A Minimalist Guide to the Detox Gene: Plus 5 Quick Detox Tips

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A Minimalist Guide to the Detox Gene: Plus 5 Quick

Products that may interest you: [product id="16"] Detoxification is complex. There are many genes that play a role in the...

The #1 Probiotic for a Really Healthy New Year

We know the body needs probiotics to aid in digestion — but the benefits of L. plantarum, one of our favorite...

Can Too Much Sugar in the Diet Lead to Birth

All sugars eventually break down into glucose. Glucose, a sugar, has the potential to become cellular fuel. However, the cells...

Folate versus Folic Acid for Pregnancy

We are told that everyone, at every age and at every stage of life, needs folic acid. Cereals are fortified...

B Vitamin Deficiency: Why Men (& the Women Who Love

Healthy dads make healthy kids. It used to be that moms were the only ones who had to worry about...

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