8/22/2016)
5.0 Fantastic by Annie
i put the ecobloom in my kefir when I make it. I find that the kefir is more consistent in texture that is a bit thicker. I have been using this product for 2 years and it is a must have for me. (Posted on 8/11/2016)
5.0 Thumbs up by Jilinda
I enjoy using this every morning mixed with my Vita blend... (Posted on 8/10/2016)
5.0 Excellent product. by Carol
EcoBloom is great to use with the Culture Starter -- I use them both every time I make a batch of cultured dill pickles. (Posted on 8/1/2016)
5.0 Excellent by Cherie
This product is very good for my digestion. I notice a difference when I run out (Posted on 7/28/2016)
5.0 Great Prebiotic by Latricia
Love what it does for my gut health! (Posted on 7/21/2016)
4.0 unique product by Tosha
This was my first time trying this product. It is very unique. I've known about chicory root for years, but until recently I did not know that it is a good probiotic aid in the body. I had been using yacon root to help get my probiotic supplements (especially bifidus blends) down deep into the gut-into the colon-where they need to be. But good yacon is hard to find & very expensive. Also, I have not been able to find raw ground chicory root powder to use in water/food to help feed probiotics. I have only been able to find it "roasted". So, I am happy to have learned about the benefits of this product. Again, Donna, thank you! I had not come across this information about chicory root anywhere else. I find that EcoBloom dissolves easily & blends with my probiotic powders very well. (Posted on 7/18/2016)
5.0 Ecobloom for fermented veggies by JEANNE
I use Ecobloom with BED culture starter for wonderful fermented veggies. I also use 1 teaspoon Ecocbloom in my morning smoothie with BED Spirulina. Going to order again now! (Posted on 7/4/2016)
5.0 Fabulous stuff! by User615
I use this in aloe juice along with probiotics to keep my gut healthy! If I run out, I notice it immediately. It really works! (Posted on 6/15/2016)
4.0 like very much by Tracy
I have been having some problems with my colon and this seems to be helping. (Posted on 6/13/2016)
5.0 Easy way to increase health! by smac
I like how this is so easy to add to juices, cultured veggies, etc. It's one of several ways we're working to rebuild our health. So grateful for what you're doing, Donna! (Posted on 6/7/2016)
5.0 Good Food for the "Friendlys" by Sally
EcoBloom is good food for our gut because it feeds our good bacteria (the "Friendlys") which in turn feed our immune system, so to speak. (Posted on 6/1/2016)
5.0 My immune system is rev'd up! by Mary
I have been using the Eco Bloom for 2 months and I have noticed that I crave sugary foods a lot less. I am a lot less bloated, regular and I have lost inches in my waist / stomach area. I love this and I will all ways have some on hand. (Posted on 5/14/2016)
4.0 I Trust this Product by LAWRENCE
I add this to my Green Smoothie every morning. I'm trying "Body Ecology" for the 1st time to address stomach issues. I feel a combination of your products are helping with energy, and stomach issues. I will continue with your products, they seem to be very good quality. (Posted on 5/7/2016)
4.0 great! by Eleanor
I love this product! Just wish it didn't get eaten so fast! (Posted on 5/2/2016)
5.0 prebiotic power by elle
I use this in my daily smoothies and for making fermented drinks and veggies. Great food for probiotics! (Posted on 4/28/2016)
5.0 Wonderful Prebiotic by sharon
Excellent product. It mixes easily in my coffee or in water. I think it is helping my digestive issues. I'm going to continue taking it but will also add your new product, Bifidus Power Blend for hopefully even greater results!
(Posted on 4/19/2016)
5.0 Yummy in my Tummy by Angie
This has helped me tremendously in my healing journey. What a great way to boost the good guys in gut! (Posted on 3/28/2016)
4.0 Great product by David
Use this in cultured veggies & Coconut Keifer (Posted on 3/26/2016)
5.0 Excellent Product by Mary
I love this product. The powder mixes into my drinks easily and does not have a bad flavor at all. As a matter of fact, it seems tasteless to me and it has helped my to improve my digestion. I love this product. (Posted on 3/25/2016)
5.0 Great Prebiotic by bailey72
I use this in my morning smoothies to feed the good bacteria in my gut. I also make fermented veggies and drinks and this a great food boost to the healthy bacteria. (Posted on 3/21/2016)
5.0 Worked well by Rita
First time user. The cultured veges were delicious. I am sure EcoBloom helped the cultures flourish. (Posted on 3/10/2016)
4.0 Good by Tammy
I used this in my fermented veggies and it works as described. I have also taken it by itself and it has a pleasant neurtral taste that is slightly sweet. (Posted on 3/7/2016)
5.0 Use EcoBloom in my Veggies. by Karen
I really like using EcoBloom to feed the yeast for my cultured vegetables when making them. (Posted on 1/11/2016)
5.0 Sweet success! by Nikkea
I love how this sweetens my daily green shake. (Posted on 1/11/2016)
5.0 great by feeling
I used ecobloom for a while and I have a great feeling on how I am loving my body adding to it this wonderful product. I am happy and so my good bacterias!!!!!! (Posted on 1/7/2016)
2.0 Below average by Natalie
For what you pay, you should get a better product. It cakes up & end up at bottom of cup, so some gets wasted. (Posted on 1/2/2016)
5.0 No complains by LeeLee
So far so good, I'm glad I finally invested in this product! Hopefully it will help feed my good bacteria! (Posted on 12/30/2015)
4.0 almost a treat by Lisa
I didn't realize this product had a sweet taste and would be good in smoothies. I want to try it in a salad dressing, too. (Posted on 12/28/2015)
1.0 Should dissolve better for the price. by Mija
For the high price and a half empty box, this may be a great product, but it cakes up a lot and sticks to the bottom of the cup. If you add after liquid, then it stays in lump. Should dissolve better for the price. (Posted on 12/21/2015)
5.0 A Great Product by Moses
This is a great product, it is a great source of inulin for when you don't have time to go dig up some jerusalem artichokes, chicory, Burdock or Thistle roots. (Posted on 12/7/2015)
4.0 Powerful by Deb
Very powerful, start off in small amounts. (Posted on 12/7/2015)
5.0 Love it! by SRM
I use it in my smoothie in the morning and my cup of tea in the afternoon (Posted on 12/4/2015)
5.0 Use in making all cultured foods by Aunt Bob
I originally started using just in culturing cabbage but now I use in culturing everything and I have noticed that consistently I get a great end result. (Posted on 11/29/2015)
5.0 Helped with Cultured Veggies by KRP
The ecobloom made the cultured veggies more bubbly. We prefer using this to sugar. (Posted on 11/21/2015)
4.0 I like it by Mel
I feel like my kids and I are going to the bathroom easier. I love that I can use in hot or cold items. (Posted on 11/9/2015)
5.0 EcoBloom by Karen
I really like using EcoBloom while culturing my veggies. I feel like it gives you that extra boost when eating them. (Posted on 11/9/2015)
5.0 Fast Food Breakfast by Garry
Great addition to my morning smoothie to help sweeten it a bit, but especially knowing I feeding my good bacteria. (Posted on 11/5/2015)
2.0 Taste good by Joann
The taste of this was good when stirred in smoothie or yoghurt, but causes me to have gas problems (Posted on 11/2/2015)
5.0 Great Prebiotic by Lindy G
I just made my first batch of cultured vegetables using EcoBloom for the brine. I hope it turns out well. Looking forward to having all that good stuff in my cultured veggies. (Posted on 10/29/2015)
4.0 Great product by M Foster
Very easy to digest, with no side effects. (Posted on 10/26/2015)
5.0 Excellent Product by SM
