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If vaccines don’t cause autism, then what does? Find out the root cause of Autism Spectrum Disorder AND natural autism treatment and prevention options.

Statistics continue to show that Autism is on the rise.

Recently, the Associated Press reported that more than 7,000 Oregon students have autism…triple the number from just eleven years ago,while other disabilities were virtually unchanged.1

How can this be happening and what are the answers?

Unfortunately, mainstream medicine is still searching for clues, but after years of success stories, I am certain that Body Ecology has crucial answers for helping to reverse autism and...equally important...for prevention of autism.

Mercury in Vaccines – Fact or Fiction?

At one time, thimerosal (a dangerous mercury-containing preservative) in vaccines was believed by parents to be the culprit in autism because they noticed serious regressive changes in their children (that led to a diagnosis of autism) right after vaccinations.

In 2001, general agreement regarding the danger of thimerosal prompted the FDA to require removal or reduction (to trace amounts) of thimerosal in all vaccines routinely recommended for children under the age of 6. 2

Today, the FDA states that only some flu vaccines and other vaccines for adults and children age 7 and older still contain thimerosal.

So if mercury is no longer in the early childhood vaccines, why is autism still on the rise today? Why are so many children still developing autism after vaccinations?

Newborn Immunity and Autism

For the last several years here at Body Ecology we have been teaching that autism is not caused by the mercury in the vaccines but has multiple causes. Yes, mercury and other metals found in these children (and most children today) are toxic and damage their neurological system. But at Body Ecology we feel confident that a “genetic disorder” is causing this problem. And, yes, autism has its origin in the womb.

During pregnancy the mother’s immune system is suppressed so that it does not fight against her fetus. Progesterone slows down the movement of food through the intestines and she becomes constipated –causing her blood to become more acidic and toxic. With acidic blood and a stiffled immune system systemic fungal and viral infections in the mother’s bloodstream become more acute causing serious inflammation and free radicals. Add in poor nutrition from the modern diet, high levels of stress during the pregnancy and often invasive medical interventions during labor and delivery and you have a fetus who begins life at risk for autism.

But aren’t most all fetuses experiencing this difficult start to life? Why do only some children become autistic? Why do most cases of autism appear after vaccinations?

As you know from the Body Ecology Principle of Cleansing, our bodies were created with an innate ability to purify. Every newborn needs to be able to purify or cleanse out toxins inherited from its parents and grandparents. In today’s baby the detoxification pathways are not strong and vital as they were generations ago. In fact, parents of an autistic child will tell you that their child was constipated from birth. Their detoxification pathways are not open and they cannot cleanse with childhood fevers, runny noses, etc.

Todays children are very much at risk for autism because they also lack a healthy inner ecosystem that should have begun developing at birth.

A healthy inner ecosystem is made up of the friendly microflora (good bacteria and yeast) that reside in your intestines and keep you healthy and strong.

Did you know that 75 - 85% of our immunity is located in the lymph tissue in our inner ecosystem…our intestines?

Babies who lack this inner ecosystem have poorimmunity.

Vaccinations, on the other hand, were originally created for people with strong immune systems. Newborn babies have not had time to build strong immune systems and should not be vaccinated!

And have we forgotten about Mother Nature –as protecting of her newborns as all good mothers are? Nature has a special way of shielding a newborn against pathogens with antibodies inherited by his mother while he is in her womb. And he will receive even more nourishing and protective substances in her colostrum and breast milk that are working while his inner ecosystem is developing. (This takes about 3 months especially IF newborns are given probiotic liquids like the juice of cultured vegetables or young coconut kefir, or Cocobiotic). If a parent chooses to vaccinate later, a strong immune system (from a healthy inner ecosystem) would ensure that the viruses and other toxic substances (still in the vaccines) that will be injected into their child’s bloodstream are not so potentially dangerous. Right now, we have a system of so-called-protection in place that reminds me of babies playing with razor blades.

