Is Your Energy Drink Bad for Your Heart? BONUS: Body Ecology Energy Drink Recipe

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Is Your Energy Drink Bad for Your Heart? BONUS: Body

Products that may interest you: [product id="5"] Energy drinks hit the market in 1997. Since then, their popularity has continued...

Is Your Weight Gain Tied to Adrenal Dysfunction? 3 Steps

What happens when you are halfway through your day, and your energy plummets? Often, people turn to coffee, chocolate, and...

Spotlight Article 3: Step by Step – Healthy Living Essentials:

Our Complete Spotlight on Body Ecology Series! Exhausted? Overweight? Under the Weather? The Body Ecology Principles Hold the Key to...

Some Startling Discoveries About the Swine Flu and Immunity

Worried about swine flu? Or any flu for that matter? While the swine flu does not seem to be the...

5 Important Steps to Boost Your Daily Energy Fast

Imagine feeling so much energy that you can’t wait to get out of bed each day! You can, with our...

The Ultimate “Eat This Instead of That” Body Ecology Guide

You might think that cereal is the breakfast of champions, but there are better ways to start your day. Find...

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