Makes total sense to have a prebiotic to feed your probiotics! And EcoBloom is the perfect addition to my homemade kefir, or in a smoothie. (Posted on 10/23/2015)
5.0 Love this product by Susana
I look forward to taking this! Love it. I have ordered it twice for myself and have ordered it for my son. He loves it to. (Posted on 10/22/2015)
5.0 Very Healthy Product by Traci
I'm excited about getting another great product for my health and all I have to do is add it to my smoothies or really anything I drink. There's no taste so that makes it even better! (Posted on 10/21/2015)
5.0 Very Healthy Product by Traci
I'm excited about getting another great product for my health and all I have to do is add it to my smoothies or really anything I drink. There's no taste so that makes it even better! (Posted on 10/21/2015)
5.0 Good product by Annie
Effective. Dissolves very easily in warm and room temperature liquid. Takes a little more stirring and patience in cold liquids. (Posted on 10/19/2015)
5.0 Love it by Cherie
Very helpful with my digestion. I do not like to be without it! (Posted on 10/15/2015)
5.0 Love it by Lisa
I really love this product, it help to alleviate gas and bloating! (Posted on 10/11/2015)
5.0 Love it! by CT
EcoBloom is gentle, nourishing, calming, easy to use, barely any taste at all, so mixes easily in everything. I notice that it curbs my appetite and helps me feel grounded and calm. (Posted on 10/7/2015)
5.0 Great Product by OrganaicGirl
Love EcoBloo! Great source of fiber and probiotics, so easy to use. (Posted on 10/3/2015)
5.0 Good for kefir by VB
I was having trouble getting my coconut water to culture but worked better when I added this in addition to the kefir packet (Posted on 10/3/2015)
5.0 Wonderful. by Josie
Thank heaven for Donna Gates. (Posted on 9/4/2015)
5.0 Excellent by Lorna
Excellent product great for my fermented veggies! (Posted on 8/14/2015)
5.0 Its great! by JLamp
I started making kefir water about amonth ago and this stuff serves up fizzy goodness beautifully! It wonderful! I wouldnt consider making my kefir without it from here on out. (Posted on 8/14/2015)
5.0 Works & Tastes Great by Frogprincess
Used this in my cultured veggies with great results. (Posted on 8/12/2015)
5.0 Awesome! Great product by Rosy
I take a scoop full with probiotics at night, and I wake up refreshed. (Posted on 8/11/2015)
4.0 Good by Kk
Seems to help things move along. I like it so far! (Posted on 8/9/2015)
5.0 Great prebiotic! by Nansie
I was looking for a way to incorporate chicory into my diet. This product makes it so easy. I add it to smoothies or my tea and there is no bitter taste. Great stuff! (Posted on 8/9/2015)
5.0 Love it, Love it!!! by Lorna
I've been using this product for the past 3 years and I love it. This together with several other products that I use from Donna has done wonders and I am healing. I put this on my salads, in my smoothies and in my cultured veggies. Wouldn't do without it, a staple for me. Thanks Donna (Posted on 8/7/2015)
5.0 Excellent prebiotic formula by Bryan
Great product for enhancing gut flora. I put it in protein shakes and fermented recipes. (Posted on 8/6/2015)
5.0 Awesome product! by Monica
Eco bloom is a lifesaver. It is nice to have a sweetener option that won't intervene with your digestive healing and eco bloom is the answer (Posted on 8/6/2015)
5.0 Good fiber by Sher
Feel good with the addition to this product (Posted on 8/5/2015)
5.0 Fantastic for many uses by Reenie
I use this in many foods. Smoothies, cultured veggies, drinks, stews, mashed foods etc. I have always an extra on hand so I never run out. (Posted on 8/3/2015)
5.0 Optimizing gut by Sunny
I've been optimizing my gut for a while now. I'm doing great on the probiotic front (fermented foods daily, Donna would be proud). I also don't eat dairy, sugar, or gluten. I still don't feel entirely awesome which is why I'm focusing on including more prebiotics in my diet. EcoBloom is a convenient way to do that (just pop in any beverage); obviously I also eat prebiotic-rich foods like dandelion and jicama but having a daily supplement handy makes things even easier. I trust Donna's quality control so EcoBloom is the supplement of choice for me. I'm re-purchasing. (Posted on 8/3/2015)
5.0 Excellent product by Kebrabos
Love this product in my daily green drink or yoghurt. (Posted on 7/23/2015)
5.0 Must have for low carb diets by Dana
I have been on a low carb diet for quite a while. I was not feeling very energized. I added this product and instantly i felt more energy. I needed to feed my good bacteria. My mood is better, i feel lighter. It is a easy good product to keep your inner bugs happy... (Posted on 7/14/2015)
5.0 Use it everyday by LJM
I use this product in my kefir smoothie everyday. (Posted on 7/11/2015)
5.0 Great Product by Skye
I've used this wonderful prebiotic for over a year now, and it's my intention to continue using it forever.
I tried every type of prebiotic (raw vegetables such as artichoke, etc.), but noting helped to increase the beneficial bacteria until I started using EcoBloom. Final diagnosis, "Great Product." (Posted on 6/30/2015)
5.0 Great product by Melissa
I am new to these products and am finding them to be very good and beneficial on the road to healing my gut issues. (Posted on 6/21/2015)
5.0 Love this product - great for Celiac by Dan
In general I really like Body Ecology products. With Celiac I need to disgust my food better and I find when I don't take this I really find a difference in my energy level. I really like it and like that it doesn't feed any potential candida. (Posted on 6/18/2015)
3.0 only my first cultured vet by wwskvsgd
I do not know first time using it. (Posted on 6/14/2015)
5.0 Bubbles! by Nick
Liking this product thus far, first batch of cultured veggies is bubbling and fermenting nicely (Posted on 6/13/2015)
4.0 tastes good by ohman
tastes good (Posted on 6/11/2015)
4.0 I like it! by Laurie
I add ecobloom to my milk kefir, the grains love it, they reproduce and multiply!! (Posted on 5/14/2015)
5.0 Great product! by cynthia s
I added this to my coconut kefir and coconut yogurt and it helped increase the probiotic content. (Posted on 5/13/2015)
5.0 favorite!!! by olivia
this is my favorite 'sugar' to add when I culture vegetables and coconut water/kefir. When I was baking more and experimenting with flours I included it in every recipe and then if the cookies came out less sweet tasting then i thought I sprinkled some of this over and it gave an extra delicious sweet taste.. melted right in! and if I had left over cookies, the next morning I would see that the ecobloom had hardened, in an almost 'caramelized hard sugar top' that fancy deserts have. super delicious (Posted on 5/10/2015)
5.0 Great Product by Lehla
I use this product in smoothies almost every day. I notice a difference in how my gut feels and how energetic I am from the days I don't use it and therefore use it as much as possible. (Posted on 4/25/2015)
5.0 Ecobloom by SBS
Great product--put it in most things where a little sweetness is desired! (Posted on 1/12/2015)
5.0 Great by Sdh
It works (Posted on 1/10/2015)
5.0 Use in my cultures veggies and the fermentation seems more active by Jules
I have been fermenting veggies for the past year and just recently added in the ecobloom pre-biotic. The actual fermentation or bubbling in the jars is more active now and my stomach feels even stronger. (Posted on 1/7/2015)
5.0 EcoBloom-life giver by wmiletich
I couldn't get my water kefir to wake up. I bought a cheapo online. I finally added the EcoBloom and viola, it is fizzy fizzy and good. (Posted on 1/1/2015)
5.0 colon mover by Jill
I put EcoBloom in 8 oz. of warm water with some black currant juice late in the afternoon...and by the next morning...fabulous elimination.