But let’s go back to the very beginning of a newborn’s life and identify how this happened and what can be done.

A Look at Your Newborn’s Immunity

In order to really understand what is happening with a newborn’s health’s and immunity, we must ideally go back to the time of conception.

Over the years that I’ve been working with parents of children with autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), there have been some common traits:

  • Mothers struggle with vaginal and bloodborne yeast infections (fungal infections) before and/or during their pregnancy. In fact, 70 -80% of Americans today are thought to have fungal infections AND the normal physiological changes during birth can make a woman more susceptible to them. A woman’s immune system is suppressed so that it does not fight against the developing embryo.  Glucose is elevated to ensure adequate brain development. Progesterone increases significantly.
  • Unfortunately many women of child bearing age today start their pregnancy with a weakened immune system. Chronic stress, environmental toxins and the Standard American Diet (SAD) of sugar and processed foods weaken immunity.
  • Mothers may have taken antibiotics before or during pregnancy. Doctors routinely prescribe antibiotics for common issues like fungal infections and Group B Strep (GBS)Antibiotics killing the bad AND good microflora, creating an imbalanced inner ecosystem (and lowered immunity).
  • From birth to 2 years old, a baby is now given many doses of vaccines, and these are devastating to his health when immunity is already compromised. A baby’s blood brain barrier is not fully formed until six weeks after birth. Fungus and viruses can and do penetrate the blood brain barrier causing inflammation in the brain. Yes, even viral infections (like measles, mumps and Rhubella can enter our brains. At Body Ecology we have been warning parents and pediatricians that this is happening especially upon inoculation with the MMR vaccine.  In other words the baby becomes infected not immunized. (The three viruses are given around 18 months...a frequent time for regression into autism.)
  • Women with high levels of toxic metals pass these on to their children. Heavy metal toxicity is more acute and more significant than we understand. Most babies are actually born with high levels of mercury and/or other heavy metals like lead and cadmium. These heavy metals are neurotoxins, which impair the function of the brain and nervous system making it more susceptible to infections.

    In fact, research has shown that there are hundreds of toxins and other heavy metals in a newborn’s umbilical cord blood, clearly indicating that these were inherited in the womb.

The health and immunity of parents determines the health and immunity of babies.

In fact, if a mother has a fungal infection, she can pass that on to her baby. While a baby may have no signs of a fungal infection, there may be some early indicators of the problem, like constipation, rashes, eczema, cradle cap, and colic.
For more, read: What Every Girl & Woman Needs to Know NOW if They Ever Want to Have a Baby
Since doctors and parents have not been made aware  that this is happening to our babies while they are in the womb, these fungal infections are going undetected.

I share this information NOT to blame parents, because I have found that parents of children with autism are some of the brightest most committed and courageous people I’ve ever met.

In fact, I share this to empower parents, before, during and after birth, so they have natural options to help their children (and themselves) create optimal health.

What is Autism, REALLY?

At Body Ecology we view autism as an infection of the brain and gut, with inflammation that leaves cells in certain regions of the brain damaged and without oxygen.

  • Brain infection with brain inflammation causing damage to certain brain cells.
  • Gut infection with gut inflammation causing damage to cells in the mucosal lining.

While we are passionately into preventing autism by focusing greatly on improving the health of both parents before conception and by creating a strong immune system in the newborn immediately after birth, we know that you can treat the brain infection, gut infection and inflammation with a natural, healing Body Ecology diet and lifestyle.
When diagnosed early our Body Ecology sugar-free, gluten-free, casein-free, antifungal diet— with its focus on toxin-cleansing, fermented foods— is key to helping reverse this condition quickly. With the Body Ecology Diet as a foundation other therapies including supplements, cranial sacral, mild hyperbaric oxygen and behavioral therapies (like SonRise, RDI and ABA) will work much more effectively.

