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In school, most of us were simply taught that cells made up the organs and tissues of our body. When we learned about bacteria and yeast, we were told these were the bad guys…little bugs that often made us sick and sometimes killed us. I bet no one ever told you that all cells — including yeast and bacteria cells — are tiny little geniuses.

The cells we call bacteria and yeast that live on us and inside us, qualify, in my book, for Mensa status. (Mensa is the society for really smart people.) Why? Because they know how to build our immune system, improve our digestion, create essential nutrients and neurochemicals and oversee detoxification.

Recent scientific evidence has begun to demonstrate that the microbiota respond to our thoughts and moods. When we are stressed out, the bacteria and yeast in our gut sense our stress and the result is troubling.

Stress actually kills off our good bacteria and causes our neutral bacteria (about 80% are neutral) to become pathogenic. The pathogenic microbiota then produce nasty toxins. Without the good guys and with only bad guys left standing, there is an increase in intestinal permeability or “leaky gut”. “Leaky gut” opens a Pandora’s Box of health concerns including autoimmune issues, digestive problems, allergies, weight gain, acne…

So how do we protect the microbiota geniuses on us and inside our inner ecosystem?

1. Manage Your Stress

Timeless practices such as yoga, mediation, and walks in nature as well as new processes, such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, are effective but need to be done often since the results are temporary.

Some exciting new approaches to change the ways you deal with stress are The Lifeline Technique developed by Darren Weissman and LENS Therapy. A trained Lifeline Practitioner can help you delve deep into your subconscious mind to discover and release the negative beliefs that you formed when you were growing up or even in the womb. LENS, which stands for Low Energy Neurofeedback System, is a cutting edge form of neurofeedback that actually resets the way the brain operates and has over an 85% efficacy rate. For more information on LENS take a look at this interview with Dr. David Dubin of the Dubin Clinic in Los Angeles.

2. Replenish Your Inner Ecosystem

Because microbiota die daily (and many leave thru elimination) it is our responsibility to continually keep a steady supply of beneficial microbiota flowing into your digestive tract. This happens best when you are on a “probiotic diet”, such as the Body Ecology Diet, eating and fermented vegetables and drinking probiotic beverages though out the day.

3. Be Grateful for Your Inner-Ecosystem

Since the microbiota respond to your thoughts and feelings, flood them with thoughts of love and appreciation and they may just work magic to improve your health and happiness.

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  • Dustin

    26 years old...grew up on nothing but high-stress....irregular sleep food...frozen food...canned food....high carbs/sugar...!!! Always sick....took a test called ALCAT which takes a blood sample and determines foods, metals, herbs, etc... you are allergice to. Extreme Candida!!! The Doctors had...1.-Never seen one individual allergic to soo many foods and 2.-Allergice to so many healthy foods...ex fruits and vegetables. After seeing how allergic I was too healthy foods I discovered Body Ecology. I purchased the book and did a 3 day and then a 10 day cleanse of nothing but vegetable juice and raw vegetables. I'm still in a "fog" and get worn down very easily but I am feeling much better. I strongly believe around 80% of your immune is in your stomach and that I should not be allergice/cause inflammation to the whole raw vegetables mother nature placed on this earth and our ancestors ate for millions of years. I am constantly on the hunt to create a better inner-ecosystem and your book is part of my healing process...!!!



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