Super product. (Posted on 12/29/2014)
5.0 Great product by Sue
Great product! I use it in my smoothie, salads and when I make fermented veggies. (Posted on 12/28/2014)
5.0 Perfect for adding cultured vegetables! by Angela
I used this when making my cultured vegetables. It's perfect for adding prebiotic boost! (Posted on 12/26/2014)
5.0 Very good product by Ecobloom
Love mixing this product with the probiotic green drink. I can tell it gives it an extra boost bc my digestion moves shortly after drinking them both together! Also, I use when I make cultured veggies. (Posted on 12/21/2014)
5.0 The Best by AD
Came back for more! Just love this product. So glad I found your website and discovered this wonderful product. Lots of great information here and high quality products.. I'll be back! (Posted on 12/17/2014)
5.0 Would recommend by D
highly recommend ! (Posted on 12/16/2014)
5.0 great product by Ricki
Will buy again...great product (Posted on 12/12/2014)
5.0 Makes fermented veggies a breeze! by Rfree
Although my use of this product, ecobloom, is limited to fermented veggies, I noticed a huge difference in the texture and flavor when I use it. How do I know? because I started my fermentaition 'career' with ecobloom, but when I ran out I just didn't replace it and was not as pleased with the results. Now that I have it again, the end-product is much more pleasing to the eye and the palate! (Posted on 12/7/2014)
4.0 satisfied with the Eco Bloom by Claude
I am using the Eco Bloom for my fermented veggies and I have made several batches so works well every time I start a new batch!!! (Posted on 12/3/2014)
4.0 Great product. by Sean
Very please with the results. (Posted on 11/20/2014)
5.0 Love EcoBloom by Stephanie
EcoBloom helps sustain a healthy gut and support a healthy immune system (Posted on 11/5/2014)
5.0 wonderful product! by Nurse Emily
I want to shout from the rooftops how much I adore all of Body Ecology's products and how positively they have affected my health. EcoBloom is a lovely addition to any salad dressing, kefir made from coconut meat, green smoothies in the morning, hot tea, etc etc. Those beneficial bacteria need food, too! Feed yours with EcoBloom and eat/drink your way to a happier, healthier gut :) (Posted on 11/4/2014)
5.0 Delicious by Gina
I not only love the taste of this sweetner, but I feel good about allowing myself and my 3 year old son to indulge in the sweet taste of this product. I use it in smoothies, baking, cooking etc. It gives a subtle delicious sweet taste to everything. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 11/3/2014)
5.0 Must Have for my family by April
For our family, this is one of those products that we can't live without. My husband is in love with it. My two year old, who frequently struggles with constipation does so much better when I give her a scoop of ecobloom everyday. We have all been taking probiotics for almost a year. We supplement, as well as eat fermented foods. The probiotics do help, but for us, the addition of ecobloom finally takes the benefits to the level we have all been looking for. Now, it's one of those products that we have to work into the family budget, because we don't like to be without it. (Posted on 10/27/2014)
5.0 Great Idea! by PB
For a long time I believed that the type of probiotic I used was the most important thing. Now, after several months of using EcoBloom, I realize that "Feeding" the bacteria from the probiotic is even more important. This is because we already have certain good bacteria in our system, and feeding them the EcoBloom is the perfect way to help them multiply in our bodies. I'll always use both the EcoBloom and probiotics now. (Posted on 10/27/2014)
5.0 Can't live without it. by Cindy
I use this stuff in my cocobiotic, wine when I drink it, and unsweetened tart cherry juice. It makes everything taste sweet and delicious. (Posted on 10/26/2014)
5.0 The Product for Optimum Digestive Health by Kathleen
I have struggled with constipation for decades and have tried every product (over-the-counter and prescription) to no avail. EcoBloom is the ONLY product that has helped me with this problem. I firmly believe having a healthy gut helps with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well. (Posted on 10/26/2014)
4.0 Use It Everyday by Mary
I use ecobloom everday in my lemon water and I put it in my probiotic a.m. drink. I like knowing I'm providing my gut with healthy flora throughout the day. (Posted on 10/26/2014)
5.0 Great product!!!! by Slopes
It helped my child constipation. I am very happy with this product. I do recomend. (Posted on 10/21/2014)
5.0 Food for my probiotics by Candace
This is the only product/sweet I use to feed my ginger bug and probiotic drinks. My cultures are happy and so am I—confident in the healthy quality, without sugar! (Posted on 10/14/2014)
5.0 Excellent Product! by Goodvibes21
I love EcoBloom in my morning smoothies; it doesn't add much of a taste, but makes it just slightly sweeter. It's so easy and convenient to use. Highly recommend! (Posted on 10/12/2014)
4.0 I think it's working by Ali
I feel like this stuff adds a boost to my smoothies and when I take my probiotics. I feel a little bit more of a kick when I take it so I will continue to purchase! (Posted on 10/5/2014)
5.0 Feeds the good bacteria by Phillip
I like using this powder for feeding the good bacteria in my body. (Posted on 10/2/2014)
5.0 Julie by Makes everything bettet
This Eco bloom Adds a sweetness to your food and makes everything taste better. (Posted on 10/2/2014)
1.0 cannot recommend by nick
I love body ecology products. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years because the quality is very good. But I cannot recommend this product. I used this once and it made my gastrointestinal track sick. It might work for you, but it didn't work for me. (Posted on 9/25/2014)
5.0 Such a Difference by Krista
This product is great to put in tea, mixed with the spirulina or Vitality powder, and even plain water. It works really well with the probiotics. It really doesn't alter the taste of tea or water but it definitely takes the nastiness off the green drinks! I highly recommend this product! It;s a must have for me! (Posted on 9/7/2014)
5.0 Essential to digestive health! by Nancy
I take this every day, even when traveling. Great product! (Posted on 9/1/2014)
5.0 Ecobloom Easy! by kfox
Loved having this made my veggies much easier and was a seamless recipe! (Posted on 8/26/2014)
5.0 great product by KR
Ecobloom has helped with my digestion. I add it daily to my kefir and warm drinks.

