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5 Steps to Natural Weight Loss. End Yo-Yo Dieting

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Body Ecology Solutions for Easy, Natural Weight Loss

Body Ecology is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. If you have read my book, The Body Ecology Diet or attended any of my trainings, you quickly realize that I believe in creating a lifestyle that supports physical and emotional health.

Food, just like your thoughts, is the energy that makes us feel good or feel bad in mind and body. Just imagine the last time you ate something that didn’t agree with you. How did you feel? Or the last time you were thinking negative thoughts. Both can drain your energy and vitality fast.

The thing is, in order to achieve natural weight loss, it’s not about cutting calories while eating the same low energy, low nutrient foods. Most of obesity is simply your body starving for real, nutritious food. If you feel you don’t eat much, but still gain weight, your body is likely starved for nutrients.

Body Ecology is about returning real, whole food nutrients to your body.

But it doesn’t stop there. Body Ecology goes further by helping your digestive tract heal, so that you can digest and assimilate those needed nutrients.

What happens is that your body starts to feel better...and since mind and body are linked, YOU start to feel better. For some, the hardest part about Body Ecology is moving away from the hold that the trillion-dollar processed food industry has on us all. The commercials, the ads, the packaging and the food itself are all designed to keep you hooked.

If you were to give yourself just five days to step out of the clutches of processed foods, your body would actually move away from the cycle of cravings.

Here are 5 Steps for Easy, Lasting, Natural Weight Loss with Body Ecology:

  1. Improve digestion and absorption, regulate elimination, cleanse heavy metals, and rebuild the inner ecosystem with the Digestive Care Multi. Follow the Body Ecology Antiviral Protocol. This protocol removes many of the foods that can contribute to the cycle of cravings. While some of the removed foods are on the regular Body Ecology program, we remove them in the Antiviral Protocol to give your digestive system a chance to rest and restore. In fact, you are restoring your body with mostly plant-based foods, especially cleansing raw greens.
  2. Eat cultured vegetables and drink probiotic beverages. A cornerstone of the Body Ecology system, fermented foods and drinks were consumed by our ancestors and was one reason they had so much more vitality. We recommend bringing fermented foods and drinks back into your diet and consuming them throughout the day. Alkalize and balance the integrity of the gut lining with a Vitality SuperGreen shake in the morning and early afternoon.
  3. Nourish your mind. The LifeLine Technique™ - Created by Dr. Darren R. Weissman, The LifeLine Technique™ helps you connect with emotions that are hidden in your subconscious that keep you stuck in unwanted patterns. When you consciously connect to these hidden emotions, you can free yourself of their hold on you. Learn more in Dr. Weissman’s book, The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude: An Evolutionary Journey to Awakening Your Spirit.
  4. Reduce Stress. Turn off the TV and shift into gentle, calming routines. Meditation, massage (even exchanging massages with a friend) and quiet activities can help your body reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), which may contribute to weight gain.
  5. Exercise. Choose the exercise that works for you. Whether vigorous or gentle, exercise moves your body, which helps your body cleanse and tone up. At the same time, exercise produces feel good endorphins, benefiting your mind.
  6. Cleanse your colon. Colon cleansing or colon hydrotherapy can support your body to cleanse as part of a healthy natural weight loss plan.

Body Ecology is a wonderful solution for lasting, natural weight loss because it genuinely nourishes your body at the cellular level. When your body is truly nourished, you will find that you don’t even feel like eating as much. Your body will no longer cry out for nutrients because it will be so satisfied.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard. You can free yourself from the thoughts and beliefs perpetuated by the industries that profit by obesity. We no longer have to lose ourselves -- or our children -- to this struggle that causes health issues throughout life.

You deserve to look and feel your best and Body Ecology is committed to supporting you in your journey. We will be having future teleseminar trainings to change the weight loss paradigm by showing how easy, delicious and fun natural weight loss can really be.

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  • Cynthia J. Vazquez

    Its nice to know about the 7 steps for the natural weight loss. I always was searching for alternate weight loss methods. The usual ‘dieting’ helped only to reduce only up to 3-4 kilos. But we quickly regain the lost weight and more once it is stopped. I really liked this method as it genuinely nourishes your body at the cellular level. Thanks to the experts in Credit Valley for suggesting your book. Looking forward to read more of it.

  • Jeanne Silk BSN M.A

    wow just reading your article about how stress manufacturing "cortisol" can inhibit weight loss is the most profound statement I have not heard concerning weight should be at the top of every weight loss program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you unceasingly for the information!
    I have not been able to comprehend why my current weight loss program was not working!
    Seemed to have worked before HOWEVER I have been under severe stress for a few months and so discouraged that the same food plan I used to lose weight was not working...doing all "healthy things"..Thank you for this vital info

  • cbunny

    On the contrary, i felt this article very precisely gives the reader the information needed. I am a student obtaining a degree in Clinical Nutrition at the California College of Natural Medicine and this is exactly what is real in the area of weight loss. I am glad to find not only this article but this website to aid in my exploration of natural healing. Not sure why you would come on here and bash something that is more real than all the misleading information on the market. In the future I will be promoting this very same approach and philosophy for weight loss. Perhaps you need to know a bit more about the functions of the body to appreciate this approach, but it is absolute truth. also, this article may be an overview and slightly simplified...but the basic steps and approach are the same..maybe re-read this above article and see if you get the basic information.

  • carolyn kau

    As usual........a Ytube and article with no substance. No details on How To. Just selling product.

    This is really a shame because BED is one of the best systems out there (and has been for 20? years) to heal to gut!! But healing the gut is complex and your not giving the step by step indepth details that are necessary. What has happened in Donna's company? Dumbed down. And getting worse.

    Please rethink your strategy. We need you! Carolyn

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