Natural Prescription for Autism Prevention and Treatment

I originally created the Body Ecology Diet to conquer candida yeast infections. An antifungal diet must be sugar freegluten free and casein free.

Over the years, I found that parents of children with autism and other childhood disorders have reported successful improvements and recoveries using the Body Ecology system of health and healing. It is now recommended by more and more physicians who treat autism.

A great deal of credit must be given to the DEFEAT AUTISM NOW doctors who began taking apart this condition and diagnosing it in great detail.  They saw what was happening, they listened carefully to parents welcoming every opportunity to learn more.

The more I personally learned about the symptoms of autism especially from the wonderful parents of our BEDROK group, the more I realized that the root causes of autism could be treated. AND they can certainly be prevented naturally with The Body Ecology way of life.  It targets exactly what causes the problems to begin with: an imbalanced inner ecosystem in the gut and gut inflammation (fungal, bacterial, viral infection and leaky gut), systemic fungal infection, the cleansing of heavy metal toxins and the inability to absorb needed nutrients and detoxify. The diet, when practiced properly, is so nourishing that it provides wonderful nutrition to a child’s still developing brain—where new cells are rapidly growing.

Here is a general outline for preventing and treating autism:

  1. Start with both parents and cleanse toxins from your body – Ideally, 6 months to 2 years before conception both parents-to-be would go thru a period of detoxification and cleansing—by eating and drinking cleansing fermented foods and by cleansing with colon therapy (enemas and colonics).
  2. Create a healthy inner ecosystem. Both would want to create a healthy inner ecosystem and boost their own immunity by eating our delicious fermented foods and drinks and by following the 7 healing principles of the Body Ecology program.
  3. During her pregnancy a woman should carefully strive to keep her fungal/yeast infection under control with our antifungal diet. She and her baby will be well nourished. Again, at the very least, she really must be incorporating fermented foods and drinks into her diet.
  4. Avoid Stress or at least keep it to a bare minimum. Midwives are reporting that since 9/11 woman are having an even harder time even becoming pregnant.

    Stress is best handled by being very grateful for everything. I know that this is hard to do, but see the problems in your life as challenges to help you grow spiritually stronger. Focus on what you want to create. And focus on what you want your baby to become. Play beautiful music and rub your body with essential oils that helps you relax and feel beautiful and happy. It is an incredible experience and a huge responsibity to create a new life.

    In this way, parents are giving their babies an excellent head start leg up in creating optimal health and immunity from conception.

  5. Introduce your baby to probiotic liquids soon after birth. To find out more, read: How, Why, and When to Introduce Babies to Probiotics. You want your baby to digest his first food and by introducing sour fermented foods early in life they will always love them. Foods with sugar will not be the least bit appealing. Their body will have a strong ability to cleanse, eliminating toxins easily.
  6. Reverse the trend toward weaker generations.  Provide the healing benefits of the Body Ecology Way of Life to your children today so that they can build a healthy inner ecosystem and strong immunity throughout their developmental years...creating beautiful, hardy babies of their own someday.
  7. Make informed decisions about childhood antibiotics and vaccines. Educate yourself about the affects of antibiotics and vaccines so that you can make informed decisions with your doctor on what is best for your child’s health.

I am so committed to teaching parents how to treat and prevent autism naturally that I have created a 3-day seminar on the nutritional, emotional and physical techniques to prevent and treat Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Autism’s Wake Up Call

Our children are experiencing health disorders like autism at epidemic rates, but this does not have to be a story of gloom and doom.  In fact, I believe these children are here as a “wake up call” forcing us to change the direction we are heading. They are showing us we MUST change our modern way of life and reconnect again with Nature. By becoming obedient to these laws we will empower ourselves with true natural health that is our human birthright.

Autistic children are ambassadors helping us reconnect with Nature. If we listen, we will soon see that our children are a reflection of our time...yet are leading our children have always done.

For Body Ecology autism success stories, read:


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