(Posted on 8/23/2014)
5.0 Put it in your tea! by Irina
It is a great pre-biotic. It dies not mix in cold water, but it is fantastic in a tea or soup. (Posted on 8/22/2014)
I take this every day, even on travels. Essential for digestive health! (Posted on 8/21/2014)
5.0 EcoBloom = Optimal Health & Wellbeing by MAC
EcoBloom is a great way to sustain a healthy gut and build a healthy immune system. I use it regularly and recommend it to my clients. It's gentle, easy to integrate into any health regimen, is tasteless and can be mixed into almost anything. Love it . . . but especially love the results - optimal health and well-being!! (Posted on 8/7/2014)
4.0 Great Product by KarenH
I bought this product to use in culturing my sauerkraut. Hope it is helpful as they say. (Posted on 8/6/2014)
5.0 Great for starter culture! by Catherine
EcoBloom is the best way I've found to activate my starter culture when making cultured veggies. When I feel I need a prebiotic boost I will also add some to my herbal tea. (Posted on 8/6/2014)
4.0 good product by shar
thanks for quality, healthy products, easy to use. (Posted on 8/3/2014)
5.0 greenville by myra
excellent (Posted on 7/30/2014)
5.0 very good by chang chenn
Very good product. (Posted on 7/21/2014)
4.0 ECOBloom by MJ
great for digestion, will try it to make cultured veggies next (Posted on 7/14/2014)
5.0 Great Product by PHelms
I've been taking EcoBloom for several months now, and I've definitely seen a difference in the way my body reacts to my regular probiotics. The probiotics we take need food, and EcoBloom is made specifically for this purpose. A great product which I will continue to use indefinitely. (Posted on 7/8/2014)
5.0 All products I've tried have been great. by Ruth
I am so impressed with BodyEcology's products-all of them are wonderful and I am feeling so much more energy. I feel today after 3 months of using these products like 40 years old not 71 that I am. Wonderful results!!! (Posted on 7/3/2014)
5.0 Excellent product by Susie
Excellent product! I use it in salads, smoothies and when I make cultured veggies. Helps me with my digestion issues. (Posted on 6/21/2014)
5.0 Love it...Prebiotics & Digestive Fiber in one by Mia
I love this product. Dissolves completely in tepid water, no funky taste; I drink it when taking a probiotic supplement to feed the colony of bacteria...keeps my digestive system flowing. I use it as food for the good bacteria when culturing veggies. (Posted on 6/18/2014)
5.0 Excellent in my tea! by MM
I really enjoy the taste of ecobloom! I especially use it in my herbal teas and in with roasted dandelion/chicory root blend. I'm sure my belly is loving it too! (Posted on 6/16/2014)
5.0 Excellent pre-biotic! by Nance
This product is the perfect pre-biotic, and I can't do without it! (Posted on 6/9/2014)
5.0 shock and awe by negative nancy
First of all, I expected the starter cultures to arrive dead due to the ground shipping in June...however I made my first batch and it turned out great! Secondly, I don't tolerate dairy well at all so I expected to have as much issue with the kefir as I do with yogurts and such... I had no problems---probably due to the bacteria consuming the lactose. Third, I typically get super-constipated from probiotics ---its awful... (I am usually constipated anyway). Within a couple hours of drinking a glassful, I had go to the bathroom---and that without difficulty. This stuff is just AWESOME. I thoroughly expected to be disappointed but I am far from it. The only thing I wish is that the kefir started had more strains. This has 8 or 9, while kefir from the grain has around 33... still, I am very thankful for and a little humbled by this product. Good job. (Posted on 6/9/2014)
4.0 Good product by Reed
This product tastes great! I use it when making my brine for cultured veggies and add to drinks and baked goods. (Posted on 6/6/2014)
5.0 A great and needed product. by PBH
My immune system was in terrible condition after a long round of antibiotics. I ordered EcoBloom and took all of my first purchase. I am now starting my second container and am taking it three times a day religiously. I can tell that my immunity has already improved, and I intend to continue taking the EcoBloom at a lower dose indefinitely.

Thank you for such a beneficial and long-needed product.
PH (Posted on 5/24/2014)
5.0 Great for dressings and fermented foods by KG
I use this in salad dressing (lemons and olive oil/spices) and fermenting veggies. Good pre-biotic. (Posted on 5/23/2014)
4.0 seems to help by Trent
the taste is pleasant and it seems to help...
: ) (Posted on 5/21/2014)
4.0 I love it !!' Use it every day in my kefir. by Pamela
This is a wonderful prebiotic. Tastes great easy to use. (Posted on 4/21/2014)
5.0 love the EcoBloom. by kathleenmar
i enjoy adding EcoBloom when I make cultured veggies and also add it to drinks. My digestion is improving!! (Posted on 4/21/2014)
5.0 Good addition to almost any food by Jill
I add this to almost any food; dressing, hot beverages, smoothies, etc. Gives food a slightly sweet flavor and feel like I'm giving my body something that's beneficial. (Posted on 4/19/2014)
5.0 excellent by Ann
I have noticied an improvement in my digestive health using this. It tastes good in teas and my morning drink. (Posted on 4/16/2014)
5.0 So Far So Good by Emily
I use this in my cultured veggies, and I can say it has improved the flavor and potency of them... I like them better using eco-boost! (Posted on 4/10/2014)
5.0 excellent by Ann
This is an excellent prebiotic. I have noticed improvement in my digestive health and overall immune system (Posted on 4/2/2014)
5.0 By julie by Everything taste better
This makes everything taste better white adding probiotics. (Posted on 4/1/2014)
5.0 Insurance by Jill
EcoBloom is insurance that my gut is getting everything it needs! Love it especially in BodyEcology's coconut Kefir. (Posted on 3/31/2014)
5.0 Good Stuff by Jamie
Seems to be very effective. Adds a sweetness to plain yogurt. Will definitely order again! (Posted on 3/26/2014)
5.0 Can't live without it. by Cindy KLudt
I use ecobloom every morning in my cocobiotic drink. If I miss it, I don't feel good throughout the day. It keeps my stomach from bloating and also has a sweet taste to keep me from craving sugar. thanks. (Posted on 3/18/2014)
5.0 The best available by JACKS DAD
Do not bother to substitute this product, it is worth every penny. Thank you for the high quality!
JD (Posted on 3/15/2014)
5.0 Great product by Dani
Glad to be able to use this instead of sugar for cultured veggies (Posted on 3/7/2014)
5.0 The best by I use this on everything
I love this and use it on everything . It makes everything taste better too! (Posted on 3/3/2014)
5.0 Enhances probiotics by marita
Sometimes it can be difficult to get enough friendly flora in my system on a day to day basis. EcoBloom certainly alleviates that concern, as it helps beneficial flora to flourish. (Posted on 2/26/2014)
5.0 Good Food by Candace
I use this to feed and wake up probiotic starters (kefir, ginger bugs, etc) for 10-30 minutes before making a new batch of kefir or fizzy drinks. It is the perfect prebiotic without adding sugars. (Posted on 2/3/2014)
5.0 E by Skye
I use this in my morning smoothies as an aid in repairing my gut. I don't notice any taste and need to order more. Thank you! (Posted on 2/3/2014)
5.0 Very helpful by Lisa
My doctor recommended this and it has been a powerful addition to my recovery to health. Having been on long-term antibiotics for Lyme it has been a must, and I will continue to take it for maintenance. (Posted on 2/2/2014)
5.0 Prolong Life of Coconut Kefir! by Brandon
I add a scoop of this to my homemade coconut kefir if I can't get through the whole batch within five days so that I still have lots of friendly bacteria in there for a few days longer! It's great! (Posted on 1/24/2014)
5.0 Supercharge your probiotics! by marita
EcoBloom is the perfect way to supercharge your probiotic drinks, or just supercharge your intestinal flora. What a brilliant idea! (Posted on 1/14/2014)
5.0 irving by elsajoymon
This is an excellent product.I started using ecobloom in my beverages and I used to make saurkaut .This is really must to have product in the kitchen.Thanks Donna for this product. (Posted on 1/7/2014)
5.0 irving by elsa
this isa real good probiotic.,i am using this product first time .i put a scoop in my beverages and it is so good. (Posted on 1/3/2014)
5.0 Use it every morning by Cindy
Use the ecobloom every morning without fail in my cocobiotic drink plus I add a little fizzy mineral water. It's sweet and tastes better than orange juice (not that I drink orange juice anymore) A great substitute and helps digest and keeps my tummy flat. (Posted on 12/20/2013)
5.0 A must Have! by Gretchen
If you want to boost the effectiveness of your probiotics even further...get this! (Posted on 12/19/2013)
5.0 Excellent by IDiorYou
Works really well to ensure well developed fermentation. I add it it coconut water, veggies, etc. (Posted on 12/9/2013)
4.0 Use it to boost my cultured veggies by Renee
Good product to potentiate coconut keifer and cultured vegetables (Posted on 12/5/2013)
5.0 Great product by Sees
Good flavor and does what I need it to do. Definitely buying it again. (Posted on 11/25/2013)
5.0 Love it by Gerald
Tastes great (Posted on 11/13/2013)
5.0 I'm addicted by Benjamin
The taste is absolutely addicting I just scoop the stuff on my tongue. Also makes me feel noticeably better. (Posted on 11/12/2013)
5.0 Great product by Sees
My doctor recommended this product to me and I am very happy with it! I have already recommended it to a few of my family and friends. (Posted on 10/25/2013)
5.0 Love this product!!! by ellasue
I use this product every morning. I add it to the kefir I make from organic, unpasterized goat's milk. Absolutely great. (Posted on 10/15/2013)
5.0 uprising by Cam
culture really bloomed using this..great stuff!! (Posted on 10/3/2013)
4.0 great by bocksco
I use ecobloom in my coffee and smoothies and I love knowing that I am doing something great for my body. (Posted on 9/28/2013)
5.0 Awesome product by Kelly
Great product! I use this in foods and beverages to help my probiotics work better!! (Posted on 9/26/2013)
4.0 So far so good by Richelle
I wanted a good prebiotic and something to kickstart our cultured veggies and this fit the bill! Look forward to good results! (Posted on 9/21/2013)
4.0 First time using Eco bloom by Kathryn
I mostly used it in place of other sweetners, like to sweeten my coffee or when a smoothie is full of great things but is lacking a sweet flavor. So far I'm enjoying it! (Posted on 9/6/2013)
5.0 love it! by lynn
It tastes great. I use it for cultured veggies and putting in my morning smoothie. (Posted on 9/2/2013)
5.0 great! by Jill
I have been adding this to my morning drink and it gives it a little extra sweetness along with the great benefits! (Posted on 8/29/2013)
5.0 Excellent product for anyone wanting to make their own cultured vegetables and/or kefir by citrine7
EcoBloom allowed my cultures to grow so strong and delicious! Wouldn't want to build my cultured veggies & kefirs without it!!! (Posted on 8/25/2013)
5.0 Excellent by Dino
Excellent product, mix with fermented veggies! (Posted on 8/19/2013)
5.0 Great by Bloom 175
This product is so easy to add to your diet. Virtually tastless in any food. Awesome way to add "healthy" to your diet (Posted on 8/16/2013)
4.0 EcoBloom by David
I have been making Kefir with the Kefir Starter and EcoBloom, I feel like a chemist. (Posted on 8/14/2013)
5.0 EcoBloom by Lisa
After listening to Donna's recording during the Hay House World Summit, I decided to incorporate more fermented foods into our diet. I had been buying them at the store but since they are so expensive, my dad I decided to try making our own! We ordered the EcoBloom and used Donna's recipe and are super excited about how they turned out! We have a great stock of veggies and saved a ton of money!
Thanks Donna! :) (Posted on 8/9/2013)
3.0 OK by goldrosey
First time I've used a pre-biotic, not sure what difference(s) to expect. Used it with cultured veggies & kefir. (Posted on 7/29/2013)
5.0 Love it. by christina
Worked great with my cultured veggies, I also use it to sweeten my kefir. Delish! (Posted on 7/17/2013)
2.0 Eco bloom by BB
This product shipped and was small enough to slip in the neighborhood mail center. It was not delivered to my door like my other B.E. products. It sat in 90 degree heat for a week. My first batch if veggies did not bubble so I'm not sure if the product was damaged by the heat. (Posted on 7/11/2013)
5.0 Excelent by JH
Excellent product and a fair price. (Posted on 7/9/2013)
5.0 Great by Jennifer
Love it. (Posted on 7/7/2013)
5.0 Great by Jennifer
Love it. (Posted on 7/7/2013)
5.0 Great Multi Use by Cat
This product really helps activate the good probiotics I've added to my diet. I feel a difference since adding a scoop to my morning tea. I'm digesting so much better! (Posted on 7/2/2013)
4.0 Love it by MB
I love the idea of a prebiotic and the EcoBloom is great in salad dressings, green smoothies and even to sweeten coffee and tea...I love the taste and have been using the product for almost a year now with great success! (Posted on 6/24/2013)
5.0 Nice! by Steph
This stuff tastes great, like cotton candy! And does the opposite, helps populate our gut with good bacteria, keeping me healthy. Thank you body ecology! (Posted on 6/19/2013)
4.0 Good by ellasue
Love the taste of this product. I add it to my kefir every morning. Takes a little mixing, but then it's all blended in. (Posted on 6/15/2013)
5.0 Have used for six years for all things fermented by Billyjaxx
I teach fermenting classes and always promote using this product (Posted on 6/12/2013)
4.0 Will keep buying by Kari
I have used this for the last several months in my kids' smoothies along with their probiotic. They love the sweet taste and it's great knowing it won't feed the candida! (Posted on 6/5/2013)
4.0 Tastes yummy by Nicole
I like the taste of this- it does make a good milk substitute. I react to a lot of things, so it is hard for me to narrow things down, but I wasn't completely sure whether or not this product was actually feeding some opportunistic pathogen in my tummy. I'm discontinuing until I have things more under control (ie. when I don't react to everything!) So I vote 4 stars instead. (Posted on 5/29/2013)
5.0 Great Product by Debbie
I use EcoBloom in my coconut kefir and cultured vegetables. It works great. (Posted on 5/26/2013)
5.0 Great product! by Bonnie
I add it to all my probiotic and kefir drinks, it makes for a wonderful vibrant drink and really explodes everything with life! Added to the fermentation process really takes it to another level, for sure! (Posted on 5/21/2013)
5.0 good by Jill
I enjoyed adding this to my warm dandelion root drink. It added a slight sweet creaminess to the drink, so I felt like I was drinking a coffee with cream. (Posted on 5/18/2013)
5.0 Excellent by Suzy
Ecobloom is the best! I put it in my coconut Kefir and it makes it sparkly and sweet!!! Love it. (Posted on 5/9/2013)
5.0 EcoBloom by Lamont
EcoBloom really works in feeding the beneficial bacteria in my ferments. There definitely is an increase in the biological activity of the fermentation process. The finished products are more robust which is what you want. Good product :-) (Posted on 5/8/2013)
3.0 Never use Alone by Susan
It is best when mixed with Coco water. (Posted on 4/28/2013)
5.0 like it! by kc
Easy to use, made a vibrant ferment.
(Posted on 4/18/2013)
4.0 Very satisfied by vlvbr
This was my first purchase and I love the consistency and how it blends. Overall feeling confident with this product. (Posted on 4/15/2013)
5.0 Nice Addition to Almost Everything by Candace
I really like this Eco Bloom product and add it to about everything I make; and since starting the BED I am making a lot of my own foods from scratch. I add it to salad dressings, probiotic drinks, cultured vegetables, etc. and it makes everything a little bit thicker and creamier. Another great BED product! (Posted on 4/12/2013)
5.0 Echobloom rocks! by Erin
After adding EchoBloom to my coconut water kefir, coconut yogurt and cultured veggies, it's like the probiotics are on steroids!

Since using it, the lids of my cultured veggies get blown off.

Definitely should be a staple... (Posted on 4/9/2013)
5.0 great product! by rhirhi
EcoBloom really helped my culture starter take off. Cultured veggies tasted great! (Posted on 4/9/2013)
5.0 Great Product by limochick
Great product for digestion (Posted on 4/8/2013)
4.0 good product by Kaci
I like how easy this product is to use. I can just scoop it into whatever I'm drinking and it dissolves within 30 seconds. (Posted on 3/26/2013)
5.0 Consistent results by S.
I have used this in kefir and cultured veggies. Both allways turn out very rich and flavorful. Thankyou! (Posted on 3/17/2013)
5.0 Great Product by Srini
I give to to my son who is allergic to many foods. It has helped him a lot as I give it along with probiotics (Posted on 3/8/2013)
5.0 Great! by Ashley
Great for the veggies, kefir, and I take it with my probiotics! (Posted on 3/3/2013)
5.0 Excellent by SB
This added to kefering raw goats milk makes a thick,creamy,kefir. Delicious! (Posted on 2/6/2013)
5.0 extensive by nard
rhis product has helped in aiding my digestion and yeast overgrowth immensely. thank you (Posted on 1/7/2013)
4.0 Good Product. by RobMcD1973
I do think that it makes the bacteria in cultured food and drinks more powerful but I don't think you'll notice any obvious changes as a result of taking this product. (Posted on 1/7/2013)
5.0 Love it! by panam
I enjoy it added to my morning smoothie. (Posted on 12/27/2012)
5.0 EcoBloom by Mariah
I've tried to look up a replacement product that would be cheaper and I've found none that are a better value. Then I thought maybe I could cut this out since I'm spending so much on vitamins every month but everything I read stresses the importance of including a product like this in your diet so I've continued using it. I feel better daily and I have to believe a big part of that is because of the unique formulation of the Body Ecology products. I've looked around and no one has them beat! (Posted on 12/20/2012)
5.0 Love it by Maria
excellent product (Posted on 12/17/2012)
5.0 Great by Donna
Greatly enhances kefir process! (Posted on 12/16/2012)
5.0 Excellent product by MMOLL
I love this powder because it mixes easily into liquids. (Posted on 12/15/2012)
2.0 not sure by sunny texan
I have noticed that when using this product, it acts just like sugar with my candida. I added to my fermented veggies, kefir, green drinks, and other foods. My candida became much worse when using it. It took me a while to figure out the connection between worse candida and this product, but once made, I have had to eliminate it completely from my diet. I now have fermented veggies that I cannot consume. My candida has settled in my kidneys, and each time I consumed this product, my kidneys became very painful and I then developed a vaginal yeast infection that drove me insane. Will not use nor buy again. (Posted on 12/13/2012)
5.0 Very helpful! by Christa
I have been adding this to something at each meal and I find that it is really helping my digestion. (Posted on 11/25/2012)
5.0 excellent by aj
I add this to my green drink. It is helpful with digestion and a healthy gut. I just tried in in tea and it`s great. (Posted on 11/23/2012)
4.0 A product with many uses by Suan
I love the various ways you can use this product. It can be used in beverages to add "goodies for your gut bacteria", I like the way it doesn't need to be refrigerated. Love to add it to my cultured veggies to speed the process. (Posted on 10/31/2012)
4.0 Worth Getting by Danielle
I really felt like EcoBlood added important fiber and bulk to my morning drinks.. helped with deluting anything sweet and making the effects not as notable.. I love it and plan on keeping it in my daily routine in keeping a healthy gut! (Posted on 10/23/2012)
5.0 Thumbs up for Ecobloom by Sara
This product has done wonders for me. Such a delicious way to help balance out my tummy. It really satisfies my sweet tooth too. I am so thankful my friend told me about Ecobloom (and Body Ecology for that matter!) (Posted on 10/18/2012)
5.0 Great Health Support by Murph
At first I would mix this into shakes or sprinkle it on yogurt or cottage cheese but it became really easy to incorporate it into my everyday routine when I started putting it in a cup of tea. (Posted on 10/15/2012)
5.0 Great by limochick
Love it (Posted on 10/4/2012)
4.0 Great Product by HN
Great product for digestion. (Posted on 9/30/2012)
4.0 I like it but do not use it very often by Alice
I add this to my vegetables when I'm fermenting them, but I am not sure when else to use it. I ordered a large amount of Body Ecology products and this is the one I use the least. (Posted on 9/29/2012)
5.0 yummy! by nico
I use this to "feed" my culture starter as well as to sweeten tea sometimes. Also it is often part of Truth's recipes which are always awesome. It is just a good thing to keep in the house ;-) (Posted on 9/28/2012)
5.0 Excellent health tool that tastes great too! by Annie
I add EcoBloom to as many items as possible to gain its wonderful benefit of increasing the good bacteria in our guts. Thank you Body Ecology! (Posted on 9/26/2012)
5.0 Excellent by Melissa
I love this stuff. It is like a booster to any culture starter. I just made some homemade raw milk kefir yogurt with a scoop of this in it. I used half kefir half yogurt and EcoBloom as a started then added raw milk, 3 drops vanilla stevia and a tiny maple flavoring to each jar. I put it in my yogurt maker for 6 hours. Then refrigerated. After it had chilled (3+ hours), I asked my husband to try it and tell me how it turned out. He ate it all!! LOL I guess I need to make more. By the way it was more like a drinkable yogurt so next batch I will add some tapioca starch to thicken it up a little. I hope it turns out just as yummy. (Posted on 9/10/2012)
5.0 Excellent by Minnie
I add this to my morning green smoothie and my latest test results show that my intestinal tract is healing.
(Posted on 8/21/2012)
5.0 Excellent by Wendy
Great for digestion... Only used for about 3-weeks but feel like stomach not as swollen as before (Posted on 8/20/2012)
5.0 Excellent results and easy to use. by Kathy
I use it in my tea or smoothie and the results are wonderful. Thank you, Kathy (Posted on 8/5/2012)
5.0 A staple in my kitchen by Stormie
This is one product that is included in almost every meal. It adds a slight sweetness. One of my new favorites is 2oz from a freshly prepared batch of Kiefer from raw milk with a scoop of EcoBloom. The slight sweetness takes the bitterness bite from the kiefer. I personally cannot take too much of this, so it has become a sinful treat when I need a reward. (Posted on 8/3/2012)
5.0 Excellent by Cara
Excellent and high quality product. Love It!! (Posted on 7/31/2012)
5.0 Will re-order by Susan
Another wonderful product. I use this in my protein drinks, hot tea and with the cultures. It adds flavor and volume. Thank you. (Posted on 7/30/2012)
5.0 Excellent product by Jill
I add ecobloom to most all liquids I consume from tea to smoothies. Makes a huge difference added to culture packets when making cultured vegetables. As always, it aids in digesting food, which in turn keeps that stomach from bloating and gas. (Posted on 7/27/2012)
5.0 Great product! by Laura
Love this product and add it to most of my drinks. (Posted on 7/14/2012)
5.0 Love it- by Kathy
Since I started using Eco Bloom I am totally regular and like it in my tea. (Posted on 6/16/2012)
5.0 a must by J
A must for my morning smoothie :) (Posted on 6/13/2012)
5.0 Great Product! by Belle
I would not go without EcoBloom! Helps with my gastrointestinal distress. Thank you for all your great products. (Posted on 6/13/2012)
5.0 Love It! by Joyce
Love, love this product. Excellant for tea, coffee, smoothies. (Posted on 6/4/2012)
5.0 excellent source of fiber by Pam
This product is an excellent source for solving constipation. Try one scoop first and work your way up to three as your system adjusts. (Posted on 6/4/2012)
5.0 Creamy and tasts good by Cindy
I tried EcoBloom for the first time. Mix it with my morning CocoBiotic. It makes the CocoBiotic look and taste creamy. Easy to take and I notice that any bloating that I might have been having has been reduced since using this. (Posted on 5/19/2012)
5.0 Used this in cultured veggies by Karen
I used this Ecobloom and Ancient Earth Minerals in making cultured veggies. I Was very pleased with the outcome of my veggies. (Posted on 5/17/2012)
5.0 This is so easy to use by Sagael
This is so easy to use, it mixes in my protein shakes and also the probiotic Body Ecology drinks. It doesn't interfere with the taste at all. Its wonderful. (Posted on 5/13/2012)
5.0 Falling asleep has decreased. Elimination has increased by Yvonne
EcoBloom works! For the first time is years, I am not falling asleep as much after I eat and I have an elimination at least once a day. Thank you (Posted on 5/6/2012)
4.0 Great companion to probiotics by chickola
Used w/cocbiotic during and after round of antibiotic. Eased and shortened my usual gastro distress (Posted on 5/2/2012)
5.0 great by gretchen
great (Posted on 4/18/2012)
5.0 Delicious by Claire
Delicious, sweet and good for you - what could be better? (Posted on 4/10/2012)
5.0 An excellent product by New Day Nutrition
EcoBloom is an excellent product that works together with the Veggie starter. I have forwarded the video on its use in making fermented foods to many of my friends. An excellent resource for continuing to build one's health! (Posted on 4/10/2012)
5.0 Very good by Es
I use it in salads and smoothies, tastes great (Posted on 4/3/2012)
5.0 Love it! by Becca
It is easy to use when added to my daily smoothie for myself and my kids!
Thanks! (Posted on 3/29/2012)
5.0 Definitely recommend by Betsy
This has a great flavor, and blends well with whey protein smoothies. A great source of prebiotics. (Posted on 3/27/2012)
5.0 eco bloom by alisa
I love eco bloom. I use it in all my smoothies,
both nut milk or green based. It is the perfect culture for my fermented foods as well. I creates a wonderful savory flavor in my fermented greens. Thank you. (Posted on 3/27/2012)
5.0 The Good Stuff by Ike
I like this product for great taste in my tea and elixors. I also use it for my cultured vegtables starters pack. (Posted on 3/25/2012)
5.0 Awesome Stuff by Sue
This product is awesome and works wonderful to feed the cultured veggies. (Posted on 3/24/2012)
5.0 Excellent by Sandy
It tastes great and it is good for you too how often can we say that:) (Posted on 3/24/2012)
I am very happy with this product, I use it in my smoothies and salads.I use it every day (Posted on 3/23/2012)
5.0 Excellent EcoBloom by Melissa
This stuff is amazing! I have kefir grains that have been "sleeping" in my refrigerator for some time and I was worried they might not "wake up". I added fresh milk and a scoop of the EcoBloom and put them in the cupboard to warm up, the next day they had doubled in size! That was the fastest "wake up" I have ever seen. I will definitely order more EcoBloom when I get low. Thanks (Posted on 3/23/2012)
5.0 great product by Katherine
I can't believe how sweet this product tastes to the tongue, and there is no sugar! I add it to herbal teas, homemade salad dressings, my homemade fermented veggies and milk kefir and coconut kefir and water kefir. It's great! (Posted on 3/19/2012)
5.0 Great by Jenn
Wonderful taste! (Posted on 3/16/2012)
5.0 awesome great sweetner in smoothies by cara
I used this to add fiber and sweetness to my morning smoothie and i loved it. (Posted on 3/12/2012)
5.0 great by dena
love it in my milk kefir (Posted on 3/10/2012)
5.0 Aids in fermentation by T-chal
I have made coconut kefir with and without the ecobloom, and the kefir with the ecobloom was fizzier and tastier within the same period of fermentation time. Plus, a little bit goes a long way. I love coconut kefir! :) (Posted on 3/6/2012)
5.0 Delicious! by AndreaH.
Very good product. Satisfies a sweet tooth, tastes delicious, dissolves easily. (Posted on 2/24/2012)
5.0 Wonderful product! by Ira
Great addition to smoothies. (Posted on 2/18/2012)
5.0 Very Useful Product by Jen
I use eco bloom every day. I know that it is helping my inner eco system heal! (Posted on 2/2/2012)
5.0 Great taste by Victoria
Ive been using Eco on just about the sweet taste in place of sugar! (Posted on 1/20/2012)
Don't want to be without it. by Robert
EcoBloom is an excellent partner with my probiotics and enzymes to keep my gut full of those valuable healthy bacteria. (Posted on 1/4/2012)
5.0 Love it by Cleo
Love love love this product. Just what my probiotics needed to munch on. I love adding this to plain ole water. (Posted on 1/1/2012)
5.0 I love the tast of EcoBloom by Sam
I love the taste of EcoBloom and I can eat it right out of the can! I know it is feeding all the good bactaria that I have been putting in my intestines with the coconut kefir that I make from the body ecology young coconut kefir cultures!! Yummy!! (Posted on 12/30/2011)
5.0 Great! by Judy
Seems to be a very effective prebiotic. (Posted on 12/28/2011)
5.0 Great product by Vic
Ecobloom is great for adding to my morning smoothie,as well as innergy biotic. also helps relieve constipation. Will definitely re-order (Posted on 12/27/2011)
5.0 Delicious, Satisfying,Warming by Cool Plant Lady
I love adding EcoBloom to hot water. Each sip satisfies my desire for a very warm beverage slightly sweet and very satisfying. Knowing it is assisting my digestive flora in a healthy way is the icing on the cake so to speak. (Posted on 12/21/2011)
5.0 Wonderful Product by Jenny
I use this product when i make my cultured veggies. I also use it when i make my breakfast smoothies. I use it every day because i believe that it betters my health. (Posted on 12/6/2011)
5.0 Franktown by Peter
I would highly recommend this product. (Posted on 12/4/2011)
5.0 very happy by Dominique
Just adding a scoop of EcoBloom to my smoothies completely eased my digestive woes. I now add this to everything which could potentially be irritating, beans especially but also dressings and soups. I sprinkle some over my veggies as well .

(Posted on 12/3/2011)
5.0 Always have on hand by Stormie
This is just one in a series of purchases of this product. It is a staple in my daily routine. The difference with and without is remarkable. Thank you for creating Eco Bloom. (Posted on 11/25/2011)
5.0 Great Product by Kathy
This is a great product, it's very easy to use, I just add it to my Coconut kefir each morning, however I must agree that it is a bit on the expensive side. You probably could find a comparable product for less. (Posted on 11/25/2011)
5.0 Very happy with this product by Shirley
I used this in a smoothie today and it mixed in very well. (Posted on 11/22/2011)
5.0 Gives foods, drinks, and dressings good texture! by Rachel
I use this in my tea, my soups, my homemade salad dressings. My favorite is organic chicken broth from my homecooked greek garlic-lemon chicken with organic apple cider vinegar. I put 2 scoops of Ecobloom with it and it makes a tasty substitute for milk-based dressings. (Posted on 11/14/2011)
5.0 Great product by Joanj
I've been adding a scoop of Eco-Bloom to my fermented veggies each time I eat them and I love the results. It mixes very easily.

I'm on the Body Ecology Diet to strengthen and cleanse my intestinal tract and entire digestive system. I see Eco-Bloom as a big part of that and I'm getting results in making my body more alkaline. (Posted on 11/11/2011)
5.0 excellent product by Sedona1225
Great for cultured veg. (Posted on 11/9/2011)
5.0 ecobloom by lorraine
love it!!!!!!!!!!! can't be witj
hout it. great for my candidis and yeast over growth. take it with my probiotics as well as put it in my keifer grains when i make my home made keifer, feeds the probiotics to grow more rapidly. haven't had a diverticulitis attact since i have been doing this!!!!!!!!!!! lorraine Gomez. THANKS (Posted on 11/1/2011)
4.0 Good product by MochaPia
Nice product, neutral flavor, easy to take... (Posted on 10/26/2011)
5.0 Easy way to culture by Christine, MI
Eco Bloom and the Veggie Culture Starter are another step in developing my personal program in strengthening my intestinal tract. I blend a little of each when I make my morning veggie-blend drink. I allow my veggie drink to ferment for a couple hours before drinking. Easy way to add fermented foods to my diet. (Posted on 10/24/2011)
5.0 Fantastic! by sunny
I don't know if this stuff is working, but it tastes so good it HAS to be! I put a scoop in my morning probiotic and find myself licking the spoon. I use a wide variety of the B.E.D. supplements and, combined with the Diet and colonics, I've never felt better in my life. (Posted on 10/19/2011)
5.0 Da Kine! by Bean
Makes my cultured veggies very happy!
Another great bed product! (Posted on 10/6/2011)
5.0 Great product by Mimi
I love taking Ecobloom knowing that it is feeding the good guys in my digestive track. It is easy to use and I don't even know it's in the foods I put it in (no taste that I can tell), so it is a no brainer. (Posted on 9/29/2011)
3.0 Super expensive for what it is by Beth
This is super expensive for what it is. You can find similar products on the market at a much lower price. I do not think I will reorder. (Posted on 9/25/2011)
5.0 Excellent Boost by Kate
EcoBloom is an excellent source of fuel for the "good bacteria." I add it to my morning smoothie. (Posted on 9/24/2011)
5.0 A god product by Brenda
100%pure with no fillers is what I have been looking for. Excellent results along with probiotics (Posted on 9/23/2011)
4.0 Delicious by Clean Living Guide
I love using EcoBloom as a sweetner in my morning smoothie. I can't have any other sugars, and since that's the only meal that I need a touch of sweetness, this is the perfect product for that purpose. As for results, I'm treating a serious yeast overgrowth so it's impossible to isolate this single supplement's effects. (Posted on 9/20/2011)
5.0 Great food for the probies. by Ike
I have used this in my kefir drinks for a week
and love the taste and benifits. (Posted on 9/18/2011)
5.0 Makes Culturing Easy by laurelaustin
Makes culturing easy (Posted on 9/14/2011)
5.0 Wonderful Addition to BED Dressing by Candace
I love EcoBloom added into most of my drinks, and to add fiber (and more flavor) to my BED Salad Dressing. It is a wonderful addition to thicken it a bit and also adds a wonderful flavor. Now when I use my BED Salad Dressing on a salad with Cultured Veggies I know those wonderful Probiotic Veggies are getting fed too. (Posted on 9/1/2011)
I just started using this product and I love it! (Posted on 8/30/2011)
5.0 Love this product by Barb
This product has such good health benefits and so easy to use. There is no taste or texture to it to affect the foods/liquids it is added. I can sneak it in my grandson's food (a very picky eater). (Posted on 8/29/2011)
3.0 Seems to work well together with the Veggie Culture Starter by Jewel
I've added the EcoBloom to the Veggie Culture Starter, which seems to work quite well. (Posted on 8/28/2011)
4.0 It is a good supplement easy on the tummy by yogagirl
I like this product because you can mix it in anything and it is a great way to add fiber and help your system flourish! It is like you are feeding the healthy bacteria! (Posted on 8/21/2011)
5.0 Tasty by Sesen
This is the best tasting product in its category. (Posted on 8/9/2011)
3.0 I haven't really noticed any plus with this product by Connie
I have been using this product for 6 weeks now, I really don't notice any change. (Posted on 8/2/2011)
5.0 excellent! by ali
I use Ecobloom in my Keifer in the morning. It adds a nice sweet taste and mixes in easily. My Aunt who is a Holistic health Practioner reccomended it to me and I am a physician who now is hooked!! I love the other Body Ecology products also like cocobiotic. Thanks Donna : )) (Posted on 7/25/2011)
5.0 Excellent Product and tastes great by Maryellen
I really love this product. It tastes great and does incorporate well into all of the foods I've tried. I've even soaked it into the BED grains and it gives them a sweet taste. Definitely worth buying. (Posted on 7/22/2011)
5.0 Over night difference by Peaches
I have been experiencing irregularity for a long time (years). Before my cultured veggies and Kefir were fermented I tried the Ecobloom in my green drink and it worked over night. I have been regular everyday since! I can't wait to see what the fermented products and diet do for me as well! I like to lick it off my fingers - it's delicious! (Posted on 7/21/2011)
4.0 i like your products by carol
i gave it a good because all of your products work as intended (Posted on 7/12/2011)
5.0 amazing for kefir by Oph
I've been using this product to give a kick to my kefir grains, and when I go away for a couple of days so it stays alive. It does the job wonderfully! (Posted on 7/11/2011)
5.0 first time user by Terry
I used EcoBloom and Veggie Culture Starter to make my first batch of cultured vegetables. I'm pleased to say that they worked great and the veggies are delicious. These products make it easy to save a lot of money. (Posted on 7/11/2011)
5.0 I absolutely love this!!! by debieb
I make a smooths every morning and love adding the ecobloom to it. It tastes so good I lick it off my fingers and sometimes I just put a scoop in a bowl and eat it by itself...even my kids argue about who gets to lick my fingers since some always sticks on them after I scoop. Theirs into their shakes (Posted on 7/11/2011)
5.0 amazing results by Mtn Girl
I don't know about anyone else, but rarely does a product work so well that you can absolutely tell it is that one single thing that made a difference. EcoBloom is that one. After years of trying and tweeking I found something that tips the balance. It mixes well with everything. Thanks. I will continue to purchase and have on hand. (Posted on 6/1/2011)

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